West Seattle Crime Watch: More stolen-and-found reader reports; car prowl

9:36 PM: Two reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight, starting with what RD lost to car prowler(s) last night – maybe you’ve seen some of it?

My car was broken into last night in Morgan Junction near Gatewood School. In addition to CDs and gloves, they took a cloth bag (blue Room and Board) filled with interior finishes, (paint chips, wood samples, etc.) and a 12” x 12” square old cardboard box with fabric samples, glass and stone samples and wood samples. They left the GPS and a pocket knife, which was interesting. I really need the samples, in case anyone happens to see them dumped once the thief’s realize it is worthless items in the bag and box. They are for my business and a presentation on Monday. …my own fault for leaving things that I thought appeared worthless to me but not to the thief’s. This occurred between 12:30 am and 4:00 am today.

Police stress that nothing should be left in vehicles – nothing at all. Thieves won’t necessarily assess anything as worthless on sight – we’ve published reports of thieves breaking into vehicles even to go through crumpled grocery bags, as well as reports of stolen items all the way down to bags of sweaty gym clothes. Recently, a string of posts and comments over several days here on WSB reunited a teacher with items stolen from his car including teaching materials that you certainly wouldn’t consider loot.

Meantime, we have this report via Twitter of an item found, possibly stolen, near Sonya‘s home in Highland Park:

P.S. The West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meets Tuesday night (November 17th), 7 pm at the Southwest Precinct, with the chief of Metro Transit Police as the special guest. If you have questions about bus/bus-stop safety, bring ’em, as well as any neighborhood concerns you want to call to SW Precinct police’s attention.

ADDED 9:51 PM: Shortly after publishing this, a reader report came in about a car prowl tonight, on the alley in the 6000 block of 42nd SW. The reader heard a door shut, and turned around to see the lights inside the vehicle on. Nothing taken but the glove box and center console were gone through, and the car “reeks of alcohol,” they report. Police have been called.

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  • Robert F November 15, 2015 (8:55 pm)

    Sorry to hear about this, RD. I am the teacher referred to in the post. This sounds like the same bozos who hit my car. They seem to drop loot from the previous stop in the next one. I found shoes in my car that weren’t mine. And yes, the lesson is leave nothing. I figure that even an empty grocery bag might be seen as possibly covering a laptop or phone, which is what they really want. Good luck in getting your things back. I was amazed.

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