DELRIDGE PROJECT: Where the work’s moving next week

The Delridge repaving/utility work, preparing for the RapidRide H Line conversion, continues. SDOT’s weekly update on upcoming work includes these key points:

*21st Ave SW will be closed to local access only for several weeks beginning Monday, March 1 to complete utility work

*Paving on the east side of Delridge Way SW between SW Findlay St and SW Juneau St is scheduled to begin as early as March 8

*On Thursday, March 4, SPU will be working overnight to complete tie-ins near SW Juneau St. SPU will notify residents of any interruptions to their service in advance of this work taking place.

*Sidewalk demolition between SW Thistle and SW Cloverdale St continues, with paving scheduled to begin as early as March 4

*Intersection work continues at SW Kenyon St and SW Holden St and will last for several weeks. The intersections will remain open during this work.

The full update for the week ahead is here.

P.S. Remember that businesses are open even if there’s work nearby – they appreciate your patronage.

4 Replies to "DELRIDGE PROJECT: Where the work's moving next week"

  • Phil Sweetland February 28, 2021 (4:34 pm)

    Curious why there are so many utility cuts across the newly laid pavement.  Did SDOT not know that they were to immediately cut across the pavement?

    • Ron March 3, 2021 (10:23 pm)

      Where are these utility cuts?  I haven’t seen anything cut into the new pavement 

  • eigenwijs March 1, 2021 (7:33 am)

    Is the 21st Ave SW closure just the little part that has been closed essentially the whole time this project has been going on? Or is it the part that jigs around to 20th that many people take to get to Holden/Highland Park? If the latter, that will have a huge impact on people who take this route to get off the island. 

  • Kaitlin March 1, 2021 (12:06 pm)

    “only for several weeks” Construction along Delridge has been going on since before covid and folks in the neighborhood were not given proper notice about road and sidewalk closures, water shut offs (there have also been multiple accidents involving pipes) many times. The construction company that was working previously was so inconsiderate of the community and people living here and made it very clear that they do not care that they are coming into our space.  I (a wheelchair user) have been stuck inside my house for weeks at a time (pre covid) because of the construction, there have been times where i am stranded with no way to get home because of lack of communication with residents about changes in what is going on. I have missed appointments and been unable to get groceries for a time because of the over all lack of access to my community while this has been going on. This was extremely poor planning and whoever failed to consider the fact that this area has quite a large number of wheelchair users, people with walkers and low mobility, and don’t even get me started on the conditions of the sidewalks. I understand that some of these things NEED to get done but the city could be a lot more strategic from here on out. 

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