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West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglar caught on camera – look familiar?


That photo was texted by an Upper Fauntleroy resident who reported to police that their house was broken into by this person today. No arrest reported, but police took prints. The victim reports a laptop was stolen.

If you are a frequent reader, the burglar and dog might bring to mind this WSB story from last month, about the arrest of, and charge filed against, a prowler caught on camera in May, with her dog. The person in the video is 36-year-old Jessica Detrick, charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass in Seattle Municipal Court after her June arrest and released from jail after three days. We just checked court records, which show Detrick failed to appear for “day reporting” and a pre-trial hearing scheduled in that case; a warrant is out for her arrest.

CONGRATULATIONS! West Seattle All-Stars win regional championship


Thanks to Mindy for the photo and report:

The West Seattle All-Stars [12U] won the NW Bronco Regional Tournament in Olympia this past weekend. They now move on to compete in Los Angeles on July 29th. We are very proud of our All Stars, who have been playing together for many years now.

In order from left to right, starting in the back: Coach Steve Zarnick, Cole Ransom, Ethan Zarnick, Aiden Waller, Will Cell, Lucas Gut, Nevin Bell, Coach Sean Ransom, Lukas Gerrard, Coach Tom Gut. Left to right, front: Nick Mariani, Joey Cutter, Bryce McFeely, Ethan Daquila, Owen Murray, Ethan Palisoc.


Thanks also to Sue for sending word of the big win. Good luck in L.A.!

West Seattle whales: Orcas in the area


Thanks to Venkat for the photo – he spotted orcas off Colman Pool after 5 pm today; checking the Orca Network Facebook page, we verified that’s a research boat in the photo. A recent comment there had them passing Three Tree Point in Burien just before 6 – but we still have more than two hours of daylight, so if you’re by the water, keep watch, as they might head back this way. Let us know if you see them – 206-293-6302 – thanks!

Even more about Phase 2 of 35th Avenue SW Safety Project, now mingled with West Seattle Neighborhood Greenway project

If you’re interested in the next phase of the 35th Avenue SW Safety Project and that August 4th meeting we’ve been telling you about – check your US Postal Service mail closely when you get home (etc.). Ours today brought a mailer that includes even more details than were on the SDOT Blog preview we featured last Friday night, the website information we featured. We subsequently just found this PDF of the mailer linked from the West Seattle Neighborhood Greenway project page, but not (yet) the 35th Avenue SW project page.

Here’s how it begins:

35th Ave SW Road Safety Corridor
In 2015, we redesigned the southern segment of 35th Ave SW to reduce speeding, collisions, and injuries, and enhance conditions for everyone that uses the street. Phase 2 of this project begins later this year and continues into 2017 to address safety and mobility issues in the northern segment.

Join us on Thurs., Aug. 4, when we will share preliminary data from Phase 1 and draft plans for Phase 2. We want to hear about your observations and experiences along the corridor.

The project team will also host a walking tour of 35th Ave SW on Tues., Aug. 9. For more information, visit our website.

West Seattle Neighborhood Greenway
We’re studying routes for a new north-south neighborhood greenway parallel to 35th Ave SW. The new West Seattle Neighborhood Greenway will prioritize people walking an biking on residential streets.

At the meeting, we can share traffic data, and you can help us learn where people want to walk and bike in the neighborhood, and what barriers stand in their way. Neighborhood greenways are safer, calmer streets for you, your family, and neighbors. For more information, visit our website.

That website indicates the greenway isn’t slated for construction until 2019. Meantime, we asked SDOT about the starting time/place for the aforementioned walking tour, since that’s not on the website yet, project manager Jim Curtin says it’ll start at 6 pm August 9th on the east side of 35th at Avalon and will proceed to end at 35th/Holly at 7:30 pm; you’ll be able to join/leave along the way if you can’t make the entire walk. We also asked him about the distribution of the mail flyer – some complained last year that they didn’t receive a mailing; we received this one despite being at least half a mile west of 35th. His reply: “The flyer went out to a rather large swath of the neighborhood from the Junction/Avalon corridor on the north to the city limits on the south and from the Puget Sound waterfront to Delridge.”

