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VIDEO: City Council District 1 (West Seattle/South Park) election results – Shannon Braddock, Lisa Herbold, Phillip Tavel leading

ORIGINAL REPORT, 8:06 PM: The big race of the night for our area is the first-ever primary for Seattle City Council District 1, West Seattle/South Park, with nine candidates in the running. As soon as tonight’s vote count is in (any minute now), you’ll see the results here (and other races here).

FIRST RESULTS, 8:15 PM: The first and only election-night vote count is in: Shannon Braddock is the top vote-getter with 29 percent, Lisa Herbold next with 27 percent, Phillip Tavel third with 19 percent, Brianna Thomas with 11 percent, Chas Redmond with 7 percent. (added – full first-round results for all 9 District 1 candidates)

Braddock – 28.59% – 3096 votes
Herbold – 27.44% – 2972 votes
Tavel – 19.03% – 2061 votes
Thomas – 10.74% – 1163 votes
Redmond – 7.32% – 793 votes
Rushmer – 2.30% – 249 votes
Robles – 1.65% – 179 votes
Wirsing – 1.42% – 154 votes
Goberman – 1.17% – 127 votes

8:38 PM: Just talked to Braddock at her election-night party at Mission in The Admiral District. Asked “what did you do when you saw the vote count?” she replied, “Started breathing again!” We’ll add a short video interview later. (10 pm: Now added:)

Headed south in hopes of catching Lisa Herbold next.

8:51 PM: Just talked with Herbold outside her party location, Feedback Lounge in Morgan Junction (she was on the back patio, talking to her brother via phone, when we arrived). She said she was surprised by tonight’s results, not expecting a clear top two. We’ll add our quick video interview once we’re back at HQ. (10 pm: Now added:)

Again, this is just the first round of ballot-counting; next round is around 4:30 pm tomorrow. When the vote-counting is done and results are certified in two weeks, the top two advance to the November general election.

P.S. The county says 12,000 ballots from District 1 had been returned by Election Night – 20 percent of the “active voters” in West Seattle/South Park.

MORE ELECTION RESULTS: City Council Positions 8 & 9, School Board Position 6, Port Commission…

ORIGINAL REPORT, 8:04 PM: Voting’s over and vote-counting is under way – this is our placeholder for everything BUT West Seattle/South Park’s first-ever primary in City Council District 1 – we’re covering that race here. Once the vote count is released, the links below will go directly to results in that race:

City Council Position 8 (at large) – results here
City Council Position 9 (at large) – results here
School Board Position 6 – results here
Port Commission Position 2 – results here
Port Commission Position 5 – results here

FIRST RESULTS, 8:21 PM: The one and only election-night count is in. For Position 8, it’s Tim Burgess with 48 percent and Jon Grant with 28 percent. (Added – full results:)

Burgess: 48.34% – 37300 votes
Grant: 28.36% – 21883 votes
Roderick: 15.66% – 12082 votes
Persak: 7.07% – 5459 votes

For Position 9, it’s Lorena Gonzalez (a West Seattle resident) with 64 percent, followed by Bill Bradburd with 15 percent. (Added – full results:)

Gonzalez: 63.72% – 49191 votes
Bradburd: 15.21% – 11742 votes
Bassok: 9.22% – 7121 votes
Tobin: 8.58% – 6627 votes
Tahir-Garrett: 1.57% – 1209 votes
Tsimerman: 1.39% – 1076 votes

P.S. See all nine City Council districts/positions’ results here.

8:40 PM: For Port Commission Position 2, it’s Courtney Gregoire with 82 percent, Goodspaceguy with 9 percent. For Position 5: Fred Felleman 22 percent, Marion Yoshino 19 percent, Richard Pope 16 percent.

8:44 PM: For School Board Position 6, which represents West Seattle/South Park, Leslie Harris is top votegetter with 46 percent, incumbent Marty McLaren next with 39 percent. (Added – full results:)

Harris: 46.00% – 4493 votes
McLaren: 38.93% – 3803 votes
Esparza: 14.56% – 1422 votes

Again, the next round of results will be out around 4:30 pm tomorrow; final vote counts will be certified in two weeks, and the top two will be on the November ballot.

AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: Night Out 2015 neighborliness, at block parties all around West Seattle

6:14 PM: It’s Night Out 2015 – which means dozens of side streets closed for block parties, with neighbors celebrating each other and intensifying their commitment to look out for each other. We’ll be stopping by some parties for photos; we’re also happy to receive yours and add it to the coverage. Different e-mail address than usual – – or you can share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (you’ll find us at all three as /westseattleblog) so we can re-share here – thank you!

6:30 PM: First photo in, above, is from Imelda‘s block party at 61st/Beach Drive – we’re hearing about lots of parties with live bands this year! We’re stopping at another one right now, 35th/105th in Arbor Heights – thanks to Darren for letting us know.

Pop-A-Shot (photo above) and Putt-Putt Golf are happening at the AH party, as are hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorns, and dozens of neighbors having a great time.

6:49 PM: We’re heading north now, just arriving in Gatewood, where Ellen‘s party is getting a visit from Reptile Man.

(WSB photo, substituted for the not-as-clear Instagram image originally posted)
Lucy the alligator is one of the friends he brought along. This party was near 41st/Rose.

6:59 PM: Just tweeted by Amanda:

We’re now arriving at the 37th/Raymond/Graham block party, invited by Aaron (thank you!) – these neighbors also are celebrating with a barbecue. Some party participants just paused to pose for us:

(Update – here’s our full-group photo from that party:)

Another block party’s youngest attendees are in these photos shared via Twitter:

Headed now to the Fairmount neighborhood south of The Triangle, where four streets of neighbors are gathering for Night Out. This seems to be the Year of the Band at Night Out, peninsula-wide:

Sharonn invited us to this party, which is bringing together neighbors from 35th, 36th, 37th, 38th, as well as Edmunds itself. We’ll add the group photo later. (Added – here it is!)

7:20 PM: In High Point, the big party’s in Commons Park – that’s where Tim photographed Lucy dancing to the music near the bouncy house:

Many parties double as informational events; at the HP party, until about 8 pm, you can also talk with SDOT about the 35th SW Safety Project. From one HP to another – the next tweeted photo is courtesy of Marcia in Highland Park:

7:38 PM: Night Out and Election Night parties are about to overlap (22 minutes left to vote!) – but we’re still in Night Out mode, stopping now in the 3200 block of 36th SW, thanks to Andrea‘s invitation. This party has guinea pigs!

(Added: We learned via an Instagram comment that they are Oreo, Vanilla, and Marshmallow.)

8:05 PM: Still partying:

9:08 PM: Had to break away from Night Out coverage to report on the election results and talk to a few candidates. But we’re back at HQ, where we’ll add the photos we took, and we’re now adding several more photos e-mailed to us (thank you!). First, from the 6700 block of 38th SW:

From Sara in Belvidere:

Also from Sara – 24 kids at that same block party!

From Westwood – e-mailed by Michael:

He explained, “Our annual block party is still going strong but we wanted to share this awesome cake our neighbors Michael & Randi brought. We’re on 34th between Kenyon & Elmgrove, and we love our neighborhood!”

Next, from Chris at 15th and Trenton:

“Great turnout in our neighborhood!” Chris added. Next – Darryll‘s photo from 8800 block of 17th SW, when firefighters stopped by:

Max sent the next photo from the 2700 block of 36th SW:

From Long Bach Nguyen in Gatewood, the California/Portland block party:

Also in Gatewood – the 45th/Austin party – thanks to Kera for the photo:

On 36th SW between Findlay and Brandon, Jenny’s block-party neighbors gathered for a group pic:

At 45th and Edmunds on the southwest side of The Junction, a traffic-stopping street-closure sign:

Thanks to Michelle for that photo. Over at 16th/Trenton, Steve says his party got a little “goofy”:

He also reports, “We had an awesome time tonight. Engine 11, ping pong, basketball, bikes, soccer, hand-turned ice cream and tons of great neighbors.”

