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West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglaries

In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight – we’re looking at burglaries.

GATEWOOD BREAK-IN: A burglary in the 8200 block of California SW on Thursday afternoon is reported to have been associated with this pickup truck:

The witness who reported it says “two young girls” were in the truck and appeared to have cased other houses in the neighborhood before the break-in just after 2:30 pm. If you have any information, the incident number is 16-102310.

WHERE BURGLARS ARE STRIKING: We checked the SPD police-report map to see where else in West Seattle burglaries have been reported this week – this is a screengrab of the map, sorted for burglaries only (it shows many other categories of crime if you look at it unsorted):

North to south, the icons shown correspond with these reported burglaries:
*Saturday afternoon, 2700 block Belvidere
*Monday night, 4400 block 35th SW
*Last Friday morning, 4500 block California SW
*Sunday afternoon, 4800 block Delridge Way
*Last Friday morning, 7100 block Delridge Way
*Tuesday morning, 8400 block 41st SW (reader report here)
*Saturday morning, 8800 block 30th SW
*Monday night, 9400 block 22nd SW (noted here)

ABOUT THAT HELICOPTER EARLY THURSDAY: Didn’t get a chance to mention it in the middle of the power-outage coverage, but the helicopter heard briefly over West Seattle early Thursday was Guardian One, tweeting afterward that they were checking for a Fauntleroy prowler but didn’t find anything.

BASEBALL: West Seattle HS wins again

March 24, 2016 11:47 pm
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Another victory for the West Seattle High School baseball team – thanks to Caryn Johnson for the report and photo:

West Seattle came away with another win this afternoon at Hiawatha, taking on Cleveland.

Anthony Coats #4 started on the mound and threw four solid innings, striking out seven and only giving up one run. Carson Wright #17 came in to close out the game. Jack Page, Anthony Coats and Ryan Kimsey led the team with two hits each.

In the end, Cleveland just couldn’t keep up with the bats and pitching of West Seattle, falling to the Wildcats 16-1. Next game is Friday at Southeast Athletic Complex (Rainier Beach High School) at 3:30.

West Seattle scene: Chamber ‘After Hours’ @ Meeples Games

March 24, 2016 9:54 pm
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(WSB photos. Above, from left, Meeples proprietors Brian Taylor and Laura Schneider with Chamber CEO Lynn Dennis)

Almost exactly a year ago, Meeples Games (WSB sponsor) learned it was the winner of the “Emerging Business of the Year” award from the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce. Tonight, Meeples hosted Chamber members for their monthly “After Hours” – a chance for local businesses and organizations to find out what others in WS are doing, and to take a much-deserved break from their hard work.


Food and drink were part of the event, and they’re also something you can find at Meeples (3727 California SW, corner of Charlestown, upstairs) any time – it’s a café as well as a place to play games.

Meantime, we’ll find out soon who will follow Meeples as this year’s “Emerging Business,” as the Chamber’s next round of Westside Awards will be presented on May 4th at Salty’s on Alki (WSB sponsor), with former Mayor Norm Rice as keynote speaker – you can register for the breakfast event by going here.

FOLLOWUP: Avalon/30th/Yancy/Andover project to start in days


Two weeks after first word of a new SDOT safety project at Avalon/Yancy/30th/Andover, we have an update – work starts as soon as next Monday. This information was distributed in the immediate area today, SDOT says, and will be going out to the project e-mail list tomorrow:

We wanted to let you know that as soon as next Monday, March 28, crews working for SDOT will begin constructing pedestrian-safety improvements at the intersections of 30th Ave SW with SW Avalon Way and SW Avalon Way with SW Andover and SW Yancy streets. Construction is anticipated to take about 6 weeks to complete, but the schedule is weather dependent.

People can expect the following impacts during construction (more detail in the attached construction notice):

Temporary closure of SW Andover St at SW Avalon Way for the first three weeks of construction, depending on the weather. Local access will be maintained from 32nd Ave SW.

