HOW TO HELP: Online donations set up for Lam-Bow Apartments fire victims

11:41 AM: Eight days after the 3-alarm Lam-Bow Apartments fire on Delridge, the 40+ people who lost their residences are putting their lives back together. Some have asked about an online fund to donate money to the fire victims, and that’s finally been set up. We noticed it on the Seattle Housing Authority home page late last night. It goes to the same fund to which you can send checks, as announced last week. Here’s how to donate:

-Online (see the PayPal link here)

-Via check (here’s how)

As for material items, we haven’t heard of any current needs, after the outpouring last week left community liaisons most in need of volunteer help to get the donations sorted, especially at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.

ADDED 1:23 PM: SHA reiterates in an update that no material items are needed right now but check back to see if rehoused residents have furniture needs in the future. This information also was sent:

SHA has had contact with all 19 households affected by the fire to assess their housing and other needs. Some families are already moved into new apartments with SHA, some are in the process and others are considering options. All families will have received offers of, or be moved into, replacement subsidized housing by the end of this week. Out of the 19 households:

5 households have moved into apartments

4 households have accepted apartments and are in the process of leasing

1 elderly household has decided to live with family members permanently

1 household has decided to permanently move out of SHA housing

All other households have had their needs assessed and are in the process of being provided with housing options.

All families with children are able to keep their children in the same school. School transportation is currently being provided to all children housed at the shelter.

SHA included this update on the burned building (one of two buildings that comprise the Lam-Bow complex):

The Seattle Fire Department has concluded its investigation of the fire and has determined the fire started on the building’s exterior but were unable to determine a specific cause. The building has been assessed by a structural engineer and it has been deemed unsafe to enter. SHA has secured the perimeter of the building and is providing 24-hour security.

Andersen Construction is providing pro-bono work on the building, removing damaged materials from the roof and third floor and shoring up the building for safety. It is unknown if the building is salvageable or if it will be completely rebuilt. Further structural investigation is required before anyone can enter for further assessment. It is not known at this time if or when it will be deemed safe for residents to enter to possibly retrieve any salvageable belongings.

5 Replies to "HOW TO HELP: Online donations set up for Lam-Bow Apartments fire victims"

  • Owen October 5, 2016 (11:57 am)

    I’ve really been feeling for the Lam Bow residents since the fire and appreciate the chance to do my small part to help. Thanks WSB for publicizing the info on how to donate, and to Campus of Learners Foundation for managing the funds!

  • AMD October 5, 2016 (6:18 pm)

    Way to go, Andersen Construction!

  • JanS October 5, 2016 (6:26 pm)

    AMD, I agree…kudos to Andersen Construction. That’s what community is all about. I find it interesting that it started on the outside of the building. Some sort of electrical problem , perhaps? Something nefarious? It’s such a  loss, I wonder if they’ll ever know. 

    And Glad to hear they’re living arrangements are coming together, too. Good job, SHA.

  • Courtney October 6, 2016 (4:07 pm)

    Does anybody know the cause yet?

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