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HOMELESSNESS: Day 2 of Myers Way cleanup; another community forum announced

(WSB photos from Thursday morning)

City and state crews worked again this morning on clearing trash and debris from the greenbelt on the east side of Myers Way; our photos are from midmorning, and the crews were gone by the time we went through again at mid-afternoon. They had told us on Wednesday that they were only booked for two days of work. Since the city’s homelessness-response spokesperson, Will Lemke, had told us this was a cleanup, not a sweep of camps/campers, we asked him today how the work crews were making the distinction between what to pick up and what to leave behind. His reply:

During an encampment removal, the Navigation Team’s Field Coordinators are present on site. They are specially trained to make the distinction between valuables and abandoned items that could be considered trash or debris. Field Coordinators photograph, catalog, store, and provide delivery of items back to owners. For the Myers Way cleanup today, Field Coordinators and outreach workers were working directly with residents to remove items that were considered garbage.

Meantime, if you’re interested in discussing the big picture of the homelessness crisis, not just a specific encampment or area, two local public forums are now scheduled in the next few weeks. Fauntleroy Church (9140 California SW) has just announced this:

Drilling Down on Homelessness Forum @ Fauntleroy Church
May 3 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

This public forum will dive below surface responses to give homelessness a human face and explore specific decisions ahead if Seattle and its neighborhoods are to turn the corner on this tenacious problem. Speakers from the Transit Riders Union and Facing Homelessness will detail current proposals to gain more low-income housing and lead a discussion about practical and effective community and individual action. This free event is a community service of the church’s homelessness task force.

And we’ve already reported on the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce‘s April 21st forum, 1-3 pm at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (4408 Delridge Way SW) – this is also public, no admission charge, but the Chamber is requiring RSVP’s; look for the “register” button here.

COUNTDOWN: 1 month until West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2018!

Quick update: Just one month to go until that magical day of shopping, selling, and socializing … the 14th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day on Saturday, May 12th. We’re now into the second week of registration, and on the brink of the 100-sale milestone. And as usual, sellers are signing up from all corners of West Seattle – the latest sellers to join the list are from High Point, Pigeon Point, Luna Park, and Admiral, among other neighborhoods. Small sales, big sales, business sales, private sales, nonprofit fundraisers … whatever you have planned, here’s how to get on the map/list (which we publish a week in advance so there’s time to plan!).

HAPPENING NOW: See, sip, snack at stops along the West Seattle Art Walk

Sunbreak! Just in time for you to spend a while on the first West Seattle Art Walk of spring:

AT VISCON CELLARS: This quarter, Viscon Cellars (WSB sponsor) is showcasing the work of West Seattle mixed-media artist Jessie Summa Russo. You can meet her at the tasting room while viewing her art tonight until 9 pm. Viscon waives tasting fees for Art Walk participants – and you can nosh on pasta and cake tonight, too. “Lemon ricotta olive oil ciambellone cake,” to be specific, as Jessie describes it.)

Here’s the full map/list for tonight and the May and June second Thursday West Seattle Art Walks:

ADDED 7:15 PM – AT VIRAGO: You can stop by Virago Gallery‘s new location for its “soft open” during Art Walk tonight:

We first reported back in February that proprietor Tracy Cilona was moving her gallery/store around the corner to 4537 California SW – and now she’s there!

Across the street:

AT CLICK! Salyna Gracie is drawing quite a crowd at Click! Design That Fits (4540 California SW; WSB sponsor) with her “Poisonous Beauty” paintings. If you can’t get to Click! in person, her paintings are available in their online store, too.

Wondering what ever happened to Arbor Heights project at 4220 SW 100th? It’s going back to Design Review

April 12, 2018 4:55 pm
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Yet another development note today:

(Project rendering by Lemons Architecture)

Almost two years have passed since we first reported on a project proposed for a small slice of commercial/multifamily-zoned property in Arbor Heights, the former church site at 4220 SW 100th. At the time, the proposal was for nine live-work units; last year, that changed to eight townhouses and one live-work unit. Today, a tentative date was set for the project’s next Southwest Design Review Board meeting, June 7th, more than a year after its second review in April 2017 (WSB coverage here). Its draft “design packet” is also now available (see it here – big PDF). The June 7th hearing is set for 6:30 pm at the Senior Center/Sisson Building (4217 SW Oregon)

UPDATE: Motorcycle rider injured near Morgan Junction

(Added: WSB photo)

3:41 PM: A motorcycle rider is reported to be hurt in an incident at Fauntleroy and Raymond [map]. We don’t know anything about the circumstances yet but are on our way to check.

3:50 PM: Our crew just arrived. Traffic is getting through. SFD has left; a private ambulance is on scene.

