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PHOTOS: #BlackLivesMatter demonstration at West Seattle Summer Fest

(WSB photos/video unless otherwise credited)

At the start, we counted about 50 people … by the time it ended an hour later with a gathering where it had started, today’s #BlackLivesMatter demonstration in The Junction had at least tripled. We included some photos in our as-it-happened festival coverage, but have more to share, including video.

As announced, this was a silent march – no chanting or shouting; the background noise of the festival was most of what you would have heard if you had stood and watched. Some came to the festival just to participate, stopping at the Information Tent first to verify where it would begin.


Lashanna Williams, who organized the march, greeted the crowd, which proceeded to travel around the festival’s perimeter. Some carried signs; some did not. Some signs bore photos, some bore names – many names:



At least one bore a question:


Others, statements:

(Photo by BDP)

And some simply urged love:


After almost an hour, the march ended where it had begun, in the heart of The Junction. It was bookended by 360-degree group photos [see the 1 pm photo here] taken by the same photographer who minutes later was doing the same for the Southwest Seattle Historical Society’s campaign celebrating Junction history … as this became another page of it.

Fireworks alert: White Center Jubilee Days next Wednesday

July 9, 2016 8:33 pm
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While we’re focused on festivals – whether you want to see them in person, or just want an advance alert, here’s your heads-up about a fireworks show in the area next Wednesday (July 13th). That’s the first night of White Center Jubilee Days, and at dusk Wednesday, a professional fireworks show will light up the sky over Steve Cox Memorial Park, where the WCJD carnival will have opened hours earlier (at 3 pm). The show is usually audible from much of south West Seattle, so if you hear it on Wednesday night, now you know.

WEST SEATTLE SUMMER FEST 2016: Saturday, report #2

(TODAY’S INFO is here; FIRST SATURDAY REPORT is here; DAY 1 COVERAGE here, is here, and here)

(Our 4 pm view from the Info Tent)

4 PM: Though technically we’re two hours away from tonight’s “closing time” at West Seattle Summer Fest, most of the action continues on into Saturday night – food and rides into at least the mid-evening, music until about 11:30. But if you want to check out the shopping – both The Junction’s year-round stores as well as the booths – get here sooner rather than later.

As we’ve mentioned before, the Info Tent is the place to stop (our side facing north at California/Alaska) for info on not only this festival, but also much of the upcoming West Seattle summer fun – we have flyers/cards for West Seattle Outdoor Movies (starting one week from tonight!), Alki Art Fair (two weeks away), Summer Concerts at Hiawatha (six Thursday nights starting July 21st), West Seattle Garden Tour (July 17th) … And elsewhere at Summer Fest, you can find out all about other upcoming events. For example, the Float Dodger 5K before the West Seattle Grand Parade on July 23rd:

festrunner (1)

Sign up for the race at the West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor) – Elite Sports and Spine booth on the east side of California between Oregon and Alaska. (In our photo above are Lori McConnell from WSR and Dr. Nate Moore from ESS.)

Also publicized here at Summer Fest – the month-long Stuff the Bus diaper drive for WestSide Baby:

IMG_4635 (2)

The biggest day is July 24th, when you can bring diapers to “stuff the bus” at HomeStreet Bank (WSB sponsor) in The Junction (41st/Alaska), but there are other dropoff spots and drives all month long.

HomeStreet has a booth here at the festival, we should mention … on Day 1, we photographed Eric, Melodie, and Cody:

festhomestreet (1)

4:19 PM: Hot toy of the day seems to be a Nemo (you know, Dory’s friend) -themed bubble blaster that also makes a spooky little noise when bubbling. Have seen and heard this in the hands of many a child; not sure of the source, but they are suddenly everywhere. Children in general are abundant, too, as they are in most of West Seattle, as observed King County Executive Dow Constantine at last Monday’s 4th of July Kids’ Parade (speaking while holding his toddler daughter).

