BIZNOTE: Another Luna Park business change

Today was scheduled to be the first day of Ola Salon‘s consolidated operations at its Burien location, after shuttering its original space in West Seattle’s Luna Park neighborhood. The salon sent its clients an announcement including, “We would like to thank you for supporting Ola Salon and Spa in West Seattle over the past 15+ years. It has come time for Ola to move out of our current location and merge into our newer location, Ola Salon and Spa in Burien, which is only 15 minutes away (less than 10 miles South) at the end of February. Remember when everyone thought West Seattle was so ‘out of the way’!?” The Burien address is 1835 SW 152nd. This leaves two business spaces vacant in the Luna Park business district, since the former Shack Coffeehouse is still seeking a tenant, according to its marquee. P.S. Thanks for all the tips on this!

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  • Timeslid February 25, 2020 (7:11 pm)

    Wonder what the rent increase was that facilitated this change. Commercial rents are skyrocketing in West Seattle.

  • KD February 25, 2020 (9:30 pm)

    It was a rent increase I was told.. now watch it sit vacant with NO ONE paying rent to these awful landlords. Just like so many other WSea. and downtown businesses.. sit empty after their loyal tenants are forced to leave due to jacked up market and rents. What’s better, a payment or an empty space month after month (heck, downtown Bed Bath & Beyond has been empty for MORE than a year!)

    • John February 26, 2020 (12:46 am)

      Maybe the city and state should stop increasing the property taxes!

      • Dustin February 26, 2020 (11:39 am)

        John, I think the complaint isn’t just in regards to rent increases, but increases beyond market value, which can lead to vacant spaces. Regardless of property taxes, you can’t ask for more than market value and expect tenants to come rushing in. And landlords can’t pay their taxes with an asking price – they need a willing tenant.

      • Dawsonct February 26, 2020 (7:55 pm)

        Maybe we need a different revenue stream. Seems we have a few untapped multi-billionaire in residence. They’ve done well under 40 years of trickle-down voodoo economics. I’d say it’s long past time we insist they pull an equitable share of the financial weight again.

    • WTF February 26, 2020 (6:41 am)

      Sometimes rent increases that are unattainable by renters is purposefully done to get them to leave. Then the property can be sold for high(er) market value to developers. I would not be surprised if that location became another apartmentville… 

    • KM February 26, 2020 (7:46 am)

      Bed Bath and Beyond is is serious financial trouble, so might not be the right comparison, but did anything ever come of the former home of Zanadu in that area?

  • tsurly February 26, 2020 (9:43 am)

    I am shocked that no one has placed blame on SDOT/bus lanes/bike lanes

  • Listening? February 26, 2020 (10:57 am)

    Anyone on the “progressive” council, maybe our district member or the other one that lives in West Seattle willing to start listening and paying attention as more small businesses have to change hours, move locations or shut down completely? 

    • WSB February 26, 2020 (11:54 am)

      If you missed it, CM Herbold spoke to, and answered questions from, West Seattle Chamber members earlier this month:

      • WTF February 26, 2020 (6:06 pm)

        LH does nothing but talk in circles.

        • Nolan February 26, 2020 (11:28 pm)

          Name specifics.

    • Lagartija Nick February 26, 2020 (6:20 pm)

      The “progressives” on the council would love to enact rent relief for tenants and businesses alike but the “conservatives” in the city/state won’t let them.

      • Nolan February 26, 2020 (11:22 pm)

        The solution here is twofold: enact progressive taxation on income and capital gains so we can reduce pressure on regressive sources (i.e., property and sales), and to tax vacant lots so property owners are encouraged not to gouge their tenants. It’s only difficult to do because of anti-tax zealotry, even from self-described liberals.

        • KM February 27, 2020 (8:03 am)

          Land value tax in lieu of property tax is the way to go! Wish I saw this discussed more often and where it matters, amongst state reps and senate.

  • Jennifer February 26, 2020 (10:41 pm)

    I’m so sad that Ola is moving, it’s such an iconic salon. I know that a group of the stylists from Ola salon are moving to another West Seattle location. They will be at a new salon called Artist and Muse Salon opening up in the Morgan junction near Zeeks pizza & Thriftway. I believe they are opening up March 4th. Kathy, Carol, KC, Alexa, Tawni and Megan are some of the stylists from Ola that will all be at Artist and Muse Salon. 6701 California Ave SW Seattle, Wa 98136 206 708 1473 

    • WSB February 26, 2020 (11:19 pm)

      Well, thank you, that takes care of one of the many items on my watch list, been driving by that space every day and hoping to spot someone we could ask about what’s going in! If you have a contact for any of them personally, please encourage them to reach out to us with any additional info ( -thanks!

  • Jennifer Mika February 28, 2020 (2:06 pm)

    Ola Salon Burien is all the things the Ola brand has always been and more  – aesthetically super cute and kitschy, tons of great retail, parking (!), and many of the same wonderful West Seattle staff. Always bittersweet to close one chapter, but equally as exciting to start a new one! Come check out the new space (and the rest of adorable downtown Burien) or call to make an appointment 206-743-8938. Have a fantastic weekend y’all!

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