YOU CAN HELP! Donor-registration drive in West Seattle next Sunday

You might be able to save someone’s life. Next Sunday (July 24th), you can find out how, by talking with a fellow West Seattleite during a Be The Match donor-registration drive. Rebecca Harvey says it’s happening on the new patio at Fresh Flours Bakery in South Delridge:

I, along with other volunteers and a representative from Be The Match, will be there from 9 am to 2 pm Sunday to answer any questions regarding being a donor, as well as registering on the spot anyone that would like to join the donor registry. This is an important cause as these donors have the potential to be the cure a cancer patient needs.

Be The Match is a great organization that operates the largest and most diverse donor registry in the world, in order to connect patients with blood diseases to their life-saving marrow or stem-cell transplant. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 44 who is in good health and committed to donating to a patient in need is encouraged to join the donor registry. Joining is simple and takes less then 10 minutes – all you need to do is fill out a form and swab your cheek!

Seattle is a premier city for cancer treatment, with some of the best doctors in the world. In fact, Fred Hutch scientists pioneered the development of bone marrow transplantation to treat patients with blood cancers, and to this day Seattle doctors are considered experts on the treatment and procedure.

The more donors we register, the more patients we can potentially help find their cure.

Fresh Flours is at 9410 Delridge Way SW. If you are interested in registering and can go there on Sunday between 9 and 2, e-mail Rebecca at or RSVP via this Facebook event page – she’d like to know how many donor-swab kits to bring. If you already know you can’t make it, but you’re interested in registering anyway, go here for the online version of the donor-registration drive.

UPDATE: New encampment on Myers Way: ‘Camp Second Chance’

1:30 PM: After a reader tip about what appeared to be a tent encampment setting up along Myers Way – near where other campers have been living on slopes and in RVs – we went over to check it out, and that’s exactly what we found. It’s being set up in a fenced area immediately south of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints building; we haven’t figured out yet who owns the land, nor did the person we spoke with know. (The church owns 2 1/2 acres, and property boundaries aren’t obvious; online records show a small streetfront parcel south of the church is owned by a dump-truck company.) He identified it as the “Second Chance” camp, with 25 residents, a self-policing camp with strict no-drugs/alcohol/violence policies.

Since visiting the site less than an hour ago, we’ve done some online research, and it appears this is “Camp Second Chance Through Grace,” listed on this citywide clearinghouse website as having had a sanctioned site at a church a few miles south for the past three months. Another page on the same site says CSCTG is a “family camp.” It is still in the process of setting up, and only a few people, all appearing to be adults, were in view.

P.S. Elsewhere on Myers Way, we observed that RVs are no longer parked in the area outside the gates to the city-owned land on the west side of the street; we counted about half a dozen parked on both sides of the street to the north. The area by the gates had been a “staging area” for some RV campers that were expected to move to a “safe lot” in Highland Park but the city scrapped the idea before it ever opened.

4:55 PM: After commenter Ben questioned whether this was indeed “Camp Second Chance,” we went to the church listed as the camp’s home until today, where we verified that encampment had indeed moved out today, and headed to a site on Myers Way.

ADDED TUESDAY MORNING: We e-mailed the address listed on the Greater Seattle Cares website to try to find out more; here’s the reply we received this morning from Polly Trout, executive director of Patacara Community Services:

Camp Second Chance is currently in dire need of a new site. As of July 18, they are temporarily located at 9502 Myers Way South, Seattle WA 98106. This parcel is privately owned and right next to the Myers Parcels, unused City of Seattle property. The camp is working very hard to find a better solution. Most likely, a city eviction notice will be issued today and the camp will have 72 hours to move or be swept.

The camp has been self-governing since April, when the founding members left Tent City 3 in order to create an independent camp more aligned with their needs and values. I have been providing supportive services to the camp for the last two months and have gotten to know them well. This is a model encampment with excellent and ethical leadership. The camp is clean, quiet, drug and alcohol free, and well managed. The community works cooperatively as a team to solve problems and meet the needs of the campers. They have a democratic governing process and an outstanding core leadership committee.

