Two burglary reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

BREAK-IN WHILE RESIDENTS WERE HOME: A scare this morning for residents of a house in the 10200 block of Marine View Drive SW. They called 911 this morning just after 8 am to say someone had just broken into their house – while they were home. They thought there were two people and that they took off in a vehicle, but had no description. This is all SPD could tell us when we called at midday; we have requested the full report but it wasn’t available then and despite followup requests, we haven’t received it yet. Whenever we do, we’ll add any additional details.

THE BURGLARS WHO LET THE CAT OUT: Over the weekend, we featured a lost-cat notice from Julia in Highland Park, who had come home with her husband to discover a break-in, with their dog injured – apparently tearing a ligament chasing the burglar(s) out – and their cat missing. After he was found, we asked if she would share details for Crime Watch:

Friday evening around 5:30, my husband and I went out to grab some dinner. We were pulling out of our driveway and my husband noticed that there was a younger man with a gray sedan parked across the street fiddling with a broken passenger-side mirror. My husband said that he thought that the guy looked suspicious, but he dismissed it (I was messing with the radio and missed the guy entirely). We got home at 7 or so and the back door was unlocked and the dog was going crazy. The screen on the window above the sink was missing and all of the stuff surrounding or under the window was displaced and, when we got into the bedroom, there were dresser drawers pulled out and suitcases open. The burglar took a jar with some cash and a jewelry box with some cheap (albeit sentimental) jewelry, but no portable electronics, so we think the dog must have woken up and charged him before he got far. Unfortunately, the dog, who is a sweet old girl, hurt herself (or was kicked), and the cat was let out (But found! Yay!) during the escape. A police report has been filed (Many, many props to the extremely kind officer who came by and helped us out. When we were leaving for the ER on Saturday night, we noticed that he was sitting outside in his cruiser. We went up to see what was happening and he said he just wanted to make sure that the burglars knew the police were now watching our house! What a sweetheart!).

NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME CONCERNS/QUESTIONS? See these two opportunities for talking with police in the next week and a half.

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