UPDATE: Arbor Heights house fire sends 3 people to hospital

7:13 PM: Seattle Fire crews are just arriving at a house fire in the 9800 block of 45th SW [map] – smoke was visible from miles north.

(Photo sent by Erin, seen from Lincoln Park)

They report it’s a “working fire.” Updates to come.

7:15 PM: At least one person is reported in need of medical treatment.

(Added: WSB photo)

7:20 PM: Firefighters told dispatch the fire is under control. … Other people who were in the house are reported to need medical evaluation.

7:56 PM: Update from SFD – “Firefighters rescued an approximately 74-year-old man from the house fire; he is being transported in critical condition via medics to HMC. 2 other occupants are also being transported via AMR in stable condition.” The fire is out.

(Added: SFD photo)

8:29 PM: Just talked to SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley. She had one detail to add – that neighbors jumped into action with fire extinguishers after seeing smoke and hearing someone yelling for help, but it was too late – the fire “took off.” Of the three people home at the time, the one who was transported in critical condition was in the room where the fire is believed to have started; another man got out OK, and a woman was out in the yard at the time. SFD’s investigator is working to determine the cause.

MONDAY MORNING: SFD says the fire was ruled accidental, blamed on an “overheated electrical power strip.”

8 Replies to "UPDATE: Arbor Heights house fire sends 3 people to hospital"

  • ~Hockeywitch~ May 22, 2022 (7:20 pm)

    Fire apparatus coming from every direction.. here come some more South on 35th… Hope the injured person will be okay.. Be safe Firefighters…

  • Tiffany May 22, 2022 (7:22 pm)

    I’ve watched 3 ambulances, 4 fire trucks, 1 fire SUV, and at least 2 “battalion” trucks pass me on 35th and Roxbury. Huge response!

  • Ramie May 22, 2022 (7:25 pm)

    So far, I counted 9 firetrucks and 2 ambulances coming down100th street.   Hope everyone is OK.

  • Ama May 22, 2022 (7:41 pm)

    Live on 35th and Roxbury, sirens 🚨 have been non stop, are they sure it’s under control??

    • WSB May 22, 2022 (8:36 pm)

      Yes, the fire is long since out. As noted above, you would have heard additional sirens for, for example, AMR ambulances arriving for patients, then leaving to transport them, as well as the SFD medic unit with which the critically injured person was transported.

  • StopCuttingDownTrees May 22, 2022 (7:47 pm)

    Sirens in every direction here in Arbor Heights.

    • WSB May 22, 2022 (8:13 pm)

      The fire’s out and nothing new is breaking (after a busy hour) so any additional sirens would be for transport of the patients to the hospital – medic unit for the one in critical condition, AMR ambulance for the other two.

  • Alice May 23, 2022 (6:43 pm)

    Thank you to the neighbors who called or acted quickly, (and also those who stayed out of the way of SFD once they arrived.) 💓Your quick thinking must have meant a lot, even though the fire got too big for neighborly measures.Thank you, SFD/first responders for getting the fire put out and the residents to the hospital.

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