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West Seattle Crime Watch: More stolen-and-found reader reports; car prowl

9:36 PM: Two reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight, starting with what RD lost to car prowler(s) last night – maybe you’ve seen some of it?

My car was broken into last night in Morgan Junction near Gatewood School. In addition to CDs and gloves, they took a cloth bag (blue Room and Board) filled with interior finishes, (paint chips, wood samples, etc.) and a 12” x 12” square old cardboard box with fabric samples, glass and stone samples and wood samples. They left the GPS and a pocket knife, which was interesting. I really need the samples, in case anyone happens to see them dumped once the thief’s realize it is worthless items in the bag and box. They are for my business and a presentation on Monday. …my own fault for leaving things that I thought appeared worthless to me but not to the thief’s. This occurred between 12:30 am and 4:00 am today.

Police stress that nothing should be left in vehicles – nothing at all. Thieves won’t necessarily assess anything as worthless on sight – we’ve published reports of thieves breaking into vehicles even to go through crumpled grocery bags, as well as reports of stolen items all the way down to bags of sweaty gym clothes. Recently, a string of posts and comments over several days here on WSB reunited a teacher with items stolen from his car including teaching materials that you certainly wouldn’t consider loot.

Meantime, we have this report via Twitter of an item found, possibly stolen, near Sonya‘s home in Highland Park:

P.S. The West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meets Tuesday night (November 17th), 7 pm at the Southwest Precinct, with the chief of Metro Transit Police as the special guest. If you have questions about bus/bus-stop safety, bring ’em, as well as any neighborhood concerns you want to call to SW Precinct police’s attention.

ADDED 9:51 PM: Shortly after publishing this, a reader report came in about a car prowl tonight, on the alley in the 6000 block of 42nd SW. The reader heard a door shut, and turned around to see the lights inside the vehicle on. Nothing taken but the glove box and center console were gone through, and the car “reeks of alcohol,” they report. Police have been called.

Reader report: Bear sighting in West Seattle?

Could a bear somehow have made its way into a West Seattle greenbelt? Nancy says she and her friend are sure that’s what they saw today:

My friend and I went for a walk behind the houses on Snoqualmie and Beach Drive [map] today around 1 PM. At the crest of the walk, in the clearing, we both very clearly spotted a brown bear. It looked rather rangy. When it saw us, it headed our way and we ran down the path to a home near the greenbelt. We called police.

Anyone else?

Bears were part of the West Seattle ecosystem a century or so ago, stories show. But no bear sightings have emerged in West Seattle in the eight years we’ve been doing news here – though, just before that, there was the 2007 saga of a bear swimming from Vashon to Des Moines.

P.S. If it really was a bear, it would almost certainly be a black bear – here’s the state Fish and Wildlife infosheet about that species.

P.P.S. Larry reminds us in comments that a bear turned up in Ballard in 2009.

West Seattle Hi-Yu has a few quick questions to ask you

(WSB photo from 2014: Hi-Yu made history twice last year – 80th anniversary, first male royalty)
Whether you’ve been a West Seattleite for 90 years or 90 minutes, West Seattle Hi-Yu is asking you to answer a few questions:

The West Seattle Hi-Yu Summer Festival is hosting an online survey to hear from the West Seattle community. Feedback from the community is essential to ensure that the festival is relevant and reflects the interests and demographics of the community. With the amount of new residents and change happening in West Seattle, it’s more important than ever for the Hi-Yu Festival to identify with the community and maintain its 80 year heritage.

We checked it out and it really is quick. The survey starts here.

Driver to hospital after crashing into tree at 18th/Delridge

Thanks to the texter who sent that photo from Delridge/18th. We subsequently headed over to check out the scene and found the northbound lane is blocked. One person was being put into Medic 32, and police told us he’s being taken to Harborview.

(Added: Photo e-mailed by Amelia)
Avoid the area for a while.

This year’s WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide is ready for you!

(File photo of the Christmas Ship, whose 2015 West Seattle stops are part of what you’ll find in the guide)
Just published – the first version of this year’s WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide. Thanks to the many people who answered our call to send holiday info as early as possible, it already has dozens of listings for the season, pre-Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. We’ll be updating it frequently as usual, removing what’s already happened, adding new events and updates that come in. So browse the guide when you get a chance! (Many of the standalone events also appear in our regular year-round calendar, if you prefer that, and we also continue with daily highlight roundups here in the news section, so you’ll see reminders, but if you find it helpful to make note of dates early in the season, here you go.)

