UPDATE: Man shot in South Delridge

(WSB photos)

7:08 PM: First police received reports of possible gunfire heard in South Delridge – now there’s a “scenes of violence” call at Delridge/Barton. We’re on the way to find out more.

7:17 PM: SFD tells us they’re transporting a man in his 20s with a gunshot wound. Police have a K9 out searching in the area. That’s all we have so far. Northbound Delridge is blocked to traffic at Henderson.

7:23 PM: Police confirm they’re looking for a suspect. If you’re hearing sirens, that’s because of the K9 search. The victim has been taken to Harborview by Medic 32.

7:48 PM: Guardian One has joined the search.

8:15 PM: We’ve gone back to the scene to check on the situation. No word of anyone in custody yet. But Delridge has reopened both ways.

9:09 PM: No new info from SPD yet; the victim is now described by SFD as “approximately 30 years old” and in serious condition at the time of transport.

9:58 AM FRIDAY: Here’s the update from police via SPD Blotter:

… The victim, a 26-year-old man, was shot in the shoulder and is being treated at the hospital. The injury is not considered to be life-threatening.

Just before 7:00 pm Thursday, a resident in the 8800 block of Delridge Way SW reported a burglary in progress when he observed a man attempting to break into his home. Officers responded and located the possible burglar. The man had been shot in the shoulder. Officers immediately provided first aid and called for Seattle Fire to respond. The victim reported to police that someone had broken into his home nearby and fought with him. During the struggle the suspect shot him and then fled. The victim ran to the location on Delridge seeking assistance.

The victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center for further treatment. A K-9 team responded and attempted a track. The Sheriff’s Office helicopter, Guardian One, also provided assistance, but officers were unable to locate the suspect.

Officers learned later from the victim that he may know the suspect, and detectives will follow up on that information.

37 Replies to "UPDATE: Man shot in South Delridge"

  • Lina December 6, 2018 (7:12 pm)

    I’m near that area and I thought I heard gunfire around 6:40pm, 5 or 6 shots. Please keep us updated when you hear more. Thanks for all you do!

  • n7oep December 6, 2018 (7:16 pm)

    I hope the person who was shot will survive and the culprit will be caught. And if Guardian 1 is helping with the search, I hope no one complains about the noise. 

  • RC December 6, 2018 (7:36 pm)

    Heard four very loud popping sounds around 7 pm that sounded quite close to 16th and Thistle. 

    • WSB December 6, 2018 (7:42 pm)

      The original calls – which we heard just before leaving for a meeting – mentioned 15th/Thistle/Elmgrove, but those were just the 911 calls from people who heard it.

  • Concerned Citizen December 6, 2018 (7:39 pm)

    Wonder if it’s the same J/O involved with last night’s shooting?Hearing a heli now…

  • miws December 6, 2018 (7:41 pm)

    9000 block of 16th; sounds like G-1 is up there circling right now… —Mike

    • edina December 6, 2018 (7:46 pm)

      Two nights in a row?! What’s up with that? 

      • Mae Miskimon December 6, 2018 (8:14 pm)

        Gangs, now more than ever!

  • Patrick Hunter December 6, 2018 (7:41 pm)

    Ghetto bird is out again… I don’t mind the noise if the shootings stop.

  • SKE December 6, 2018 (7:43 pm)

    I hear Guardian 1 up there! Hope they find the person. Lots of sirens, I live right on the corner this is happening. So very scary. We knew something big happened. More sirens than normal for this area. Prayers to the Victim and their family.

  • Melissa December 6, 2018 (7:44 pm)

    I also heard about 5 or 6 gunshots all the way on Elmgrove.  I can hear the helicopter circling over head.

  • DK December 6, 2018 (7:45 pm)

    I do hope the injured heals quickly.  I appreciate the authorities doing their job.  I hear Guardian One, right now, right over the house on 16th/Thistle. Think good thoughts for all involved.

  • Neighbor December 6, 2018 (7:45 pm)

    2 nights in a row helicopters overhead :(Thanks again WSB for reporting 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Dee December 6, 2018 (7:48 pm)

      What was the helicopter for last night? I’m on 18th and Henderson and  heard it at around 9:30pm or so.

    • Mark December 6, 2018 (7:49 pm)

      I think it’s been 3 nights in a row if you include the “bicycle theif” from Tues night!

      • AJ December 6, 2018 (8:10 pm)

        Yeah, it has been 3 nights in a row. Plus, wasn’t there another one just last week? I was just thinking, “Is there really another helicopter search tonight, or am I hearing things?” Come to WSB, and sure enough, here we go again. Not complaining, I’m glad G1 has been available for all these searches, I just wish they didn’t need to happen at all. 

  • Robert December 6, 2018 (7:51 pm)

    This is getting old! Time to have some block watch meetings and be proactive! 

    • S December 6, 2018 (9:38 pm)

      Armed block watch walks. Sounds good to me.

      • Michelle December 7, 2018 (6:40 am)

        Simmer down there, George Zimmerman. 

