READER REPORT: Dusty air between Lowman Beach and Lincoln Park

Received from Michelle:

I am still suffering from shortness of breath after a walk down the (south end) of Beach Drive to the entrance of Lincoln Park about an hour ago. A (building) has been demolished and the dust in the air (most of which, my guess, is not healthy) is heavy. I came home to find a layer of dust in my hair, skin, and clothing. And, like I said, I am having trouble breathing comfortably. I need to shower and wash these clothes. I recommend those with mold or dust sensitivities or those with pets to avoid this area right now. Had I known, I would have gone a different direction. So, I thought I would let you now so that you can alert others.

8 Replies to "READER REPORT: Dusty air between Lowman Beach and Lincoln Park"

  • Beach Neighbor September 29, 2022 (4:20 pm)

    Thank you for letting us know. Hope you feel better soon. 

  • YES2WS September 29, 2022 (5:56 pm)

    Ugh… sorry this happened. Appreciate your letting others know 

  • seaopgal September 29, 2022 (7:33 pm)

    Seattle code requires that water be sprayed to keep down dust & toxic particles during demolition, and that all gutters and streets be swept to protect ground water. Maybe they were doing this, but it doesn’t sound like it!

  • Stephen Nielsen September 29, 2022 (9:41 pm)

    I walk that road every day.  No demolition was done today or yesterday. Thus I wonder how dust could  be in the air from demolition three days ago.  After yesterday’s rain, I could smell wet wood, the result of very dry wood from inside an old house now exposed to water.  The odor is not of mold or dust, rather, of dry wood absorbing water, just like hosing it. 

    • alice September 29, 2022 (10:26 pm)

      Stephen,I’m sorry to correct you but there was a  huge barge off the shore near the entrance to Lincoln Park from the 7000 stretch of Beach Drive that offloaded demo equipment that demolished a house in that area. It’s the house that has the old red picnic bench blocking the driveway and chain blocking turnarounds.  It was the talk of folks that I passed. It smelled pretty bad as well. If you aren’t keen of smell or weren’t paying close attention, you might have missed it. But some of us are sensitive to air quality and were actively talking with folks in the neighborhood who confirmed it. Take a look tomorrow on your walk.

  • Jane Porter September 30, 2022 (8:36 am)

    I was on my morning walk and was affected by the dust.  I have no clue what toxins I inhaled and I am thinking of calling a doctor. I moved to the peninsula for a standard of living that has been compromised within the last few months. 

    • Elton September 30, 2022 (12:06 pm)

      You should be able to look up the permit for the demo in the public records and complain to the SDCI.

  • Barb September 30, 2022 (4:59 pm)

    About 3:02 pm I was walking in Lincoln by the north ball fields and heard a very loud explosion. My dog was extremely frightened. A friend was walking below by the beach and also heard this and saw wildlife scatter for cover. Wonder if this was due to the demolition as well?

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