UPDATE: Power outage in Westwood

8:22 PM: Thanks for the tip. A 26-customer power outage in Westwood is having some effects at the shopping center. A texter tells us there’s restricted access to cold/frozen food at QFC. Seattle City Light‘s map says the outage started just after 6:30 pm but doesn’t yet identify the cause.

1:19 AM: Still out. Added screenshot of outage map, for the record.

10:40 AM: Not fixed yet, after 16 hours. Reader says the Westwood QFC is closed. The SCL map now attributes the outage to “equipment failure.”

12:08 PM: The supermarket is NOT closed – we just went there to check. However, this big loud generator truck is running by the north door:

8:08 PM: The outage is about a third of its size – eight customers now. The generator truck is gone from QFC but they are still sorting out the refrigerated-item situation. Meantime, we’ve confirmed at least one store that did close because of the outage – Marshall’s.

9:43 PM: Map shows it’s been fully restored, more than 24 hours after the outage started. We’ll be asking SCL about the cause on Monday.

2 Replies to "UPDATE: Power outage in Westwood"

  • Jim P. June 25, 2021 (8:46 pm)

    Map showed 150 affected.  Exact same grouping several times in the past few years.  One has to wonder just what the ongoing issue is and why it has not been corrected.I’ve had more long duration power outages (defined as more than a few seconds) in the eleven years I have lived here than in my entire life elsewhere.If you add in flickers long enough to trip my battery back ups (Many, didn’t used to need that) the numbers becomes absurd.Power came back on just before 8 PM.  Not pleasant on a day like today but better than this coming Monday I suppose.Great thanks for the repair crew.

    • WSB June 25, 2021 (9:12 pm)

      Map still shows 26 customers, as it did when I wrote this.

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