VIDEO: Wayne Kinslow ends his swimming streak @ 1,200 days

Back in April, West Seattleite Wayne Kinslow celebrated his 1,000th consecutive day of salt-water swimming, all but three off Alki. After 200 more days, he’s taking a break, starting today:

Thanks to Southwest Seattle Historical Society executive director Clay Eals for sharing his video from Wayne’s final day of the streak on Friday – he’s documented Wayne’s achievements on the SWSHS website (after all, it’s now part of West Seattle history!).

West Seattle Saturday: It’ll be a bazaar day. And artful, tasty…

November 14, 2015 8:32 am
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(Pigeon Guillemot, photographed by Mark Wangerin. P.S. Got your West Seattle Wildlife Calendar yet?)

The weather has calmed a bit – here’s some of what you can get out to check out, from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

EXPLORER WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE: 10 am-11:30 am, go visit Explorer West Middle School (WSB sponsor), which “redefines the middle school experience by offering rigorous academics and a diverse range of enrichment programs in a small, vibrant learning environment.” More info here! (10015 28th SW)

DONATE TURKEYS: 10 am-noon, drop off donated turkeys at the White Center Food Bank between 2-4 pm. (10829 8th Ave SW)

‘SHOP SUPER LOCAL’ AT HPIC BAZAAR: Highland Park Improvement Club Holiday Bazaar, 10 am-3 pm, “shop super local”! (12th SW & SW Holden)

SHOREWOOD BAZAAR: 10 am-4 pm, Shorewood Elementary PTA‘s Holiday Bazaar, more than 65 artist vendors, book sale, bake sale, food trucks, more. (2725 SW 116th)

WSN OPEN HOUSE: 11 am-2 pm, West Seattle Nursery Holiday Open House, with the famous free espresso cart, classes, and more. Bring non-perishable food for the West Seattle Food Bank donation barrel. (California/Brandon)

LIBRARY BAZAAR: 11 am-3 pm, second and final day for White Center Library Guild‘s annual holiday bazaar and book sale. Details in our listing. (11220 16th SW)

METROPOLITAN MARKET THANKSGIVING TASTE: Noon to 3 pm at Metropolitan Market-Admiral (WSB sponsor), taste turkey and sides from the fully cooked holiday dinner that’s offered through the market’s deli. (42nd/Admiral)

HISTORICAL SOCIETY’S ANNUAL MEETING: 1:30-3 pm today is the annual meeting of the Southwest Seattle Historical Society, all welcome, at the High Point Library (35th SW & SW Raymond). Guest speaker is County Councilmember Joe McDermott, who, as a former Underground Tour guide, is a lively storyteller. More info here. Because of the meeting, the Log House Museum is NOT open today. (35th SW & SW Raymond)

ROLE-PLAYING GAME DEMO: As always, lots on the calendar today for Meeples Games (WSB sponsor), including a 5 pm demo and game for the new RPG “The Strange.” (3737 California SW)

ART EXTRAVAGANZA: The Building‘s third annual Art Extravaganza, 5:30-10 pm. More than two dozen artists; more info here. (4316 SW Othello)

WEST SEATTLE COMMUNITY ORCHESTRAS’ GALA: Fundraising dinner and auction at Alki Masonic Center, 6 pm, featuring swing dancing with the West Seattle Big Band. Details including ticket info here. (40th/Edmunds)

BENEFIT DINNER: Fundraising Italian dinner at Our Lady of Guadalupe for CYO Athletics participation. Doors open at 6, dinner at 6:30, details in our calendar listing. (35th/Myrtle)

‘THE DEAD GUY’: 7:30 pm, third performance of West Seattle High School Drama Club‘s student production, in the WSHS Theater. (3000 California SW)

MORE ON THE CALENDAR! One click away.

TRAFFIC ALERTS: Flooded ramp; bridge work; downed tree

November 14, 2015 7:18 am
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7:18 AM: Thanks to the person who just texted to share two alerts – first, the Delridge onramp to the eastbound bridge is flooded, they report, so if you’re headed that way, go slowly. Second, they saw city crews out working on the bridge – as SDOT first warned on Thursday, they’re out today replacing the cameras, and that’s expected to cause “rolling lane closures” until mid-afternoon.

7:37 AM: Now there’s word of a tree that’s fallen onto wires, blocking a road east of Lincoln Park, on Hemlock west of 45th:

A crew’s already on scene, according to the person who sent word with that photo. And that’s a reminder – if you encounter an emergency, road-blocking situation like this (tree, wires, debris), SDOT wants you to call its 24-hour hotline at 206-386-1218.