VIDEO: Getting ready for ‘Great Battery Roundup 2021’ underwater in West Seattle

Nine years after launching an initiative to remove abandoned batteries from local waters, West Seattle’s “Diver Laura” James is at it again. She sent the video above, from a preparatory dive, along with this update:

Back by popular demand, I bring you the first steps for our Great Battery Roundup 2021.

The ‘wreck’ of the Honey Bear has decayed enough that we have recently noted some big marine batteries buried in the remains that made up her power banks … we went out and I removed obstructions and gained access to the batteries in preparation for removal.

We will be out doing these dives over the next few weeks and hope to remove the batteries, bring them into shallower water so that the tide can encourage any residents to leave, and then once they have seen a few tide cycles, pull them fully and take them to Seattle Iron and Metals Co. and drop them off for recycling. They appear to be the larger marine batteries, in the 65-lb. range but will know more when we bring them to the surface.

“Cove 2” is in the Seacrest vicinity; the batteries are believed to have been dumped back when a marina was there.

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