Missed the Southern Resident Killer Whales’ latest visit? See them here.

Spyhopping (above) and breaching (below), Southern Resident Killer Whales put on a show as they passed West Seattle again late today, headed northbound after this morning’s southbound pass. Thanks to Trileigh Tucker for sharing the photos.

Thanks to Trileigh, Kersti Muul, and everybody else who provided orca-sighting reports today! Text or call 206-293-6302 with breaking news – that include whales! – any time.

2 Replies to "Missed the Southern Resident Killer Whales' latest visit? See them here."

  • lowmanbeachdrive November 25, 2019 (10:43 pm)

    Great pictures!

  • Angela November 26, 2019 (10:12 pm)

    Love to the whales 

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