3:59 PM: We talked with police at the scene (on the south/westbound side). They don’t believe there was a collision – the rider apparently was trying to get around a driver who had edged into the intersection, and took a fall. AMR is taking him to the hospital to be checked out.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Another warrant out for Gregory L. Thompson

You might remember the photo at right, published by Seattle Police when they announced the arrest of Gregory Lee Thompson on Puget Ridge two months ago, after a warrant that netted “hundreds of pills and 19 guns.” We followed up on the case, and found that Thompson had gotten out of jail less than two days after the arrest; four days later, we reported that a felony drug charge was filed against him, and he was back in jail … for nine hours, getting out after posting bond on $20,000 bail. During our routine periodic check of ongoing cases, we discovered that Thompson failed to show up for a court hearing this past Monday, and so there’s a warrant out for his arrest, this time carrying $40,000 bail, as ordered by Superior Court Judge Theresa Doyle.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Fuel spill on the way to 509

April 12, 2018 1:47 pm
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1:47 PM: Just caught this via the scanner: SFD and SPD are being dispatched, for cleanup and traffic control respectively, for what’s described as “a 100-foot-long fuel spill” on the 1st Avenue S. northbound downhill toward the Highway 509 entrance, north of Myers Way. Avoid the area for a while.

2:14 PM: SFD’s log shows that its crews have closed the call.

WEST SEATTLE DEVELOPMENT: Plans for 13 houses and 5 townhouses

Two more development notes:

13 HOUSES IN DELRIDGE, AND A RESIDENT’S REQUEST: Today’s Land Use Information Bulletin includes two notices that launch comment periods for adjacent undeveloped sites where 13 new “clustered” single-family houses are proposed. Eight of them would be at 5244 23rd SW (here’s that notice); five would be at 5232 23rd SW (here’s that notice). Each would be three stories, with parking for one vehicle. Comments are being sought on environmental impacts as well as on “allow(ing) a cluster housing development in a steep slope.” The deadline is April 25th, and you can follow the link to each notice to see how to comment.

One comment already in – and CC’d to us when sent pre-notice – is from area resident Douglas Ollerenshaw, who wrote to the city:

… I am requesting that the project include a publicly accessible stairway on the currently inaccessible Brandon St right of way on the south edge of this parcel.

A public stairway at this site would serve as a critical connection for residents of Puget Ridge to access the RapidRide H bus line that is currently being planned. It would also provide residents with access to the Delridge Library, nearby parks, and local businesses. There is currently an approximately 1 mile gap separating the closest pedestrian connections between Delridge and 23rd (at Oregon and Juneau Streets). This section of Brandon St. appears on the Feet First Trails of West Seattle map as a ‘future trail’. It is currently covered in deep shrubbery and inaccessible. …

The development site is just south of the address pinned on this map.

TEARDOWN-TO-TOWNHOUSES AT 4518 41ST SW: Three months ago, we reported on a plan to tear down a house at 4518 40th SW and replace it with five townhouses. City files now show an almost-identical plan for an almost-identical address one block west – 4518 41st SW, where this 108-year-old house will be demolished:

This five-townhouse project will go through Streamlined Design Review (public comment but no meeting), according to the city website.

Preview replacement plans for fire-destroyed Lam Bow Apartments building with Delridge District Council

Back on Monday, we reported first word of the Southwest Design Review Board meeting next month for the building planned to replace the fire-destroyed south building at Lam Bow Apartments in Delridge. Formal notice of that was published by the city today. But neighbors and others with questions can get a preview of the project sooner, when Seattle Housing Authority representatives talk about it at next Wednesday’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting (7 pm April 18th, Highland Park Improvement Club). Ryan Moore from SHA sent the “current concept” shown above, and these toplines:

Since the fire and subsequent demolition of one of the two buildings that comprised the Lam Bow Apartments (6935 Delridge Way SW) the Seattle Housing Authority has been working on replacement of the lost units and exploring options for redeveloping the site under the existing zoning. Our plan is to rehabilitate the existing building and rebuild on the portion we demolished. An Early Design Guidance meeting has been scheduled with the SW Design Review Board for May 3.

Redevelopment Goals:

· Rehab of existing (north) building: 30 units (mix of 1, 2 & 3 bedroom) & 30 parking spaces

· Replace units lost on South site:

– 50 units (roughly), mix of 1,2, & 3 bedroom
– 50 spaces in underground garage

· Units in both will be affordable (income-restricted) up to 60% of area median income ($57,000/year for a family of 4)

Design Priorities:

· Central courtyard space for residents

· Preservation of existing Exceptional tree

· Height limited to 3 stories under existing LR3 zoning, not MHA upzone

· 1 parking space per unit

· Street improvements (sidewalks, curbs, and gutters) on 23rd Ave (east side)

Construction is anticipated to start in the spring of 2019 and be complete by 2020.

