WEST SEATTLE SNOW: Sunday updates, photos

(SNOW LINKS: Metro buses on snow routestraffic camsmap of what’s been plowedplowing-priority map … OPEN BUSINESSES LISTED HERE … SATURDAY AM COVERAGE HERE … SATURDAY PM COVERAGE HERE)

(SW Thistle stairway, photographed by John Borba)

9:58 AM: Forecasters say up to two more inches of snow are possible today, so a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect until 10 pm. So it’s one more day to have fun – Jim Moore just sent this next photo from The Arroyos, saying his neighbor is “ready for the assault of the snowmen”:

The National Weather Service says Seattle’s official snow total for the past two days was 11.1 inches – (corrected) #15 in the all-time list (since recordkeeping began 130+ years ago) of two-day snow totals, and the highest such total in almost 50 years.

Metro – all buses remain on snow routes; no 125
SDOT snow-routes map
SDOT “live” map updating where plows have gone
King County’s “live” map (White Center included)
West Seattle traffic cams
Seattle Public Library curbside services closed today
Seattle Parks snow info
(added) Updates on other city services, including possibility of no solid-waste pickup tomorrow
TODAY’S LIST INCLUDING OPEN BUSINESSES (206-293-6302 or westseattleblog@gmail.com)

11:27 AM: That’s a traffic-cam view of the one major road SDOT is not plowing today – the 11-months-closed West Seattle Bridge. Meantime, the snow is picking up again, but expected to change to rain later today. Fred Hammerquist sent this video from Lincoln Park.

The West Seattle Golf Course is open again today for snow play – here’s a texted photo of snowboarders there:

12:36 PM: Also from the golf course, Liza and Lisa sent this photo:

“Ernie the Snow Walrus awaits his Valentine on a bench at the golf course,” they explained. By the way, if you’re headed there, Seattle Parks says that “entry is ONLY through pedestrian gates near the parking lots/pro shops.” … From west of The Junction, Janelle Bracken sent this photo, saying, “We didn’t see any snowmen yesterday so we made one for west seattle! Corner of 48th Ave SW and Alaska”:

1:48 PM: The temperature is above freezing and the snow is showing signs of melting, with clumps spontaneously sliding off cars, roofs, etc. But there’s still lots to work with – another snow-creation photo just in from Alki, at the “Birthplace of Seattle” monument:

Speaking of history, Jim Starkey noted that we had a photo from the 3200 block of California SW in Saturday’s coverage, and sent this photo from the same area during the 1968 snowstorm:

Jim says that photo was taken “looking out from the Cal D Apartments (gone now) onto California Avenue. Right across the street from the old Hi-Hat Chinese Restaurant.” An old newspaper ad shows the Hi-Hat was at 3221 California SW, where the Revel live-work townhouses are now.

2:16 PM: The city has sent its daily roundup of multi-departmental updates. If you’re wondering about trash/recycling pickup for tomorrow, here’s the Seattle Public Utilities update:

If there is still snow and/or ice on the ground Monday and conditions are determined to be unsafe for SPU contractors, the Utility will operate on a one-day delay for garbage, recycling and food/yard waste pickup this coming week. SPU will be sure to communicate just as soon as decisions are made.

SPU also notes that its transfer stations (nearest one is in South Park) are closing at 3 pm.

3:06 PM: Lots of photos received from Lincoln Park today – thank you! The photo above, from the shore path on the park’s north side, is from Bryan Lunak; below, “fans” awaiting baseball/softball season, photographed by Mike Munson:

Just in from Washington State Ferries: They’ll stay on the “severe weather schedule” through tomorrow. For Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth, that means the two-boat schedule minus boat #2.

3:45 PM: If you’re near Elliott Bay – Kersti Muul from Salish Wildlife Watch reports orcas have headed into the bay, toward the grain silos on the north end of the downtown waterfront.

Back on the forecast front, the NWS says a “wintry mix” is likely to prevail in the hours ahead, but expects it to be all rain by first thing tomorrow morning. Watch out for falling snow as the transition happens – check out the snow slab falling off Neal Chism’s metal roof in this clip:

4:36 PM: More great photos have just come in as people of all ages enjoy the snow before it goes. First, here’s Lucille on a “snow camel” built in the park by Delridge Community Center with her mom Laurie Garcia:

Marc Fendel sent this photo of a snowperson seated on a pickup bed:

Bradi Jones sent a snow bunny with a backstory:

She explains that it’s “inspired by the Neo-expressionist artist, Hunt Slonem, and his “Bunnies” collection! Husband Tim Jones works at Glass Eye Studio, a renowned glass blowing studio here in Seattle,” where they collaborated with Slonem recently “in creating his newest collection of ‘Bunnies’ … We thought we’d see how a ‘Snownem bunny’ might come out!” … Next, a snow “Moai” from Max Welliver in North Admiral:

From just above Lincoln Park, Andy sent this photo of a classic snowman:

And of course, there are snow forts. This photo’s from Jethro:

Jethro writes, “Sunrise Heights girl power. This is an unused dead-end alley east of 28th. They are ready for the obviously imminent attack from the neighborhood boys.”

5 PM: And here’s a snow castle:

That’s Lilli and Oliver Athan’s Snow Castle, to be specific, photo by Paulette Athan. It’s been an afternoon full of sledding, too – Eugene Lee sends these two photos:

That’s Ezra, a Denny sixth-grader; below, Silas, a Gatewood fifth-grader.