Popular questions include “kettle corn?” (short answer: no) and “festival T-shirts?” – that too is a “no” but there are places you can seek West Seattle-themed shirts including Seattle Logo Pro (west of us at California/Alaska) and Shockwave Tees (on California south of Alaska). And a really popular feature – the Tiny Homes display at GreenLife, though the one we’ve seen these past few days isn’t THAT tiny:


5:01 PM: If Summer Fest had a turnstile, we’re speculating this might be the biggest turnout ever. And this is the peak time – late afternoon, Saturday.

(The view from Cupcake Royale, closest recharge spot for our laptop)

Still some sunshine. Doesn’t feel like you have to see absolutely EVERYTHING, because there’s still one more day (and let us mention again, YES, the West Seattle Farmers’ Market will be happening 10 am-2 pm as always tomorrow – but in the lot behind KeyBank, the one day a year it can’t be out in the street).

5:45 PM: Major hang-around time, now. Shopping time is wrapping up – as we’ve said before, don’t miss the year-round stores as well as the booths. Twilight, on SW Alaska west of California, had cool Seattle-themed art on display today:


At Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor) at 4540 California SW – east side, a little ways north of Alaska – stop by the shop to register for a Fatboy hammock giveaway.

Another longtime WSB sponsor, Dream Dinners-West Seattle, is based in The Junction – but a little ways out of the festival zone (outer east side of Jefferson Square), so you’ll find them in a booth here at the festival:

festdreamdinner (1)

Ask them about festival specials/deals – and check out their current menu here.

6:44 PM: As crowded now as it was at mid-afternoon! Meantime, up at the stage, we got a bit of video of the 6 pm band, Christian Mistress:

Still four bands to go tonight, and music on the GreenLife stage too – see our first report today for both lineups.

7 PM: We’re the last ones out of the Info Tent, folding up for the night, but Summer Fest goes on! Sunday hours are 11 am to 5 pm – and it’s the one day that everything really DOES end at that announced closing time, because hours of cleanup/breakdown will follow.

PHOTOS: Duwamish Rowing Club’s first regatta


History this morning for the Duwamish Rowing Club – its first regatta, as previewed here earlier in the week. WSB’S Christopher Boffoli caught some of the racing this morning in South Park.


The Duwamish rowers took on rowers from clubs in Lake Stevens and Renton.


Christopher was on the river for the second half of the four-hour racing session – a beautiful morning overall.


Find out more about the Duwamish Rowing Club here.

AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: West Seattle Summer Fest Saturday, report #1

July 9, 2016 11:00 am
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(TODAY’S INFO here; DAY 1 COVERAGE here, here, and here)


11 AM: One hour into West Seattle Summer Fest 2016, day 2, and it seems like the whole town’s here already. It’s the biggest day of the festival and we’re live in the Info Tent again today with festival updates. Including …

CORONATION: In half an hour (at 11:30 am), West Seattle Hi-Yu will crown Haley Beebe as this year’s Senior Court Queen on the main stage (California SW, north end of the festival zone, between Oregon and Genesee) Update: photo added:


After that, you’ll find Hi-Yu royalty, ambassadors, and volunteers, plus this year’s parade float, on SW Alaska east of California, across from the food zone.

‘WE LOVE THE JUNCTION’: Come write down why you love The Junction, on the blackboard at the Southwest Seattle Historical Society‘s booth – here are photos of what some festivalgoers wrote on Friday. And be part of 360-degree photos and walking tours with SWSHS executive director Clay Eals and other local experts:


The photos are happening at the top of each hour, noon-5 pm, and the tours, at 12:15, 2:15, and 3:15 pm – find the SWSHS booth on the west side of California just north of Alaska, across from Easy Street Café.