Currently, the camp has 25 members, but would like to increase to 40 if possible. They need to be located on a bus line and have access to water. My nonprofit, Patacara Community Services, is committed to providing the camp with Honeybucket services. Ideally, the camp would be able to plug into the church’s electrical power to run the camp refrigerator. If they do not have power access, they do have a generator. They also will need trash removal, and we can work with the church to find a solution that is economical. If your church has the room to host but is on a tight budget, the camp can contribute to your utilities bills for the duration of their stay. They collect dues from participants to cover basic expenses, and my nonprofit also fundraises donations for them.

The camp members are a mixture of families and single people. Most are working; some are disabled, parenting, retired, or looking for work. They are receiving supportive services and wait listed for housing.

The camp needs at least 7,000 square feet to function properly, and 10,000 is better. If your church wants to help but doesn’t have the space, and private land can be used. The land owner can legally lease the land to your church for a dollar and then the religious encampment laws extend to that land and allow you to host an encampment on the land. So if anyone in your congregation has unused property on a bus route with water access, that land can be used. If your church or a private landowner wants to help but can’t afford to, we can fundraise for rent.

A policy brief about why encampments are necessary, written by Seattle University’s Homeless Rights Advocacy Project, can be viewed here:

The Washington State law concerning the right of religious groups to host encampments can be viewed here:

Patacara Community Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; our EIN number is 46-3744862. Our mission is to provide services to those who are suffering, and our current programming focuses on offering respectful and compassionate service to those suffering from homelessness and poverty in King County, Washington.

West Seattle Monday: Junction Neighborhood Organization; Music Under the Stars; more…

image1 (2)
(Weekend photo in The Junction, by Rosanne Balcazar)

Before we get too much further into Monday, a few notes about what’s happening now and in the hours ahead:

BUSINESS CLOSURE NOTE: Caffé Ladro in Morgan Junction is shuttered until about 6 pm because of major Seattle City Light work; here’s the note we found on the door.

LUCHA LIBRE MASK WORKSHOP: For grades 1-5, 2 pm at South Park Library. Free, but registration is required; the link’s in our calendar listing. (8604 8th Ave. S.)

JUNCTION NEIGHBORHOOD ORGANIZATION: If you live, work, shop, visit The Junction, you’re invited to tonight’s informal JuNO planning meeting, 6:30-7:30 pm at the Sisson Building/Senior Center. Here’s just some of what’s on the agenda, as announced by René Commons of JuNO:

We will be making a presentation on what JuNO has accomplished in the last year, present and future events. All are welcome – we are looking for people to help us to grow our dynamic and caring community. JuNO is a non-profit neighborhood association. Established in 2007 by caring neighbors, co-founder organization of Junction Plaza Park by QFC, and also the artwork installations on (Junction 47).

– JuNO booth at Junction Plaza Park in Farmers Market — to promote the HUB
– JuNO event for art installation at Junction Plaza Park
– August art walk event at Junction Plaza Park
– JuNO & emergency HUB tee shirt
– Junction Plaza Park clean up
– August JuNO fundraiser for West Seattle Food Bank on Puget sound
– New 40th Street SW Park Site opportunity
– Fall concert series opportunity …

Please join us to learn more about how you can participate – meetings are casual and relaxed.

(California SW/SW Oregon)

WEST SEATTLE QUILTERS: All quilters welcome! 7 pm, Sisson Building/Senior Center. (California SW/SW Oregon)

CRIME/SAFETY/POLICING FOCUS GROUP: If you live/work in North Admiral, Southwest Precinct researcher Jennifer Burbridge invites you to a “focus group” tonight to talk about crime, safety, and policing issues. 7 pm at the Southwest Precinct. (2300 SW Webster)

‘MUSIC UNDER THE STARS’: It’s too early for stars, but we’ve enjoyed some early-evening sunshine during the Seattle Chamber Music Society‘s first two “Music Under the Stars” mini-concerts outside Delridge Community Center these past two Monday nights. This is the third of four – if you haven’t been yet, grab a blanket/chairs and come tonight! 7:15 pm live chamber music, 8 pm live stream from Benaroya Hall. (4501 Delridge Way SW)

WAX & OIL: 8 pm at Parliament Tavern, “live oil painting featuring artists Curtis Dee Stairs and Jose Rodriguez III. DJ Audrey Horne plays a lounge-y mix of classics and rootsy vibes. No cover.” (4210 SW Admiral Way)

YES, THERE’S MORE … on our complete calendar.

