AVALON/35TH: No more intersection closures expected

This week’s Avalon/35th repaving-and-more project update has a big headline: No third closure of that intersection expected after all. From SDOT:

Thank you for your patience during our intersection closure at 35th Ave SW and SW Avalon Way! Work during the closure was successful and we were able to open the intersection early! At this time, we do not expect to have a third intersection closure and are working on remaining intersection work during typical work hours.

As concrete paving continues in the same sections of the corridor, you may not hear from us as often. We will still be sure to let you know if things change and will reach out as work continues in new locations. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact us at: AvalonPaving@seattle.gov; 206-900-8734

Information by Zone

Zone C and Zone D (SW Avalon Way from Fauntleroy Way SW to just east of 35th Ave SW) Crews are excavating and completing concrete paving on the south side of SW Avalon Way in parts of Zone C and Zone D. Please note:

Crews will continue pouring concrete curbs and panels on SW Avalon Way east and west of 35th Ave SW
Crews will continue demolishing pavement in the western half of Zone D next week

Zone E (35th Ave SW from SW Avalon Way to SW Alaska St)

Crews have begun demolition on the east half of 35th Ave SW and will continue this week
Crews may begin pouring concrete panels on the east half of 35th Ave SW as early as the week of October 14 and will continue for the rest of October

Access to the West Seattle Stadium and golf course will remain open during construction.

2 Replies to "AVALON/35TH: No more intersection closures expected"

  • Frank October 14, 2019 (2:49 pm)

    Can somebody please fix what will be installed on the intersection of SW Avalon Way and SW Genesee St.  They have marked to paint a left turn lane (when traveling north/northeast on SW Avalon Way) at the traffic light.  There is rarely any traffic that turns left there.  You mostly have cars that go straight or turn right to head east on SW Genesee St.  There apparently was no study done to show frequency and direction of traffic.  Just typical SDOT mindlessly doing things.  This will make traffic way worse, forever, on Avalon. 

  • KBear October 14, 2019 (4:05 pm)

    I don’t understand why, but the temporary markings do not reflect what’s in the final plan. If you look at page 5 of this document https://tinyurl.com/y3m4gzpd, you’ll see that it has a separate lane for right turns at Genesee, and no left turns allowed.

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