WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Mace-attack suspect charged; theft victim hit again

Two items in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

MACE-ATTACK SUSPECT CHARGED: On Monday, we published Chris‘s report of confronting a car prowler who sprayed him with bear mace. A suspect was arrested Monday and charged today – a repeat offender we’ve covered multiple times. 28-year-old Casey Carlstedt is charged with attempted second-degree robbery. The charging documents allege that Carlstedt “has a record of not following court orders and committed this offense while … another felony [was pending] in King County Superior Court,” so the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office asked a judge to set his bail at $50,000, and the request was granted. The documents also note:

The Defendant has an open Possession of Stolen Vehicle in King County Superior Court from October 8, 2021. The Defendant has the following criminal convictions: Violation of Anti- Harassment Order (2020), Harassment (2020), Violation of a No Contact Order (2020, 2016), Theft in the Second Degree (2016), Harassment (2017), Theft in the Third Degree (2017, 2017, 2016, 2016, 2015), Criminal Trespass in the First Degree (2017), Reckless Driving (2017), Malicious Mischief in the Third Degree (2015), Reckless Endangerment (2012), and Negligent Driving in the First Degree (2012).

We last reported on Carlstedt in the 2020 harassment cases, in which he violated an order to stay away from a certain house southwest of The Junction. Our 2020 report noted that we had “reported on him multiple times in 2017, including a prosecutor’s observation that he appeared to be ‘spiraling out of control’.” Those 2017 reports included this case, a bike theft in North Delridge, after which WSB readers helped the victim recover his bicycle and then led police to Carlstedt. This time, the court documents say, mace-attack victim Chris got tips from social media including photos that helped police identify the suspect because they’d arrested him before. They found him near the Junction Rite-Aid on Tuesday. The “open” stolen-vehicle case, by the way, involved police arresting Carlstedt October 8th after finding him sleeping in a Honda Civic three blocks away from the Junction building where it had been stolen. He was released from jail the next day; a charge of stolen-vehicle possession was filed four days after that. Before that, he had been out of jail since April, when last year’s harassment case ended with a plea bargain and a sentence that amounted to the nearly 200 days he’d already been in custody. Those documents also noted that he was expected to go into chemical-dependency treatment right after getting out.

THEFT VICTIM HIT AGAIN: One more Crime Watch note tonight – Margarita, whose food cart was stolen earlier this year, has been hit again:

Unfortunately my truck got broken into. Cracked my passenger window and stole a few hundred dollars worth of items out of the truck. I called the police. 46th and Lander. Do I have bad luck or what?! Please let our West Seattle neighbors know that the thieves are on the prowl!!!

We’re waiting to hear back from her about whether the stolen items are anything distinctive that people can watch for.

7 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Mace-attack suspect charged; theft victim hit again"

  • Classcair December 9, 2021 (10:25 pm)

    Sorry to hear of Margaritas’s bad luck.  Might suggest a new location for the cart though.  I’ve walked by it several times thinking to myself this can’t be a safe location being chained to a sign on a regular Neigborhood street.  Highly suggest something fenced and locked unfortunately.

  • Classcair December 9, 2021 (10:30 pm)

    WSB, how do we get a pic of Casey Carlstedt?  If the city won’t do anything about him to keep up us safe, we should at least know who to keep our eyes out for.

  • Buck December 9, 2021 (11:26 pm)

    Carlstedt should be secluded from the public sector for life, why do we decent law abiding people have to put up with aholes like him stealing our goods and breaking into our establishments?

  • WSMom December 10, 2021 (8:18 am)

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been the victim, again, of this crime. That’s awful. Especially when it affects your livelihood.We’ve lived in that neighborhood for a couple of years – we’ve had our cars prowled a few times (nothing major) stolen from inside the cars).The big-ticket item that got stolen was our nice new bike rack – someone stole  it right off the car. Ugh. Really upsetting to our kid, who loves biking.Again, my condolences on everything; hoping for better days for you.

  • Junction Lady December 10, 2021 (7:11 pm)

    In order to avoid an encounter with this repeat offender, it would be helpful to see a photo and or description.  YIKES

  • 1994 December 10, 2021 (9:14 pm)

    Casey seems to be ‘spiraling out of control’ for years. Is there a photo available of him?

  • Amber December 11, 2021 (9:33 pm)

    That guy is a scumbag he deserves to be in jail and he needs years of drug treatment. 

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