West Seattle Crime Watch: 3 reader reports and a Summer Fest reminder

Three reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch this morning:

CAR PROWL: From Kami:

(Thursday) night around 3 am I caught a car prowler on 36th Ave SW, 4000 block. I called the cops but I am not sure if they made an arrest. Thought it would be worth sharing the description so the neighborhood can be on watch. It was small, 2 door, gray pickup truck, older style with driver and passenger. The driver would slowly driving to keep up with the passenger as he walked the street checking for unlocked doors. They did get items from a white pickup truck that was unlocked and had items in the back bed and front seat. 2 white males and the passenger was wearing a navy hoody with bright blue baseball cap. The thieves must have got to end of block and circled back because I saw their vehicle one more time but wasn’t able to see plates.

AND ANOTHER CAR PROWL: From Eli in the 3800 block of Beach Drive:

After 3 (!) stolen bikes within a year out of our condos’ garage within a year now, my car was “searched” (earlier this week), nothing missing as far as I can tell. A reminder to leave nothing valuable in your car.


We just found a box of stuff strewn across 22nd Ave SW in Shorewood; looks like it was probably stolen from someone’s home. Box contents include letters dated 1985 from Taiwan, addressed to a D.E. P—-r on 31st Ave SW, a diploma from 1947 for Ruth H—–t, a drivers license for a Janice P—-r and various empty coin holders (which I’m assuming were all stolen). If anyone knows these folks or is missing this box, please email me!

e@erinandscott.net is Erin’s address. We’ve taken some letters out of the names so as to help ensure the right person claims the items.

BLOCK WATCH CAPTAINS NETWORK AT SUMMER FEST: Want to talk safety and crime prevention with the West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network? Come to West Seattle Summer Fest until 2 pm today, and/or 11 am-2 pm tomorrow, and catch Karen and Deb from WSBWCN in the Community Tent section of the Info Tent at California/Alaska (look for the huge INFORMATION banners across the top of the tent).

6 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: 3 reader reports and a Summer Fest reminder"

  • kevin July 9, 2016 (12:53 pm)

    I also had a car prowl on the 7th at 3:00am but it was over near westwood on 16th sw.   Here is the dropbox video.   The video I made has the wrong date(s/b 7th).



    • Sgt Bauer July 11, 2016 (1:23 pm)

      Kevin, I’d like to have that video for evidence. I think we have identified the person in the video. We would like to get him charged. Please contact me at joseph.bauer@seattle.gov

      Sgt. Joe Bauer SW Precinct Anti-Crime Team. 

      • Alan July 11, 2016 (2:08 pm)

        Sgt Bauer – Hopefully Kevin will contact you, but you can grab a copy of the video by opening the video and clicking “download” in the upper right corner. If you need Kevin to testify as to the correctness of the date and time, I’m afraid there isn’t a button for that.

        • Sgt Bauer July 11, 2016 (4:46 pm)

          Our system here won’t allow me to do that off of dropbox. I’m going to need his contact info for my report too but thanks for your reply.

  • E July 9, 2016 (1:41 pm)

    I live  on 17th AVE SW , close to Roxbury area.  A thief got into my car and stole my hand bag last night.   I went inside the house to get my dog real quick and will plan to walk him after my work from a restaurant at 1:30AM, I came back and everything was stolen.  My passport was inside my bag, ID’s Gift card,etc, and stole my sandals and work out shoe.  For a split second!!! 

    My neighbors car window got smashed and couple house down, their car got hit too! 

    This is terrible! heartless and such a pest in the community!  :( 

  • Kevin July 12, 2016 (5:38 pm)

    Sent email to Sgt Bauer and I have heard back yet.  I can get you the video but I don’t know where to drop it off at?

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