FOLLOWUP: Avalon/30th/Yancy/Andover project to start in days


Two weeks after first word of a new SDOT safety project at Avalon/Yancy/30th/Andover, we have an update – work starts as soon as next Monday. This information was distributed in the immediate area today, SDOT says, and will be going out to the project e-mail list tomorrow:

We wanted to let you know that as soon as next Monday, March 28, crews working for SDOT will begin constructing pedestrian-safety improvements at the intersections of 30th Ave SW with SW Avalon Way and SW Avalon Way with SW Andover and SW Yancy streets. Construction is anticipated to take about 6 weeks to complete, but the schedule is weather dependent.

People can expect the following impacts during construction (more detail in the attached construction notice):

Temporary closure of SW Andover St at SW Avalon Way for the first three weeks of construction, depending on the weather. Local access will be maintained from 32nd Ave SW.

Temporary closure of SW Yancy St and 30th Ave SW at SW Avalon Way for the last three weeks of construction. Local access will be maintained from SW Genesee St. The duration of this closure is also weather dependent.

King County Metro routes will not be impacted.

Pedestrian detours around work zones. People following the sidewalk detours will not need to cross SW Avalon Way.

Temporary closure of bike lanes on SW Avalon Way. People riding bikes will be directed to merge with vehicle traffic.

Weekday work hours, 7 AM to 5 PM.

3 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: Avalon/30th/Yancy/Andover project to start in days"

  • Pip March 24, 2016 (11:36 pm)

    Avalon -> yancy -> delridge is a pretty common bike route for folks riding downtown (and reasonably well used in the reverse direction) from the junction and points south.

    Assume Genesse is the alternative for northbound folks and Alki trail to bottom of Avalon for the reverse? Anyone got other route suggestions during this closure?

  • brice March 25, 2016 (8:29 am)

    Pip – Dakota Street one block south of Yancy is a recommended detour when heading from downtown. It’s less steep and quieter than Yancy and generally a better street to climb up anyway. I couldn’t imagine biking up Genesee, so steep! I guess you could also detour this area by connecting with the trail at Spokane Street, but then you’ll have to deal with the crazy 5-way intersection. 

  • themightyrabbit March 25, 2016 (11:36 am)

    @brice, Dakota no good for latter 3 weeks, it gets cut off.

    @pip    As noted in the diagram, 30th is needed to access Dakota St, which I also use on the way home instead of Yancy, however it will be closed for the latter 3 weeks.

    Couple recommendations – 

    1) Take the 50 bus route down the steep Genessee hill.   It gets you to Delridge.    Go on the sidewalk slowly if concerned about rapid moving traffic.   Take a left if you want for 26th, before Delridge – right the right at the T for the left turn bike box as normal.

    2) Take Avalon all the way down, then the bicycle path, which connects up to the lower bridge via the dreaded 5 way intersection.

    Return trip:

    1) Bike path alone Spokane, take left and up Avalon

    2) No I don’t recommend going up Genesee unless you have a great 1st gear and building stronger legs.

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