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Happy ending in the case of Christmas gifts lost on the West Seattle Bridge

You might recognize that as part of a photo circulated on Reddit and Facebook earlier this week. The backstory went like this: The wrapped gifts fell off a truck on the West Seattle Bridge. The person who picked them up asked for help finding their rightful owner(s). Long story short, the connection was finally made. We heard about it and asked if we could share the story of the happy ending, for all the people who tried to help. Elissa Sommer from Hope Lutheran confirms the gifts finally got to their intended recipient:

Hope Lutheran Church and School was helping a family this Christmas. In the process of delivering the packages, one bag fell off of the truck. The driver was unaware. Two vehicles swerved to avoid the bag but the third vehicle had to stop because he was a large truck. Instead of just pushing the bag to the side of the road in the pouring rain, the driver, Nick, pulled the packages into his vehicle. After trying to find the driver of the truck the packages fell from and not seeing them anywhere, he headed back to work at Plants Northwest in Redmond. He then proceeded to post a picture on both Facebook and Reddit to try and find owners of the packages. Well, we all know that West Seattle people are awesome and many posted ideas to find the owner. Several people from Hope Lutheran Church and School recognized the wrapping. They were soon able to identify and retrieve the packages from Plants Northwest. The gifts made their way to the intended recipient just in time for Christmas. Thanks so much to Nick for being a Good Samaritan and finding the owners of the packages. You truly saved Christmas for this child.

West Seattle Christmas scenes: Fauntleroy full moon; park tree

Thanks for the photos!

Karyn shared the photo of the full moon rising over Fauntleroy, seen from the ferry.

Not far from there, a Christmas tree in the wild, photographed by Terri:

She described it as a “nicely decorated and mulched new tree on the bluff at Lincoln Park.”

CHRISTMAS GIVING: Seattle Lutheran High School students carry on coach’s holiday tradition

(From left – Jacob Fay, Jerry Lusher (JB’s grandfather), Eric Bauman, Brandon Lulow)
Thanks to Jennifer Lulow for sharing the photos and story of holiday giving:

Three Seattle Lutheran High School seniors – Eric Bauman, Jacob Fay, and Brandon Lulow – cooked Christmas breakfast for the homeless in memory of their football coach JB Lusher, who passed away earlier this year.

JB did this for his high school senior project and continued serving the homeless every Christmas.

These young men wanted to keep the tradition going to honor him.

They also put gift bags together with hats and gloves that they gave out when they served breakfast.

Thank you to the Lusher family for making this possible!

The trio’s plan was mentioned in this Seattle Times story last month about the football team’s triumphant year as they coped with losing not one but two mentors.

West Seattle restaurants: Cassis’s successor to be Bistro Marée

Happened onto a bit of restaurant news while out and about today: The successor to suddenly shuttered Cassis at 2820 Alki SW will be called Bistro Marée, according to notices now up in the windows at 2820 Alki SW. It’s been six days since we reported on the closure of Cassis, after hearing from readers who got the news when trying to make reservations; proprietor Jef Fike announced last Saturday, December 19th, that the preceding evening had been the last one for Cassis – at this location, anyway. We confirmed it in person, finding him there that morning while contents were boxed up and moved out; he told us only that he would not be reopening anywhere in West Seattle. (His restaurant had a storied past on Capitol Hill, closing almost a decade before he opened on Alki.) But then, shortly after we published the first version of our report, Cassis chef Andy Dekle called to say he and other members of the “ownership group” planned to reopen the restaurant at the Alki location; as we subsequently reported, he thought at the time it would keep the name. But now, the new one is posted, listing Dekle and Megan Hartz “formerly of Cassis” as proprietors, and promising “Northwest-inspired French cuisine.” We’ll of course be following up.

West Seattle Christmas Day 2015: Who’s open, and what else you might need to know

(From the WSB Flickr group – photo by Brian Wirt; click image for full-size view)

Merry Christmas! From our all-season-long West Seattle Holiday Guide:

RESTAURANTS THAT TOLD US THEY’LL BE OPEN TODAY/TONIGHT: Go here for the list (and please note the disclaimer!).

GROCERY STORES OPEN TODAY: Go here for the list of holiday schedules.

The following three types of info can be found by going directly to our guide:

WHERE TO GET COFFEE TODAY: At least five West Seattle coffee shops are open today.

WHERE TO FIND A CHRISTMAS DAY SERVICE: At least four West Seattle churches have services today.

WHERE TO SEE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS TONIGHT: The biggies, plus several other brightly lit homes about which we received tips – thanks!

Here are the transit changes for today:

METRO: Sunday schedule

SOUND TRANSIT: Weekend schedule

WATER TAXI: No service

WASHINGTON STATE FERRIES: Regular schedule for Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth, but some changes on other routes

TRAFFIC CAMERAS: See the West Seattle-relevant cams & links here.

Want to go to the movies?

ADMIRAL THEATER: Open this afternoon/evening (2343 California SW), showing “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Sisters” – here’s the schedule.

Breaking news tips? Lost/found pets?

YES, WSB REALLY IS 24/7/365: Best way to reach us with breaking news, traffic alerts, any changes to the holiday info we’ve mentioned above, etc. – 206-293-6302, text or voice. Have a wonderful day!