READER REPORT: West Seattle Veterans Day postscript – a touching surprise

From Casey Mar at West Seattle Electric and Solar, relaying photos and a story shared by proprietor Keith Hughes:

He is the commander of the American Legion Post 160. This past Veterans Day, he opened the hall to host an open house, inviting passersby to come inside and learn a little bit about our nation’s history.

When he went to open the doors to the public in the morning, this sweet memorial was laid out at the base of the flagpole, waiting to be discovered.

Keith tells me that little Charlie is a young West Seattle resident, and to say thank you to the veterans of West Seattle and beyond, he drew a hand to salute the five branches (to him) of the US military – the Army, the Navy, the Merens, the Soljers, and the President– and individually labeled a flower with the name of each war in American history.

On some of these flowers are written what appear to be names of family members who were servicemembers deployed in certain wars. For example, “Grandpa James Braner (sp?) was awarded for bravery, but never spoke about it. (branch unclear in this photograph)”

Keith is a veteran himself, and it was extremely touching for him to find this display waiting for him. The American Legion is a labor of love for him, and this thoughtful salute from young Charlie warmed his heart and lit up his Veterans Day.

Just last Saturday night, Post 160 itself had presented its annual event with thanks to veterans.

6 Replies to "READER REPORT: West Seattle Veterans Day postscript - a touching surprise"

  • Brenda November 12, 2019 (6:03 pm)

    This!!! ❤️💛💙

  • BJG November 12, 2019 (6:33 pm)

    My Navy veteran  husband could not speak of his Vietnam service for 25 years.  He vectored recon  missions from his Naval typhoon hunter “Connie.”  Shot down. Couldn’t say so. Glad he survived. Here’s to all our unsung heroes!

  • brian November 12, 2019 (7:03 pm)

    The President of The United States (POTUS) has never served in the armed forces and is not a veteran.

  • Erithan November 12, 2019 (9:56 pm)

    Awww, this is a wonderful memorial!, Thank you Charlie!, and thank you to our brave vets!

  • momof3boys November 13, 2019 (9:21 am)

    Thank you to our veterans, and thank you to Charlie for recognizing them.  That there is some good parenting!

  • Nancy November 13, 2019 (9:26 am)

    Charlie Fern – your thankfulness and patriotism is inspirational!<3  Thank you, WSB, for sharing this touching story.

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