In the Alki area, Katy photographed the “neighborhood kids (who) built a tie-dye rocket ship”:

5:53 PM: Yma sent a photo of “our 6′ Snow Princess, ready for Valentine’s Day” in Gatewood:

And from Yazmin: “My twin girls really wanted a fort so daddy and mommy built it before the temperature warms up again. We also made ornaments with ice cubes.” You can see the fort in a comment below; here are the ornaments (and the twins):

8:01 PM: A few more fun photos that have come in – first, James Ritchie made a snow version of the famous Sen. Bernie Sanders Inauguration Day photo in Seaview (Bethany photographed it):

Michael Allen sent this pic of his “very large snowman” at the Seattle Chinese Garden on Puget Ridge:

Still ahead tonight, a look at tomorrow – we’re waiting to hear from the city about trash/recycling pickup for tomorrow (as mentioned above, they MIGHT delay everything one day this week), and will publish a separate update when that’s in. Also, we’re working on a photo gallery of “snowbirds.” Thanks yet again to everyone who’s sent photos/info all weekend – 206-293-6302 or westseattleblog@gmail.com is how to reach us for whatever’s making news, 24/7/365.

25 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE SNOW: Sunday updates, photos"

  • Amanda S. February 14, 2021 (11:00 am)

    Anyone know if the water taxi shuttle is running today? I can’t seem to find status info anywhere. Thanks!

    • WSB February 14, 2021 (11:08 am)

      The Water Taxi does not run on weekends, so the shuttle doesn’t run either.

      • Amanda S. February 14, 2021 (12:00 pm)

        Ah, oops! Thanks!

  • Barney Fife February 14, 2021 (11:56 am)

    I assume 2019 and 2008 are two of the other top five. What are the remaining top two?

    • WSB February 14, 2021 (12:22 pm)

      Sorry, I mistyped. The past two days placed **#15** on the list. And those two years are not even on the list! Here’s the NWS graphic:

      • Scott February 14, 2021 (12:47 pm)

        Several of the entries ahead of us are two-day periods ending on consecutive days, meaning there was a major three-or-more day storm that dropped more than 11.1 inches during multiple two-day periods.  Of course, that would be possible if the middle day was exceedingly high and the first and third days very low.  But regardless of the explanation, it seems like we should exclude consecutive periods from the same storm, in which case this year would be even higher.

  • Mackenzie February 14, 2021 (11:58 am)

    Does anyone know if downtown (specifically near Madison) will be driveable? Coming from North Admiral – so unfortunate to have vet emergencies during this time. :(

    • Katie February 14, 2021 (12:36 pm)

      My BF and his coworker just got to Seattle Center in about 25 minutes from North Delridge. Said major routes downtown are pretty clear.

    • Rafael February 14, 2021 (1:24 pm)

      Yes, some street are open to traffic, special Madison, you should be fine to drive, be safe.

    • Mary February 14, 2021 (1:37 pm)

      I walked up Madison this morning from 3rd to Terry. Cars were traveling in both directions without apparent issues.From I5 to Terry was well traveled, I5 to 3rd less so. Good luck and holding the best possible outcome for your travels and fur baby

  • LyndaB February 14, 2021 (2:01 pm)

    Let’s have snowpeople all over! And friendly reminder to clear your storm drains so the melting snow has a place to go.  :)

  • CarDriver February 14, 2021 (2:16 pm)

    I remember the ’69 storm.  Ray Ramsey-KOMO weatherman talked about it for quite a few days tracking it here.  Came when forecast.  Weren’t Seattle school’s closed quite a few day’s?  Was my 1st year at Madison.

  • CoffeeBean February 14, 2021 (2:32 pm)

    Lots of cool snow art seen along Alki Beach and Harbor Ave today. 

    • WSB February 14, 2021 (3:31 pm)

      I was just thinking, we hadn’t seen a snow orca yet. Real orcas are in the area, though! (Adding above)

      • Liz February 14, 2021 (5:25 pm)

  • BJG February 14, 2021 (2:35 pm)

    Thanks for that. I recall the winter of ’68-’69 being awful. Trying to commute to UW. Chains required to get out of my WS hollow then breaking them on the bare streets. It seemed to go on and on, never thawing before the next storm. Worst I recall of Seattle’s freezes.

  • Yazmin Penzien February 14, 2021 (3:48 pm)

    My twin girls really wanted a fort so daddy and mommy built it before the temperature warms up again! 

    • Scrappy February 14, 2021 (4:43 pm)

      Sweet! Good job!

  • trickycoolj February 14, 2021 (4:25 pm)

    Glad it’s changing to rain so cleanly. Was just chatting on the phone with my mom down in the PDX area where it’s solid ice and reminisced about the 1996 snow storm that turned to sheer ice where we could hear trees shattering all around the neighborhood and left us without power for days. 

  • BelvidereRules! February 14, 2021 (4:41 pm)

    Our neighbors at the corner of Belvidere and Hanford constructed a “tunnel of love” – it’s perfect for the holiday, and super cool enrobed in white snow.  Check it out!  They are a part of what makes West Seattle special.  Thanks Tim and Lori (West Seattle Runner owners)!

  • Mike February 14, 2021 (4:45 pm)

    I grew up in snowball country and am a veteran of countless battles.  That wheelbarrow of snowballs constitutes a war crime where I come from.  Those balls freeze and become deadly missiles capable of serious injury.  Nasty.  

  • Pam February 14, 2021 (6:19 pm)

    The old photo looks like where the Swinery is now.   

  • onion February 14, 2021 (6:22 pm)

    Snow brings out the child in everyone, including my 67-year-old wife! Thanks , everyone , for the great pics and masterpieces.

  • 22blades February 14, 2021 (6:29 pm)

    Epic air travel. From my door in Admiral to SeaTac to curbside in San Francisco took 12 hours. Flight time 1:35.  Wrong day to go to work!

  • Sunflower February 15, 2021 (7:56 am)

    Thanks for sharing all the fun photos, so much creativity and joy!

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