HAPPENING NOW: Election Night 2018

5:21 PM: That’s the view from West Seattle as Election Day gives way to Election Night. Before the first local/state returns come in after 8 pm, we’ll have some running coverage of the final hours of voting … and campaigning.

We start with the lone local open seat on the ballot. Above, supporters of 34th District State Senate candidate Joe Nguyen were sign-waving on the Andover overpass before sunset; this morning, candidate Shannon Braddock‘s supporters, including (below left) Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon and County Executive Dow Constantine, were sign-waving a bit further west, at 35th/Fauntleroy:

As noted in our morning highlight list, the candidates are due at Election Night parties in a few hours. Meantime, you have a bit over two and a half hours to vote – here’s the info you need if you haven’t done that yet; we’ll be off to check the scene at the ballot dropboxes in a bit.

6:29 PM: First, a stop at Sound & Fog, which has long been planning an election-night watching event:

Proprietor Justin is projecting election coverage onto one of his shop’s walls, and as our photo shows, more than a few patrons have their own screens. You can stop in any time before 9 pm. Next, we hopped over to the new King County Elections ballot dropbox in The Junction:

An elections staffer who’s here to help said they’ve been getting a steady stream in the past hour or so. There are two special 5-minute parking spots in the lot (behind KeyBank on the south side of SW Alaska west of California) for voters, though some are hopping out of their cars on SW Alaska instead. You can drop your ballot in a county box until 8 pm (here’s the full countywide list – we’re headed next to West Seattle’s other dropbox, in High Point).

6:54 PM: At High Point with a little over an hour to go:

Here, a sheriff’s deputy as well as KC Elections workers. And portable lighting, which we noticed during an afternoon stop:

This box is next to the library (3411 SW Raymond) parking lot but you can also pull up curbside on eastbound Raymond. The full list of dropboxes countywide is here. After the voting ends at 8 pm, the county is expected to release its first and only round of election-night results around 8:15 pm, and we will have separate stories on those.

7:55 PM: Just awaiting the returns. One more ballot-box photo from about an hour ago:

The crew at High Point really wanted to be sure everyone was aware of the time!

7 Replies to "HAPPENING NOW: Election Night 2018"

  • Graciano November 6, 2018 (6:33 pm)

    I’m just happy the commercials are over…

    • Yma November 6, 2018 (6:36 pm)

      I’m with youwhatever the outcomes, let’s just talk/listen to each other.

    • Nick November 6, 2018 (8:09 pm)

      I second that

  • Mrs. Fed Up November 6, 2018 (9:59 pm)

      Hopefully the election of Joe Nguyen starts a much needed referendum about the politicians in our city/region.  Even with the support of big name, career politicians; Joe overwhelming won.  I believe this speaks volumes about how fed up we are with  the leadership in this area.  Wish Dow was up for reelection this year.  Here’s to stopping the insanity around here. 

    • Diane November 7, 2018 (1:37 am)

      totally agree

  • Plf November 6, 2018 (11:08 pm)

    What’s really sad is the obscene amount of money spent locally and nationally, literally billions of dollars, just imagine  what could be accomplished with those dollars for all sorts of programs across  the spectrum of america

  • Diane November 7, 2018 (1:36 am)

    those supporters sign-waving for Joe Nguyen; that’s Joe’s fabulous mom

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