        • Darryll December 7, 2018 (12:12 pm)

          Michelle,Equating direct action against violence in our own community with the Geroge Zimmerman story is condescending group think. You don’t know the person who said it, so you’re making a huge assumption about their character and intentions. I’d recommend you employ empathy before an ad hominem attack or gross straw man argument. The shooting and gang BS is getting old and there is absolutely NO reason at all that we should have to live with it here or anywhere else.  It is  below human dignity to act that way. As a deserving human being who lives here, who has a responsibility to my deserving family and my deserving community to help ensure we live in a safe environment, I really get tired of hearing statements like yours that reduce every discussion down to an anecdote that seeks to silence members of the community and halt any discussion that doesn’t involve some airy, lefty idealism.  Sometimes that stuff falls short.I agree with Robert that it is time to activate grass roots options.  I know there are a number of actve block watches in South Delridge, so I think this should be entirely feasible.  We’ve used that venue in the past to get rid of drug dealing and other forms of chaos in our neighborhood, so I say we do it again.  Unfortunately, I am also starting to understand where ‘S’ is coming from. Law enforcement is clearly not getting a handle on the cycle of violence in the Delridge / White Center areas (and Rainier, Georgetowm, etc.), and society is saying “No” to sane gun control policies, so I would have a hard time admonsishing people for arming themselves. I have to acknowledge reality at some point. It’s not OK to shoot your gun around so many people. It’s also not OK for us (society) to sit on our hands when violence and thieving is happening all around us on a near daily basis. Sometimes the bad guys need to see a display of authory, and there need to be harsh consequences to actions – especially when those actions involve murderous intent.Do you have any solutions in mind?  Or just criticisms of others?

          • Greatwhite December 7, 2018 (4:27 pm)

            Well said. 

          • Wild One December 7, 2018 (5:34 pm)

            Thank you Darryll. 

          • Jethro Marx December 7, 2018 (10:23 pm)

            Bad guys don’t understand ‘authory’ anymore than the rest of us. Anyone who wishes to may walk around their neighborhood armed, but it is much more likely they will shoot someone than if they took an unarmed walk.  Now, this is anecdotal, but the people who get jazzed up about armed block watch patrols are much more likely to be jack@&*es than people who just walk for fun.  So let’s leave the patrolling of neighborhood streets to non-jack@#$ types.  And let’s leave the logical jargon to the rhetoricians.  Because Michelle’s quip is neither ad hominem nor a straw man argument.  Those are things that sound smart, when you say them, but tend to expose your inanity when they are tossed about inanely.  If you like, you could say it’s a fallacious comparison, but you’d have to be ready to make a supporting argument that consisted of more than suggesting “…a display of authory…”

          • WW Resident December 8, 2018 (11:12 am)

            Actually, it is ad hominem considering the person did not present an actual rebuttal, but instead went for character insult

          • Darryll December 8, 2018 (11:48 am)

            Well, you’re wrong. In fact, the implication of being a racist and a murderer is included in what Michelle said. But I’m not going to call you inane, because that would be after hominem. That’s also rude. 

  • NJ December 6, 2018 (7:51 pm)

    I heard pops but I did see fireworks toward highland park

    • S December 6, 2018 (8:22 pm)

      I heard pops but saw fireworks too around that time while at sealth Stadium. Hope they catch the shooter and that the victim is ok. Scary!

    • KM December 6, 2018 (8:49 pm)

      Same report from my spouse. Swore they were gunshots but saw the fireworks and didn’t think much else of it. 

  • K December 6, 2018 (8:12 pm)

    Why don’t they ever disclose if they think it’s gang related so we at least know it wasn’t random.  Not much comfort either way but would be good to know were not all targets…

    • Bloodyhell December 8, 2018 (7:51 am)

      Most times it is. Google “Seattle gang map” and you can see the infestation from the south straight down the Delridge corridor. 

  • AN December 6, 2018 (8:19 pm)

    815 and sounded like a major shootout. Now more sirens

    • WSB December 6, 2018 (8:28 pm)

      There’s an aid response call in the 9400 block of 14th SW. Low-level medical, one SFD unit – if it were another shooting, it would be a ‘scenes of violence’ call.

  • Sad Resident December 6, 2018 (8:31 pm)

    It’s a sad state for West Seattle when you can be sitting in your living room and count and know 100% you’re hearing gun fire.  

  • Cherise December 6, 2018 (8:42 pm)

    I’m so glad I don’t live over there anymore. I hope the young man is okay & that they catch whom ever did this. 

  • ArborHeights124 December 6, 2018 (11:31 pm)

    I drove by the scene on my way home and was at the stop light near the police station right infront of shell gas station and when the light turned green for me to go, a darker man wearing a sweatshirt and black coat ran infront of my car and kept running like he was trying to get away from soemthing, (down on delridge).

  • Friend O'Dinghus December 7, 2018 (8:41 am)

    The above two comments make me very sad. I suspect that is exactly the intended reaction. As long as we realize this is the intent, then it’s easy to defeat the gaslight.Just my two cents. 

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