UPDATE: 4th Avenue South Bridge closed, power outage in area

(SDOT image)

3:47 PM: The 4th Avenue South bridge in SODO (south of Costco) is closed right now both ways because of “leaning poles.” No word yet how long repairs are expected to take. There’s also a power outage in the area – (added) reader Mary tells us, “No lights at Costco and no traffic lights working on 4th Ave.”

8:05 PM: The bridge is still closed, and buses are being diverted. Many of the customers involved in the original outage have their power back, but the SCL map still shows 140+ out.

11 Replies to "UPDATE: 4th Avenue South Bridge closed, power outage in area"

  • Deb April 4, 2022 (3:55 pm)

    Is this the bridge south of Costco that crosses over the rail tracks?

    • WSB April 4, 2022 (3:58 pm)

      Yes. “4th Avenue South bridge” is how SDOT is describing it.

  • Andrea April 4, 2022 (4:00 pm)


  • Jolene April 4, 2022 (4:11 pm)

    Power has been out for over an in Georgetown. Traffic lights at Corson and Michigan are working.

  • Patience April 4, 2022 (4:19 pm)

    Most of Georgetown between Corson Ave and Findlay, including Michigan St., 1st Avenue bridge to Airport Way…most traffic lights are out. If you can, use the South Park Bridge or accesses to the south to reach I-5, SR99, etc., otherwise, really slow-going.

  • Bill April 4, 2022 (4:27 pm)

    Is there any work planned for that bridge? One north lane coned off and truck limitations for southbound.  

    • CarDriver April 4, 2022 (6:44 pm)

      Bridge needs strengthening. Believe the holdup is who’s paying-the railroad or the city.  The restrictions have been there to keep extra weight off the bridge.

      • Bill, not the first Bill April 4, 2022 (8:14 pm)

        I believe the issue is the railroad is not allowing the city to work on the bridge. Railroads answer to the feds, not local jurisdictions.

        • East Coast Cynic April 5, 2022 (6:52 am)

          Does the railroad want to wait until the bridge falls on its tracks?

  • aa April 4, 2022 (4:28 pm)

    I saw that sign as I was driving south on 4th and couldn’t figure out where there is a bridge on 4th Ave. I think they must mean the overpass?  I turned around and went down 1st.  30 min. ago 1st ave south was still moving well.  

  • Lola April 5, 2022 (12:07 pm)

    Does anybody know when they are going to fix that right hand lane heading North on the 4th Ave Bridge?  It has been this way for many years now.  Tired of trying to compete with the dopes who use this lane now to speed ahead of you just because the left lane backs up.  This is a heavily used bridge for the people who work downtown as well as people who are going to Costco.  

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