TODAY’S MUSIC: Here’s today’s lineup on the main stage (north end of festival):

(The Hollers include, center, Frank Gross of Thunder Road Guitars [WSB sponsor])

Noon – The Hollers
1 pm – Danny Newcomb and The Sugarmakers
2 pm – Tomten
3 pm – Donormaal
4 pm – Draemhouse
5 pm – Crater
6 pm – Christian Mistress
7 pm – Bread & Butter
8 pm – Hobosexual
9 pm – Pillar Point
10:30 pm – Grace Love & The True Loves

HIGHLIGHTS ON THE GREENLIFE STAGE … which is at the south end by California/Edmunds:
Noon – Indian dance performance
1 pm – Dance: Odissi By Urvasi Dance Ensemble
2 pm – Discussion of growth/development
4 pm – Electric-bike demonstration
4:30 pm – Music with Aji Piper
5:30 pm – Poetry with Raven Matthews x DoNormaal
6 pm – Music with Richie Dagger’s Crime
7 pm – Music with Sendai Era
8 pm – Music with The Brodcast

11:42 AM: Not EVERYTHING is on the schedule – wouldn’t be a festival without some unscheduled performances, and one is happening right now just east of our Info Tent HQ, with D&G Dance Beatfeet:

11:56 AM: The youth-led #BlackLivesMatter demonstration is about to start – looks like at least 50 people gathering on the west side of California/Alaska.

Organizer Lashanna Williams just spoke briefly to invite people to join.


They’ll be photographed by the same crew that is about to take the Southwest Seattle Historical Society’s first group photo, Clay from SWSHS then announced.

12:15 PM: The demonstration is still going by – with more people joining as they proceed around the festival’s perimeter.


We’ll have more photos later. Meantime, Deb Barker is taking off on the first SWSHS walking tour from right in front of the Info Tent.

12:58 PM: The demonstration just ended with a gathering at California/Alaska, where it began – here’s our Instagram video panning across part of the group:

“Carry peace through your day,” Lashanna urged them, in closing.

1:20 PM: While the clouds have moved back in, we’re seeing some blue sky to the west. All the same, if you haven’t been here yet, you might consider bringing a jacket or sweater.

3 PM: Crazy busy! Part of what we checked out last hour – a panel discussing West Seattle growth and development at the GreenLife Stage:


Lots of viewpoints on how our community can and should grow. Next up on the GL Stage – 4 pm, electric-bike demo with Alki Bike and Board. Our coverage continues shortly in today’s 2nd report …

West Seattle Crime Watch: 3 reader reports and a Summer Fest reminder

Three reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch this morning:

CAR PROWL: From Kami:

(Thursday) night around 3 am I caught a car prowler on 36th Ave SW, 4000 block. I called the cops but I am not sure if they made an arrest. Thought it would be worth sharing the description so the neighborhood can be on watch. It was small, 2 door, gray pickup truck, older style with driver and passenger. The driver would slowly driving to keep up with the passenger as he walked the street checking for unlocked doors. They did get items from a white pickup truck that was unlocked and had items in the back bed and front seat. 2 white males and the passenger was wearing a navy hoody with bright blue baseball cap. The thieves must have got to end of block and circled back because I saw their vehicle one more time but wasn’t able to see plates.

AND ANOTHER CAR PROWL: From Eli in the 3800 block of Beach Drive:

After 3 (!) stolen bikes within a year out of our condos’ garage within a year now, my car was “searched” (earlier this week), nothing missing as far as I can tell. A reminder to leave nothing valuable in your car.


We just found a box of stuff strewn across 22nd Ave SW in Shorewood; looks like it was probably stolen from someone’s home. Box contents include letters dated 1985 from Taiwan, addressed to a D.E. P—-r on 31st Ave SW, a diploma from 1947 for Ruth H—–t, a drivers license for a Janice P—-r and various empty coin holders (which I’m assuming were all stolen). If anyone knows these folks or is missing this box, please email me! is Erin’s address. We’ve taken some letters out of the names so as to help ensure the right person claims the items.

