Driver hits service-station sign in Fauntleroy/Alaska collision

Checking the West Seattle traffic cameras a short time ago, we noticed this:

(SDOT camera framegrab)

That’s the Shell-station sign at Fauntleroy/Alaska. No injuries, apparently, because no Seattle Fire dispatch was logged, and no SDOT traffic alert. Then we received this ground-level photo from Brian Presser of TouchTech Systems:

Brian says a semitruck was involved in the collision too. As of right now, the live webcam shows the car is still there on the corner – so pedestrians beware, and north/east-bound drivers too, as eventually a tow truck will have to come take it away.

9 Replies to "Driver hits service-station sign in Fauntleroy/Alaska collision"

  • Al October 12, 2017 (5:20 pm)

    Its a mess!  That driver needs to slow down!!

    • Swede. October 12, 2017 (5:31 pm)

      Can’t go slower than stationary. 


  • Swede. October 12, 2017 (5:32 pm)

    Just passed it, still there…

  • Colette October 12, 2017 (5:40 pm)

    I hope the driver is OK.  I get my gas at that station.  It’s in an awkward location and can be tricky to get in and out, as the lane on Alaska to enter or exit the station heading west is a bus only lane, and trying to exit on Fauntleroy heading east can be difficult with oncoming traffic.  I kind of miss the gas station that was on Alaska, that was demolished when the new apartment building went in at that corner.

    • Michael October 12, 2017 (7:59 pm)

      I get my gas there too, it can be tricky when the lot is busy.  I live in the Junction so I need to get on Alaska but always turn right onto Fauntleroy and go around the block to get onto Alaska instead of trying to cross the bus lane or turn left on Fauntleroy.  It’s the only way that seems remotely safe or practical to me.

  • Just Wondering October 12, 2017 (5:48 pm)

    So the driver of the car will pay for the street sign to be fixed?

    • Swede. October 12, 2017 (7:25 pm)

      That’s a great question. Only if the city claims it on the drivers insurance? Automatic with a police report? Was there a police report, and for what?

  • Mark October 12, 2017 (6:01 pm)

    Oops the driver missed a turn.

    • Swede. October 12, 2017 (7:25 pm)

      But not the sign! 

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