West Seattle 4th of July scene: GoodYear Blimp flyby

12:57 PM: One surprise so far today: A GoodYear Blimp flyby:

(Photo by Scott Borton)

Thanks to everybody who texted and sent photos! We were at Hamilton Viewpoint Park, covering post-West Seattle 4th of July Kids’ Parade festivities, when someone texted that the blimp had flown over Burien and was headed this way; minutes later, we spotted it over Elliott Bay. While the GoodYear Blimp website includes a comprehensive schedule, it doesn’t mention a Seattle stop during its current Northwest visit – via Twitter, we see it was in Chehalis last night.

(Photo by Don Brubeck)

GoodYear actually has more than one blimp – this one is the semi-recently-moved-to-California Spirit of Innovation, 10 years old and due to be retired next year.

P.S. If you want to check on its whereabouts, use your favorite flight tracker and look for N4A. We’re seeing it near Whidbey Island right now.

ADDED 1:51 PM: One more photo – while reviewing our photographer’s images from the Colman Pool 75th-anniversary party, we noticed the blimp was overhead while members of the Sears family – longtime pool operators – were at centerstage:

(WSB photo by Torin Record-Sand)

(A separate story about the pool celebration is coming up.)

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  • JayDee July 4, 2016 (2:41 pm)

     A blimp photobomb. Cool. 

    I grew up in Torrance and got used to the drone of the engines as it beat against the onshore breeze.

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