Earlier in the week, we showed you one of the Night Out signs on Pigeon Point. Here’s part of the party:

Thanks to Pete for the pic; Pigeon Point visitors included Southwest Precinct Captain Pierre Davis.

Near 48th/Morgan, Deb‘s party was visited by Matt from AlertSeattle:

That’s the new city service we mentioned on Tuesday morning – sign up for emergency alerts (and more). Finally, on 34th SW south of Camp Long, Susan says she and her neighbors had a “lovely evening” at their party:

“Close to 50-60 folks attended, enjoying great food, wonderful neighbors and awesome music from Hoo Doo Boogaloo” – featured in the video clip she shared:

One more time – THANK YOU to everyone who shared photos and/or invited us to come by (sorry the election overlap cut our travels short) – and congratulations on a neighborly night all over West Seattle.

Summer camp with etiquette/social skills instructor Patricia London: Welcome, new WSB sponsor

Here’s a new way for your kid(s) to spend part of the rest of their summer: Learning “life skills” with Patricia London. We’re welcoming her as a new WSB sponsor, and here’s what she would like you to know about what she is teaching:

Patricia London is the Executive Director of LiNKS Independent Living Services and a certified Etiquette Factory instructor. Patricia has been employed in the Social Services field for over 10 years and Educational Training Field for 6 years. Additionally, she worked in varied settings as an Independent Living Services Director, Supported Living Director, Activity Director in a Rehab setting, and as a special-education teacher. She brings a broad base of experience and enthusiasm for children of all ages with varying learning abilities.

As a a Certified Etiquette Instructor and ILS and Social Skills Professional, she will help children learn manners, communication skills, social and life skills, with a strong focus on respect and value for others, integrity, and putting people at ease. The goals of what she offers include:

– To provide children with organized and structured recreations activities which contribute to intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth.

– To provide a variety of activities, which educate, empower, entertain, and motivate children.

– Promote each child’s appreciation of fair play, advocacy and consideration of others.

– Provide experience, which will allow each child to increase one’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

More than 50 different Life Skills will be covered, using games, role playing, props and kind discussion.

Exclusive Program:

Personal Space
Proper Hygiene
Dealing with “Bullies”
And Much, Much More

To register for upcoming sessions and/or find out more, call 206-551-4436 and/or e-mail

We thank etiquette/social-skills instructor Patricia London for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

The WSBeat: The case of the door-to-door dent ‘fixer’ & 9 more summaries

By Megan Sheppard
On the WSBeat, for West Seattle Blog

This edition of The WSBeat contains summaries written from reports on cases handled recently by Southwest Precinct officers – generally cases that (usually) have NOT already appeared here in breaking-news coverage or West Seattle Crime Watch reports, and many are not crimes, but might at least answer a lingering question such as “what WERE all those police doing on my block?” Or on the bridge, or the beach, or …

*In Arbor Heights, a man knocked on the front door of a residence on July 28th and offered to fix dents on some cars parked in the driveway. The man, who called himself “George,” seemed believable, since he had a truck that contained the types of tools used in a body shop. The residents agreed to pay George $300 for the work, which turned out to be phony. (A resin that was supposed to harden later melted instead.) After he departed, the victims discovered $200 worth of CDs missing from one of the vehicles. George had arrived with his wife and child, who stayed in their vehicle: A white, early 2000s pickup with a standard sized bed and no extra cab. George was described as a Hispanic man in his twenties, about 5’6”, thin build, dark hair and small mustache.

*Last Friday night (July 31st), a 29-year-old Alki resident was transported to Harborview after causing a series of crashes on the eastbound West Seattle Bridge, ending with him finally veering across all lanes and slumping over unconscious on the steering wheel. As medics pulled him out for treatment, a small plastic bag fell off his lap that tested positive for powdered methamphetamine. Blood samples were drawn from the suspect at Harborview. He remained unconscious throughout transport. He was left in the custody of the staff at Harborview.

