WEST SEATTLE HALLOWEEN: The joy of jack-o’-lanterns

In tonight’s Halloween-decoration spotlight, Jason has again adorned his corner (52nd/Dakota) with dozens of jack-o’-lanterns! Some years he’s had a hundred. Go count this year’s lineup while admiring them! Thanks again to everyone who’s shared decoration-location photos/video/tips – we have more to show you before Halloween arrives; you can scroll through our coverage archive to see everything we’ve already shown. And plan the rest of your Hallo-weekend with our West Seattle guide – we’ll be adding more events before the night’s out!

1 Reply to "WEST SEATTLE HALLOWEEN: The joy of jack-o'-lanterns"

  • norsegirl October 28, 2023 (2:56 pm)

    Jason-An enthusiastic thank you for the effort and time you must put dedicate to your pumpkin display every year!  I look forward to seeing it (in the light of day and night) and bring all my friends to this Halloween decoration destination.  The pumpkin faces are entertaining, with no two alike.  I met you once and think I remember you saying that you donate the pumpkins to the Woodlawn Park Zoo after the holiday? Great fun!

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