If you have questions but won’t be able to attend either of the meetings, you can reach Moore at SHA by e-mail at or by phone at 206-615-3561.

P.S. If you missed our Monday report, it includes the draft “packet” for the May 3rd review.

For your Thursday: West Seattle Art Walk; Words, Writers, WS; more!

(Black-capped chickadee, photographed by Mark Ahlness, shared on the WSB Flickr page)

From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar for the rest of today/tonight:

PRESCHOOL DROP-IN ART: Guest teacher Ms. Lisa will work on art projects with 2- to 5-year-olds, 11:30 am at Delridge Library. (5423 Delridge Way SW)

TINKERLAB: 4 pm at High Point Library, all-ages STEM-themed crafts. (35th SW/SW Raymond)

WEST SEATTLE ART WALK: The painting above is by Salyna Gracie, who is showing “Deadly Beauty” at Click! Design That Fits 5-8 tonight (4540 California SW; WSB sponsor), one of more than 20 venues participating in tonight’s West Seattle Art Walk. See the new venue map/list in our preview published Wednesday and on the Art Walk website.

WORDS, WRITERS, WEST SEATTLE: 6 pm at Southwest Library, see and hear local author Peter Stekel read from his newest work, “Beneath Haunted Waters: The Tragic Tale of Two B-24s Lost in the Sierra Nevada Mountains During World War 11.” Free as always. (9010 35th SW)

LEARN ABOUT STUDYING AERONAUTICAL TECHNOLOGY AT SSC: 6-7 pm open house tonight on campus at South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) on Puget Ridge – location and map details are in our calendar listing. (6000 16th SW)

SECOND THURSDAY OUT! 6 pm, the Senior Center of West Seattle-sponsored LGBTQ-and-allies group meets at The Lumber Yard in White Center for dinner. (9619 16th SW)

E-BIKES ON THE DUWAMISH TRAIL? It’s one of five being considered for a pilot project by the Seattle Parks Board, which gets a briefing during its regular downtown meeting tonight at 6:30 pm, as previewed here on Wednesday. (100 Dexter Ave. N.)

OPEN MIC AT C & P: Express yourself! 7-9 pm open-microphone session at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor) for musicians and singers, all genres. (5612 California SW)

MORE ON THE CALENDAR! Browse the listings here any time.

GOT YOUR TICKET? ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ for, and with, Denny/Sealth Performing Arts

April 12, 2018 9:45 am
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Later this month, you have the chance to both enjoy the talents of, and assist, student performers from Denny International Middle School and Chief Sealth International High School. In case you haven’t already seen it in the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

The Denny Sealth Performing Arts annual fundraiser, Music Night Out, “The Greatest Show on Earth,” will be held on Saturday, April 28th at the Fellowship Hall of UCC Fauntleroy Church. You will enjoy music from the Denny and Sealth Band, Orchestra, Mariachi, Choir and the award-winning musicians in the Sealth Jazz Band led by Dr. Marcus Pimpleton and Ms. Brittany DeLong. Beverages, appetizers, a full dinner and dessert dash will round out the evening. Please join us for this fun night. Early Bird tickets are available if you act fast and can be purchased [here].

The DSPA (Denny Sealth Performing Arts) servers approximately 300 scholars in the Middle School and High School Performing Arts programs.

Band, Orchestra, Jazz, Mariachi and Choir scholars work all year on their craft, and share with the community in a few performances. And performance is a key element in the art.

Many of our scholars will be traveling this spring to destinations such as Disneyland, California and Silverwood, Idaho.

Our high school jazz scholars recently returned from Montana for such an experience. Your ticket purchase allows the DSPA to raise money for scholarships for those students who would not be able to afford the experience of such travel.

Our program serves a population of approximately 63% free and reduced lunch, students. Besides travel, the DSPA helps to cover the cost of maintenance and purchase of musical instruments, band uniforms and all of the small things; sheet music, rosin, strings etc, that, keep our scholars making the beautiful music and creating the amazing performances that we’ve come to expect from our Denny-Sealth programs. Our instructors rely on their ability to write grants and your generosity to be able to provide working instruments for our performing arts scholars.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Thursday watch; weekend closure postponed again

April 12, 2018 6:59 am
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(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

6:59 AM: Good morning! We just checked around and there are no traffic incidents or transit alerts for this area.

POSTPONEMENT: WSDOT has announced that the “Revive I-5” plan to close the NB I-5 offramp to the West Seattle Bridge all weekend is again postponed because of weather concerns.