BLOCK WATCH CAPTAINS NETWORK AT SUMMER FEST: Want to talk safety and crime prevention with the West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network? Come to West Seattle Summer Fest until 2 pm today, and/or 11 am-2 pm tomorrow, and catch Karen and Deb from WSBWCN in the Community Tent section of the Info Tent at California/Alaska (look for the huge INFORMATION banners across the top of the tent).

West Seattle Saturday: Summer Fest day 2, and more!

Welcome to Saturday – day 2 of West Seattle Summer Fest in The Junction, and more! First, what you need to know about the festival today:

(‘Live’ SDOT cameras from the festival zone)
The festival, presented by the West Seattle Junction Association (with co-sponsors including WSB), opens at 10 am today.

Music lineup (main stage at north end of festival zone, California south of Genesee, first band The Hollers @ noon, last band Grace Love and The True Loves @ 10:30 pm)
Vendor list
Food list
Kids’ area (free AND fee activities – rides are 1-5 tickets at $1.25/ticket or $20/day pass)
GreenLife (south end of festival zone, California/Edmunds)
Southwest Seattle Historical Society group photos (starting at noon) and walking tours (starting at 12:15 pm) schedule

Vendor booths are open until at least 6 pm; rides run until 8 pm; music until about 11:30 pm. If you have questions, come see us and community-group volunteers in the Information Tent at California/Alaska, where you’ll also find local nonprofits participating in the Community Tent.

STREETS CLOSED: The closure zone is on California Avenue SW between SW Edmunds and SW Genesee (with SW Oregon remaining open to east/west traffic), and SW Alaska between 42nd and 44th.

BUS REROUTES: From the Metro “alerts and updates” page, which will be in effect until late Sunday night (the festival ends at 5 pm Sunday but breakdown and cleanup last for several hours):

C Linehere
Route 22here
Route 37here
Route 50here
Route 55here
Route 57here
Route 128here
Route 773 Water Taxi Shuttlehere

Also today:

ROWING REGATTA: The Duwamish Rowing Club’s first regatta, with races against two other clubs, is set for 8 am-noon on the Duwamish River, with spectators invited to watch from spots including Duwamish Waterway Park in South Park. Full details in our preview. (7900 10th Ave. S.)

LUNA PARK COMMUNITY CLEANUP: 9 am-noon, join the first in a series of community cleanups in the area just north of the Luna Park district – details are in our preview.

WSUU RUMMAGE SALE: 9 am-5 pm today, it’s Day 1 of the West Seattle Unitarian Universalists’ “legendary rummage sale” – details here. (7141 California SW)

DEMONSTRATION: Noon-1 pm, a demonstration titled “Black Lives Matter: Silent march for youths and friends is planned in The Junction starting from the northwest corner of California/Alaska.

COLMAN POOL CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC: Swim-meet closure again today at the outdoor pool in Lincoln Park.

ALKI LIGHTHOUSE TOURS: 1-4 pm (be there by 3:40 pm), you’re invited to tour historic Alki Point Lighthouse with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Free. (Alki SW/Beach Drive SW)

SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK: Greenstage presents “Pericles at the amphitheater in High Point Commons Park, free, 7 pm. (6400 Sylvan Way SW)

LOTS MORE GOING ON – see the listings on our complete calendar.

Tacocat wraps first night of West Seattle Summer Fest 2016

July 9, 2016 12:52 am
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(WSB photos. Above, singer Emily Nokes)

A near-perfect first day for West Seattle Summer Fest 2016, with Seattle’s own Tacocat taking the stage to wrap it up, delighting a curb-to-curb crowd in The Junction’s streets.

(Drummer Lelah Maupin)

Their set included a song all too appropriate for our Jultober weather, “Bridge to Hawaii,” and one for X-Files fans, “Dana Katherine Scully.”
(Tacocat’s Eric Randall in left background, Bree McKenna in right foreground)

Introducing Tacocat was West Seattle’s own Brent Amaker:

Saturday’s music lineup starts at noon with The Hollers, includes Hobosexual at 8 pm, and runs through Grace Love and The True Loves at 10:30 pm.