WATER TAXI UPDATES: New survey for you; latest on dock move, ridership numbers

(WSB photo from last Friday)

The latest government service/agency/etc. asking for your feedback via an online survey – the King County Water Taxi. The new survey is phrased as if you are on board, so if you aren’t riding it today, you might consider answering from the standpoint of your most recent ride, or the reasons you usually use it, even if you only ride a few times a year. The survey starts here.

The WT website Captain’s Blog also provides two updates of potential interest to Water Taxi riders. The newest is about the soon-to-start Colman Dock overhaul that will result in a new foot-ferry terminal; read it here. It’s also a reminder that one week from Monday – starting August 7th – Water Taxi service will be interrupted for up to a week while its downtown terminal moves to an interim location north of Colman Dock.

The other notable update has some new numbers on Water Taxi ridership, including a 7.2 percent increase on the West Seattle run last month over the same period last year. But month-by-month numbers on the “data” tab of this WT-website page have not been updated since the end of last year.

2 Replies to "WATER TAXI UPDATES: New survey for you; latest on dock move, ridership numbers"

  • markinthedark July 27, 2017 (3:43 pm)

    From the looks of the new dock, it’s still only going to be a 2 boats docked at a time arrangement. It’s starting to get congested with the addition of the Bremerton boat and Kitsap is working toward two additional lines from Kingston and Southworth on top of that to come on line through 2020. 

    The WS run has generally operated pretty much on-time. I’m hoping they can make that continue to work with all the additional traffic.

    • RS July 28, 2017 (9:01 pm)

      I was hoping they might start using a separate dock for those, they seem popular!

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