*Last Wednesday afternoon (July 29th), officers spotted a known felon driving a car in the Morgan Junction area. He was taken into custody on an outstanding no-bail warrant for unlawful firearms possession and drug possession. In addition, the man was wanted on a $20,000 4th-degree assault warrant from Pierce County. He was booked into King County Jail.

Six more summaries ahead:

Read More

OUTDOOR MUSIC! 3 chances this week – @ Hiawatha, The Mount, Delridge Day

Here in the heart of summer, extra chances to enjoy fresh air and fun times – this week, three outdoor-music opportunities in West Seattle:

THURSDAY – STAR ANNA @ HIAWATHA: This week’s Summer Concerts at Hiawatha headliner is alt-country sensation Star Anna, 6:30 pm Thursday on the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center. Free – just bring your chair/blanket, picnic dinner (no concessions on site), family/friends/neighbors, and get ready for great music. Presented by the Admiral Neighborhood Association, with sponsors including WSB. (Walnut/Lander)

FRIDAY – 85TH ST. BIG BAND @ THE MOUNT: Providence Mount St. Vincent kicks off its four-Fridays summer concert series this week with the 85th Street Big Band on the patio on the south side of its campus, 6 pm – concert’s free, but you can buy dinner/beer/wine if interested – see the menu via a link in our series preview. (4831 35th SW)

SATURDAY – DELRIDGE DAY: VIEWS, which is presenting the Delridge Day festival 11 am-3 pm this Saturday at Delridge Community Center/Park/Skatepark, has shared the music schedule:

11:00 am – Quarter Past 8 – rock
12:00 noon – Ellis Brothers – jazz
1:00 pm – Yesod – psychedelic world music
2:00 pm – Oldies But Goodies – classic Rock/R&B

Delridge Day also is free to attend – see our previous preview here. (Delridge/Genesee)

West Seattle Tuesday: Last chance to vote; Election Night parties; Night Out block parties; more!

Tonight brings two major events – the end of primary-election voting and start of vote-counting, aka Election Night, plus the annual community-building Night Out.

VOTE BY 8 PM! 51,000 of the 60,000 West Seattle/South Park ballots still had NOT been turned in as of last night. Here’s how you can still get your primary-election ballot in by the deadline:

-Get it to a US Postal Service box/post office/letter carrier by evening pickup so it’ll be postmarked today (remember, this requires a stamp, NOT the case for the KC Elections options below)

-Get it to a King County Elections ballot-dropoff van – there’s one at West Seattle Stadium (where we photographed the crew, above, on Monday afternoon, when they’d already received 200 ballots for the day) and one outside Greenbridge Library in White Center, both there until the 8 pm deadline

-Get it into a King County Elections dropbox – here’s the list of locations (also a deadline of 8 pm tonight.)

-Vote at a King County accessible-voting center (Seattle, Renton, or Bellevue) by 8 pm

ONE LAST MENTION OF OUR ‘LAST LOOK’: If you haven’t voted because you haven’t decided, our “Last Look” mini-guide might help. (We don’t do endorsements, but try to present as much information as possible, including, for that final report, video conversations with each of the 9 District 1 City Council candidates.)

ELECTION-NIGHT PARTIES: Starting around 7 pm, West Seattle/South Park will be full of them. Alphabetically by first name, the candidates whose parties we’ve heard about – including two at-large council candidates who happen to be West Seattleites:

Alon Bassok (Position 9) – Skylark
Brianna Thomas (District 1) – Loretta’s (South Park)
Chas Redmond (District 1) – Beveridge Place Pub
Lisa Herbold (District 1) – Feedback Lounge
Lorena Gonzalez (Position 9) – Talarico’s
Phillip Tavel (District 1) – The Bridge
Shannon Braddock (District 1) – Mission

(Any other candidates with a West Seattle or South Park election-night party? Please tell us in the comment section!)