Another project cancellation: Restaurant rezone in south Morgan Junction

From today’s city Land Use Information Bulletin: The owners of Capitol Hill restaurant/bar Chungee’s have canceled their application to rezone their south Morgan Junction home so they can add another Chungee’s there. The city Hearing Examiner was supposed to have a hearing tomorrow on the proposed 6921 California SW rezone, but that’s off, and the notice in the LUIB says:

On June 16, 2016, the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (Seattle DCI) published a SEPA decision and recommendation to approve a rezone of property.

The applicant has requested cancellation of their application and Seattle DCI hereby withdraws the decision and recommendation and will cancel the application.

We first reported last August on the rezone/restaurant proposal. While the lot is already zoned Lowrise 2, meaning it can hold more housing than it does now, the owners had sought to add the “Residential Commercial” zoning designation to enable adding a restaurant/bar. This is the second notable West Seattle project cancellation we’ve reported in less than a week; last Tuesday, we discovered the CVS proposed for the Triangle was off.

Reader reports: Failed car-theft attempt; more mystery booms

From the WSB inbox this morning and overnight:

CAR-THEFT ATTEMPT FAILS: Someone tried to steal Aaron‘s car in south Morgan Junction:

My car was broken into for the second time last night. This time, prying the door locks open with something. Also forcing something into the ignition. They couldn’t keep it running, however, and got to the end of my street and left it. (4300 block SW Frontenac)

MORE MYSTERY BOOMS: Three different times and places mentioned in e-mail reports:

-Heard from Arbor Heights, one “crazy explosion noise” around 9:45 pm
-Heard east of Chief Sealth International High School, “two large explosions” around 12:15 am
-Heard near lower Westcrest Park, “several loud explosions” around 3:30 am

All we can say for sure is that we haven’t found any fire/injury/outage calls related to any of these.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Monday watch; looking ahead

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

6:39 AM: Good morning! No incidents in/from West Seattle so far. Chance of showers/thundershowers today, says the forecast, and other parts of the metro area are seeing them already.

LOOKING AHEAD: The west end of the West Seattle Bridge will be closed overnight Wednesday and Thursday nights, as announced last week … Next Saturday morning (July 23rd) brings the West Seattle Grand Parade, Kiddie Parade, and Float Dodger 5K, which close California SW south of SW Admiral Way into early afternoon – here’s our most recent preview.

8:25 AM: Trouble on the Northbound Alaskan Way Viaduct – a crash just before the Western Avenue exit. WSDOT says it’s “blocking the right lane and partially blocking the off-ramp.” We’re also seeing an SFD crash response for 1st Avenue S. at East Marginal Way S. – no details on that one, though.

8:41 AM: SDOT says the Viaduct crash scene has cleared. No injuries reported; SFD was not dispatched.

From the FYI file: Three West Seattle sewer-repair projects

If you live near any of these projects, we hope you’ve received the notification flyers already. Otherwise, you might have seen “no parking” signage and wondered – so we’re passing along the news from Seattle Public Utilities. Follow the “official notice” links for full details, including maps:

TODAY: In the 1600 block of Edgewood SW in North Admiral, SPU expects to start emergency repair work today on a broken sewer line and “roadway void.” Here’s the official notice.

THIS WEEK: On 46th SW north of Hudson, SPU expects to start sewer-repair work in two spots starting this week. Here’s the official notice.

NEXT WEEK:: One week from today, SPU expects to start work on mainline sewer repair along 50th SW between Spokane and Charlestown. Here’s the official notice.