UPDATE: Crash blocks Bonair south of Alki Avenue; no one hurt

(WSB photos by Christopher Boffoli)
4:35 PM: A stretch of Bonair Drive SW is blocked just uphill from Alki right now because of a crash – a car that ended up on its side. Everyone got out OK, so what originally was a sizable “rescue” response was downsized, and only police are on the scene right now; Bonair is closed at Alki on the north end, for about 300 yards south/uphill.

4:51 PM: The car’s been righted, as you can see in the photo we just added atop the story. Also note the ice that’s still visible alongside the road.

5:48 PM: WSB’s Christopher Boffoli says police told him they didn’t think the ice had anything to do with the crash; they believe the driver lost control, over-corrected, and hit the embankment on the left side of the street’; her car stopped against a parked Corolla, which was damaged:

Police told Christopher they’d made contact with that car’s owner, who was headed to the scene.

5 Replies to "UPDATE: Crash blocks Bonair south of Alki Avenue; no one hurt"

  • D R I V E R January 5, 2016 (6:54 am)

    Unacceptable. Someone could have been killed. This is pretty much a one lane road it’s so narrow, where people should be going very slow. Slow down, keep your head up and eyes open (off your devices) and these “accidents” won’t be occurring on nearly such a regular basis. It’s also wise to leave earlier and give yourself more time to get to A,B,C, etc. That way you won’t feel obligated to speed, tailgate, honk, speed up toward red lights, sit at green lights while liking a picture of what your college classmate ate for dinner the night before, etc, then flooring it only to not make it to the next light before it turns red as well. Haha, it’s really not funny though, in fact it’s embarrassing for Seattle. It is absurd how poor people drive in WS and surrounding areas. You might be asking yourself, well… “what’s the secret?” and “how can I get involved in safe, well mannered driving?” Besides common sense, try my tips stated above and focus on driving your vehicle rather than texting, talking, eating, drinking, sleeping, fighting, smoking, reading, surfing the internet and petting your animal(s) for start. In my case, when people comment that my driving ability is very good I just laugh and say well, that’s because IT’S SOOOOO EASY… Let’s make a point in 2016 to be better, safer and more respectable behind the wheel…

  • John January 5, 2016 (9:19 am)

    @DRIVER….. I like you! You and I would get along great.

    I’m constantly amazed at the continued use of cell phones while driving…the texting while driving… looking down, looking up, looking down, looking up, looking down, etc. What could be so important! Our government needs to come out with vehicles that ‘lock’ phones once the car is started. Yes…this even means the passengers. Oh the horror of actually having to talk to the person in your vehicle.
    I’m old and for decades my generation and those before survived just fine without a cell phone in the car.
    I stopped carrying a cell phone about 5 years ago. It sits at home like a landline….and I don’t miss it at all.

  • sandal42 January 5, 2016 (12:26 pm)

    DRIVER/John = spot on !!
    I will add another thing that a ton of drivers could benefit from: a) use your turn signals!!! & b) use your turn signals correctly!!!!!

  • JackieNo January 5, 2016 (12:44 pm)

    I have never been privy to such distracted, and even more so, ENTITLED, driving as I have since moving to Seattle. Just this morning I was completely blown away as, while I was driving down a residential street looking for parking, some nut-job with a bad case of the Importants, freaked out and tried to whip around me, narrowly missing being creamed by an oncoming car. I don’t know why this shocked me, as it happens nearly every time I drive to work, but I still can’t wrap my head around the whole “Gotta Be in the Front of the Line” mentality I see in so many Seattle drivers. Breathe, y’all; we’re all going to get where we are going, I promise.

  • D R I V E R January 5, 2016 (1:10 pm)

    Haha, thank you. Unfortunately, the majority of my opinions don’t get posted on here for some reason, but it’s alright. A reminder of how to be a friendly/efficient driver is great if it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Yes, turn signals – where to locate them and when/how to use them! Brakes – they are for stopping, not tapping throughout your journey because you are impatiently following to closely! Lights – it’s amazing how many people I see driving with their lights off. I could go on about cycling etiquette, do’s and dont’s of being a good dog owner, etc, but who’s going to listen?? We must take responsibility, period. **Side note: on a walk this morning in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, I witnessed the aftermath of someone that had run a stop sign and crashed into another car, thus pushing it up over the sidewalk and into an apartment building directly in front of me. I had to walk around it as it was in my direct path and while doing so I thought for a minute, wow, wow, I could have been hurt/killed had I been walking there moments earlier. Very scary, even on the sidewalks on a Tursday around 10:30AM. Aaaaand, super lastly, I had to literally jump out of the way of a man turning blindly and recklessly into a parking garage a few months back in Bellevue. Ugh, made me spill my mocha and I shook for at least an hour, haha. I guess it’s just a gamble once you walk out your front door. Say alert! Stay safe! Stay alive!

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