Temporary closure of SW Yancy St and 30th Ave SW at SW Avalon Way for the last three weeks of construction. Local access will be maintained from SW Genesee St. The duration of this closure is also weather dependent.

King County Metro routes will not be impacted.

Pedestrian detours around work zones. People following the sidewalk detours will not need to cross SW Avalon Way.

Temporary closure of bike lanes on SW Avalon Way. People riding bikes will be directed to merge with vehicle traffic.

Weekday work hours, 7 AM to 5 PM.

FOLLOWUP: 35th/Barton 7-11 Mega Millions jackpot winner claims prize

Two weeks after we learned a Mega Millions jackpot-winning lottery ticket had been sold at the 35th/Barton 7-11 in West Seattle – the winner has claimed the prize. A spokesperson for Washington’s Lottery tells us Michael Burkett and his family came to lottery HQ in Olympia today (as required with this size jackpot). The announcement describes him only as a “Washington resident” and says he chose the one-time cash payment option, $102.8 million before taxes (from a $157 million face-value prize). The Lottery announcement adds, “After the reality of winning settled in, the winner’s first purchase was an Alienware PC from Dell. The man, who is a fan of electric vehicles, also shared that he has his eye on a new red Tesla.”

AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: West Seattle light rail in 2033, proposed in Sound Transit 3 ‘draft’

(TOPLINE: ST3 draft would run light rail to The Junction, with Delridge & Avalon stops, in 2033 – here’s the map)

FullSizeRender (7)

1:40 PM: We’re at the Sound Transit board room at Union Station downtown, where the draft plan for this fall’s ST3 ballot measure will be made public during the board meeting that’s about to begin (agenda here). We’ll be updating with West Seattle-specific details. You can watch the meeting live here; you can also watch our Twitter feed, here or via the box on the right sidebar of all WSB pages.

1:52 PM: Still awaiting the draft plan. After some discussion of Sound Transit’s big events last weekend, the board is now hearing about this letter from its Expert Review Panel that looks at “cost per rider.” John Howell from the panel also says their look at the development of cost estimates for potential projects concluded that “sound” methodology was used. He also mentions the importance of “transparency” regarding how taxpayers are advised of what the forthcoming ST3 package will cost PLUS what they’re paying for previous ST packages/projects.

2:18 PM: The board just heard a report about last weekend’s U-Link launch; next, an update on its East Link launch. Then, they’ll get to ST3.

2:37 PM: And now, the agenda reaches ST3. “The journey has been all-consuming,” says Constantine, adding that he thinks it “delivers on the promise of a truly regional mass-transit system for generations to come. It is an ambitious plan for an ambitious region.” He says the decades-long debate over mass transit in this region is “OVER. .. In this proposal, we go big, and not because everyone at this dais relishes the opportunity to vote for taxes … We go big, because the need is big.” People need to get out of traffic. It’s a 25-year program “that completes the regional spine to Tacoma, to Everett, to Redmond, and connects Ballard and West Seattle. .. This program will catalyze dynamic communities around stations.”

Now, the proposal:

For West Seattle, it’s the line to The Junction, with stops listed in Delridge, Avalon, and Alaska Junction. The plan also proposes studying extending light rail from West Seattle to Burien at some later time.

As for the proposal on how it would be paid for:

MVET is “motor vehicle excise tax.” (added, from a handout) More translation of what’s above:

 Sales tax of 0.5 percent ($.50 on a $100 purchase) in addition to the 0.9 percent currently collected.

 Motor vehicle excise tax (MVET) of 0.8 percent of vehicle value ($80 annually on a $10,000 vehicle) in addition to the 0.3 percent MVET Sound Transit is collecting through 2028.

