WEST SEATTLE COYOTES: Longfellow Creek-area sighting

Thanks to Joan for the photo and report this afternoon:

I finally got a picture of a coyote in the Longfellow Creek Holding Basin, south side, located just east of 24th SW between Holden & Webster [map]. He saw me and jumped back so this is the best I could get.

This coyote is scrawny and thin. I saw another that looked young and healthy last week.

People are still letting their dogs run loose here so this is a heads up – go to the offleash park instead and keep your dog safe.

If you’re not sure what a coyote looks like, you can browse our archive of coyote sightings and see other, larger photos from past sightings. You’ll also want to read the state’s advice about coexisting with coyotes.

5 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE COYOTES: Longfellow Creek-area sighting"

  • Waikikigirl May 28, 2017 (6:08 pm)

    AND keep your cats safe by keeping them indoors. 

  • B.W. May 28, 2017 (11:11 pm)

    I’ve seen the coyotes there as well. Very active 2am-4am. He never sticks around enough to snap a shot of. 

  • Rick May 29, 2017 (7:11 am)

    Back in Kansas we never shot ’em with cameras.

  • Waikikigirl May 29, 2017 (11:52 am)

    @Rick….if you are meaning a gun I hope here in Washington (WS) a camera is all we would “shoot” them with. We need to co-exsist with all living creatures, they’re here with us and we just need to do our part to keep our pets safe (be smart) and anyways the coyotes keep the rodent population in check so look at it that way.

    • WSB May 29, 2017 (12:18 pm)

      Another interesting fact discovered by researchers is that in areas where people have sought to kill off coyotes … their numbers have increased with, among other things, more babies in their subsequent litters. Some info here. By following the advice in the “coexistence” info we always include, they and we can keep a healthy distance from each other. We live near extensive greenbelts and yet have only once actually seen a coyote firsthand (as published here, with photos, in 2008).

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