AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: Night Out 2015 neighborliness, at block parties all around West Seattle

6:14 PM: It’s Night Out 2015 – which means dozens of side streets closed for block parties, with neighbors celebrating each other and intensifying their commitment to look out for each other. We’ll be stopping by some parties for photos; we’re also happy to receive yours and add it to the coverage. Different e-mail address than usual – – or you can share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (you’ll find us at all three as /westseattleblog) so we can re-share here – thank you!

6:30 PM: First photo in, above, is from Imelda‘s block party at 61st/Beach Drive – we’re hearing about lots of parties with live bands this year! We’re stopping at another one right now, 35th/105th in Arbor Heights – thanks to Darren for letting us know.

Pop-A-Shot (photo above) and Putt-Putt Golf are happening at the AH party, as are hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorns, and dozens of neighbors having a great time.

6:49 PM: We’re heading north now, just arriving in Gatewood, where Ellen‘s party is getting a visit from Reptile Man.

(WSB photo, substituted for the not-as-clear Instagram image originally posted)
Lucy the alligator is one of the friends he brought along. This party was near 41st/Rose.

6:59 PM: Just tweeted by Amanda:

We’re now arriving at the 37th/Raymond/Graham block party, invited by Aaron (thank you!) – these neighbors also are celebrating with a barbecue. Some party participants just paused to pose for us:

(Update – here’s our full-group photo from that party:)

Another block party’s youngest attendees are in these photos shared via Twitter:

Headed now to the Fairmount neighborhood south of The Triangle, where four streets of neighbors are gathering for Night Out. This seems to be the Year of the Band at Night Out, peninsula-wide:

Sharonn invited us to this party, which is bringing together neighbors from 35th, 36th, 37th, 38th, as well as Edmunds itself. We’ll add the group photo later. (Added – here it is!)

7:20 PM: In High Point, the big party’s in Commons Park – that’s where Tim photographed Lucy dancing to the music near the bouncy house:

Many parties double as informational events; at the HP party, until about 8 pm, you can also talk with SDOT about the 35th SW Safety Project. From one HP to another – the next tweeted photo is courtesy of Marcia in Highland Park:

7:38 PM: Night Out and Election Night parties are about to overlap (22 minutes left to vote!) – but we’re still in Night Out mode, stopping now in the 3200 block of 36th SW, thanks to Andrea‘s invitation. This party has guinea pigs!

(Added: We learned via an Instagram comment that they are Oreo, Vanilla, and Marshmallow.)

8:05 PM: Still partying:

9:08 PM: Had to break away from Night Out coverage to report on the election results and talk to a few candidates. But we’re back at HQ, where we’ll add the photos we took, and we’re now adding several more photos e-mailed to us (thank you!). First, from the 6700 block of 38th SW:

From Sara in Belvidere:

Also from Sara – 24 kids at that same block party!

From Westwood – e-mailed by Michael:

He explained, “Our annual block party is still going strong but we wanted to share this awesome cake our neighbors Michael & Randi brought. We’re on 34th between Kenyon & Elmgrove, and we love our neighborhood!”

Next, from Chris at 15th and Trenton:

“Great turnout in our neighborhood!” Chris added. Next – Darryll‘s photo from 8800 block of 17th SW, when firefighters stopped by:

Max sent the next photo from the 2700 block of 36th SW:

From Long Bach Nguyen in Gatewood, the California/Portland block party:

Also in Gatewood – the 45th/Austin party – thanks to Kera for the photo:

On 36th SW between Findlay and Brandon, Jenny’s block-party neighbors gathered for a group pic:

At 45th and Edmunds on the southwest side of The Junction, a traffic-stopping street-closure sign:

Thanks to Michelle for that photo. Over at 16th/Trenton, Steve says his party got a little “goofy”:

He also reports, “We had an awesome time tonight. Engine 11, ping pong, basketball, bikes, soccer, hand-turned ice cream and tons of great neighbors.”

Earlier in the week, we showed you one of the Night Out signs on Pigeon Point. Here’s part of the party:

Thanks to Pete for the pic; Pigeon Point visitors included Southwest Precinct Captain Pierre Davis.

Near 48th/Morgan, Deb‘s party was visited by Matt from AlertSeattle:

That’s the new city service we mentioned on Tuesday morning – sign up for emergency alerts (and more). Finally, on 34th SW south of Camp Long, Susan says she and her neighbors had a “lovely evening” at their party:

“Close to 50-60 folks attended, enjoying great food, wonderful neighbors and awesome music from Hoo Doo Boogaloo” – featured in the video clip she shared:

One more time – THANK YOU to everyone who shared photos and/or invited us to come by (sorry the election overlap cut our travels short) – and congratulations on a neighborly night all over West Seattle.

8 Replies to "AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: Night Out 2015 neighborliness, at block parties all around West Seattle"

  • pie August 4, 2015 (9:22 pm)

    First time in the 11th yr since we’ve lived in this residence, 16th year in WS. No block party on my block. :(

  • Marianne August 4, 2015 (9:53 pm)

    While driving through the Alaska Junction tonight,I was surprised to see several streets blocked off with cars parked in the street, perpendicular to the sidewalk,in order to block off the street. Seems a bit hazardous–especially if emergency vehicles needed to get through.

    • WSB August 4, 2015 (10:02 pm)

      We’ve actually never seen that in 7 years of covering multiple parties every Election Night, but I don’t know whether it’s against the rules or not. Will make a note to check before next time! – TR

  • LT August 4, 2015 (11:59 pm)

    It never ceases to amaze me that even if you put up signs and sawhorses to block your street, people still decide to drive through AND at the highest speed possible. Aside from that, we still had fun and a great turnout!

  • jt August 5, 2015 (1:27 am)

    Thanks for compiling and sharing these pictures! It seriously warms my heart to see so many sweet families all getting together and having a blast in all the neighborhoods that comprise West Seattle. So much neighborly love, so many young kids making friends on their blocks… man we are so lucky to live here!

  • HelperMonkey August 5, 2015 (10:34 am)

    we really enjoyed our neighborhood night out, but my major gripe like LT above is with people driving through. Yeah, we didn’t have the street legally closed, but it’s pretty obvious it was Night Out and there was no reason these people couldn’t have turned around and driven down another street – they weren’t even neighbors on the street, just passing through seemingly to pass through. So next year – try not to be a jerk and drive through what is clearly a Night Out gathering with tons of little kids running around. Go around. It’ll take all of an extra 30 seconds.

  • 44th and Dawson August 5, 2015 (11:29 am)

    Had a great time with our neighbors last night, so much so, we didn’t take the time to get pictures! This is a great event and thank you WSB for covering it.

  • sam-c August 5, 2015 (3:01 pm)

    Maybe the perpendicular cars were out to block the people bypassing signs and sawhorses like LT and HM mentioned.

    I’ve thought about it, especially after the one night out about 5 years ago. we don’t usually block streets in our hood due to the through traffic nature of the street and lack of alternate routes due to dead ends and green belts. Anyhow, I was standing at the ‘night out’ IN MY NEIGHBOR’S DRIVEWAY, when a woman looking at me screamed. I turned around to see a car of about 3-4 people driving directly towards our gathering, like they were pretending they were going to hit us all before swerving back pointed down the street at the last minute. They were laughing, cause it was all so fun, obviously.

    Ever since then, i have thought about blocking our block with cars to keep these numskulls out.

    We skipped last night, though, due to unrelated circumstances so I don’t know what the atmosphere was like.

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