West Seattle Hi-Yu has a few quick questions to ask you

(WSB photo from 2014: Hi-Yu made history twice last year – 80th anniversary, first male royalty)
Whether you’ve been a West Seattleite for 90 years or 90 minutes, West Seattle Hi-Yu is asking you to answer a few questions:

The West Seattle Hi-Yu Summer Festival is hosting an online survey to hear from the West Seattle community. Feedback from the community is essential to ensure that the festival is relevant and reflects the interests and demographics of the community. With the amount of new residents and change happening in West Seattle, it’s more important than ever for the Hi-Yu Festival to identify with the community and maintain its 80 year heritage.

We checked it out and it really is quick. The survey starts here.

1 Reply to "West Seattle Hi-Yu has a few quick questions to ask you"

  • Trickycoolj November 14, 2015 (8:39 pm)

    A suggestion for the survey format. The 2nd page asks if my children have applied to Hi-Yu and why/why not. The last page asks how many children of various ages live in my household. I don’t have children so those questions should be switched so the responders can be taken to the have your children applied to Hi-Yu questions if they respond they have children in the household. Otherwise it sounds like the survey actually isn’t for everyone in West Seattle, just residents with kids.

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