 Property tax of 25 cents for each $1,000 of assessed valuation ($75 annually for a $300,000 house). A property tax was identified as a new way to establish a more progressive revenue source for regional transit investments that reduces reliance on the sales tax

One detail we just went back to notice – the West Seattle light-rail line would open, under this proposal, in 2033. That’s five years before Ballard would get its line, accompanying a new downtown rail tunnel, in 2038.

3:13 PM: The briefing continues. Here’s the total cost, as requested by a commenter:

This is where the briefing is going now, too. Meantime, something else of note for West Seattle, while we await 2033 (assuming this goes forward as proposed and gets voter approval in the fall) – “King County Metro Rapid Ride C and D Capital Improvements” are also a project, described as “transit priority improvements along King County Metro’s Rapid Ride C and D lines that provide BRT service to Ballard and West Seattle as an early deliverable to provide improved speed and reliability in advance of light rail starting operations to these areas.”

Another part of the handout also has further elaboration on how light rail would get to and from WS: “a light rail connection from Downtown Seattle to the vicinity of West Seattle’s Alaska Junction neighborhood, including an alignment primarily on an elevated guideway, and a new rail-only fixed span crossing of the Duwamish River. This project would include five new stations including a transfer connection at SODO.” Pending the materials’ availability online, here’s a shot of a page with a closer look:


Next: Board members’ comments about the draft plan, and their decision about whether to send it out for public comment.

3:43 PM: Mayor Murray (an ST board member) notes that we’re finally doing something about West Seattle and Ballard, though “the timelines give me pause.” As does the cost, he says: “We need to be sure the public understands what they are buying.” Without doing this, though, he says the region has only said half a “yes” to transit, to make up for the “no” recognized as such a mistake back in 1970.

Also commenting, board member, and West Seattleite, King County Council Chair Joe McDermott, saying he’s “bullish on Sound Transit.”

Meanwhile, the materials shown here are showing up online:
*Here’s the system map (PDF)
*Here’s the list with a little more elaboration (PDF)
*Slide deck from today’s meeting (PDF)
*Proposed financing, including FAQ
*Phasing (timetable)

4:47 PM: The post-meeting media Q/A with board members has wrapped up. We asked for more elaboration on the potential Rapid Ride improvements that are mentioned. The topic was tackled by City Councilmember Johnson, who said it would be tweaks like making it possible for buses to queue-jump. But if you have specific suggestions, be sure to put them forward in the comment process that’s now beginning. Also, it was suggested that the timelines for some of these projects MIGHT move up. Video:

We also should mention that discussion of this is on the agenda for tonight’s West Seattle Transportation Coalition meeting – all welcome – 6:30 pm at Neighborhood House’s High Point Center (6400 Sylvan Way).

Hotspots, schools, trails, and where the ‘RV safe lot’ stands @ Highland Park Action Committee

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

The Highland Park Action Committee started off last night’s meeting feeling a little dissed.

The city promised new HPAC chair Gunner Scott that someone would be there to talk about the status of the possible future “RV safe lot” at West Marginal Way SW and Highland Park Way SW.

Nobody showed.

As of the last information Scott had – similar to what we’ve reported recently here and here – it’s apparently on hold TFN. Scott said that was the word a few weeks ago when nearby businesses had met with the mayor’s office about their concerns, and they were told a news release would make the news official.

Still waiting on that, too.

SPD Southwest Precinct Operations Lt. Ron Smith, who’s provided most of the information that has been made public since the last official discussion, confirmed what Scott reported having been told, that the spaces in Ballard and Highland Park just aren’t able to hold anywhere near what had been originally envisioned. Ballard is maxed out at about 16, half what the city had expected; the West Seattle lot wouldn’t be able to hold more than 10.

And he repeated what he’d most recently said to the Alki Community Council, that the RVs currently “staged” by the entrance to city-owned property on the west side of Myers Way, south of the Joint Training Facility, are people “willing to work within the system” who have been helping with cleaning up the area, including nearby non-vehicle encampments.

HIGHLAND PARK ELEMENTARY: Community involvement with the school has been a priority since the special 2014 forum discussing its challenges and opportunities.