WHEN WILL YOU SEE THE FIRST ELECTION RESULTS? King County publishes one set on Election Night, usually around 8:15 pm. We’ll of course have the highlights, and reaction, here.

Also happening today/tonight:

BIKEMOBILE BIKE REPAIRS: “Need a tuneup?? The BikeMobile is Bike Works’ new mobile repair truck, staffed by youth interns … Its purpose is to deliver bike repair service on a sliding scale to communities without bike shops and provide a platform for community engagement through bike repair.” 1:30-4 pm behind Neighborhood House’s High Point Center. (6400 Sylvan Way)

NIGHT OUT: Block parties all over West Seattle, generally 6-9 pm – if you’re not going to one, be aware that many side streets will be blocked off for the occasion! We’ll be stopping at a few (thanks for the invites); if we don’t get to yours, please consider sending us a photo for inclusion in WSB as-it-happens coverage – or tweet it to @westseattleblog or share it via the WSB Facebook page (we’ll republish on WSB) OR tag us on Instagram – thank you, and have a great party!

35TH SW QUESTIONS? After two meetings last month to unveil the first phase of safety changes for 35th SW, SDOT plans to be at tonight’s High Point Night Out event for anyone with questions, 6-8 pm at High Point Commons. (Morgan/Lanham)

FAMILY STORY TIME: 7 pm at Delridge Library – for kids of all ages. (5423 Delridge Way SW)

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING ELSE? Maybe you’ll find it in the full list of today’s events, on our calendar.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Mail theft; abandoned bicycle

Two quick West Seattle Crime Watch notes:

MAIL THEFT: Thanks to Leanne for reporting mail theft along 40th SW in Arbor Heights. “Neighbors found a couple envelopes and a birthday card in the ditch.”

RECOGNIZE THIS BICYCLE? Abandoned bicycles often turn out to have been stolen, so if you know someone missing a bike:

Katy sent the photo after spotting the bicycle in shrubbery along SW Thistle west of California SW in Gatewood, where it’s been for at least a day. (The only bicycle theft on the Seattle Police crime-reports map for the past week happened Saturday night in the 9200 block of 17th SW, but others could be in the online-reports queue and not showing up on the map yet.)

AlertSeattle: How to sign up for city’s new notification service

The city has opened signups for AlertSeattle, which its announcement describes as “a new, real-time emergency alert and notification system … a way to send out messages to the public with information on what to do when emergencies like earthquakes, explosions, flooding, or other disasters happen,” as well as “community notifications about severe weather, safety, health, utility-service disruptions, major traffic incidents, preparedness events and more.” You can register by going to and creating a profile. Set aside a few minutes before you start – it’s a bit complicated, with numerous optional fields you can (but don’t have to) fill out beyond the basic notification information; it’s linked to Smart911, so you’ll also be asked, for example, if you want to provide information about your household that could be displayed to emergency providers if you call 911 from the phone number you register.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday updates and alerts

August 4, 2015 7:33 am
|    Comments Off on TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday updates and alerts
 |   West Seattle news | West Seattle traffic alerts

(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Quiet commute so far.

METRO SURVEY: Less than a week left to answer the survey to help Metro shape its long-range plans – find it here.

ALKI AVENUE PAVING: Today’s the day SDOT says paving work will start on a stretch of Alki Avenue – we’ve confirmed since the announcement that the nonexistent streets referred to in the announcement translate to, between the 1300 and 1700 blocks.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: How will the city fix the policies, or lack of them, that play into slow clearing of incidents such as the fish-truck crash (9 hours) and West Marginal crash (5 hours)? 90 changes are recommended – from more traffic cameras to free towing on chokepoint roadways. Here’s our full report.

12:24 PM: 2-car crash reported on the eastbound bridge at 4th Avenue South. SFD closed out of the scene fairly quickly so we don’t know how serious it is – no cameras in that area.