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UPDATE: Missing girl found safe

March 24, 2016 11:08 am
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UPDATE: We’re told that the missing girl has been found and is safe. After the jump is what we reported earlier:

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West Seattle Thursday: Transportation Coalition; puns; trivia; more

(Photo by Joseph Aprile – hummingbird @ feeder in Westwood)

Looking ahead to today/tonight in West Seattle – first, from our West Seattle Easter Etc. page:

LABYRINTH WALKING AT TIBBETTS: Now until 2:00 pm and 6:00-9:00 pm are the hours for today/tonight; the labyrinth at Tibbetts United Methodist Church (WSB sponsor)’s Adams Hall is open to all for contemplation. (3940 41st SW)

MAUNDY THURSDAY SERVICES: Five local churches that have sent their schedules have services tonight – just scroll through our page.

And from our regular year-round WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

WATER BOTTLE DRIVE: Last-minute call for help in a student-led drive to collect new or barely used water bottles for youth experiencing homelessness – read about it here. Drop off at Westside School (WSB sponsor) or at organizer Clayton’s house (address in the story) – also, Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (WSB sponsor) at 4410 California SW is collecting bottles to donate, too.

DRAFT SOUND TRANSIT 3 PLAN: How much light rail will be proposed for West Seattle in the draft Sound Transit 3 plan? It’s expected out at today’s ST board meeting, starting at 1:30 pm at the ST Board Room at Union Station downtown. Meeting is open to the public. (401 S. Jackson)

GOING TO SEE SPRINGSTEEN? Remember to bring something for the West Seattle Food Bank – as explained here.

WEST SEATTLE TRANSPORTATION COALITION: 6:30 pm at Neighborhood House’s High Point Center. Agenda just received includes:

Board Elections. If you would like to run for a board position, declare yourself a candidate! We will have the election in May. All even numbered positions are up this year; two-year term.

Metro Transit: Stephen Hunt to present information on the Metro Long Range Plan

Old / New Business:
! Sound Transit 3: Summary from Gathering of Neighbors; Draft plan released
! Lander St Overpass: City looking for letter of support for grant seeking.
! Fauntleroy Blvd. Project issues update
! Occidental Vacation: Does WSTC weigh in or not?
! West Seattle Bridge/Duwamish Waterway Corridor: SDOT progress on spending $600,000 for study & traffic controls, and 27 Point Memo in report — document release & report to Council Mar. 31
! Future space for WSTC general meetings: HP Neighborhood House, Kenney, or –?

(6400 Sylvan Way)

TWEEN THURSDAYS AT THE Y: 6:30-8 pm, fun and games for grades 3-7 during the West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor) “Tween Thursdays” – all welcome, membership not required. Details here. (4515 36th SW)

‘GEEKS WHO DRINK’ TRIVIA NIGHT … at Treehouse Lounge in The Admiral District, 8-10 pm, explained here. (2206 California SW)

PUNDAMONIUM: All-ages comedy pun slam at The Skylark in North Delridge – sign up at 7, slam at 8, details here. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

MORE POSSIBILITIES … are on our complete calendar.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Thursday updates, with Admiral Way crash aftermath, late morning NB 99 crash

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

6:07 AM: As we get going for Thursday, the aftermath of last night’s one-car crash on Admiral Way between 49th and Garlough [map] is still having some effect on traffic, according to SDOT. Metro says buses are back to normal but SDOT mentions a lane closure. We covered the 10:50 pm crash here, including the power outage that affected more than 4,000 homes/businesses at its peak (over now). If you find Admiral fully open before we report it, please let us know, when you can do so safely (from a bus, a passenger seat, after you get where you’re going, etc.) – 206-293-6302 text or voice – thank you.

8 AM: We just went through and confirmed Admiral is fully open, no leftover crews, etc.

9:50 AM: Crash on northbound 99 near the stadiums: