West Seattle sunset: Lingering smoke brings a vivid encore

9:27 PM: As the forest-fire smoke continues to linger, tonight brought another vividly hued sunset. Thanks to James Bratsanos for the photo. Don’t count on a three-peat tomorrow – the National Weather Service‘s forecast discussion says tonight that “the smoke should leave the area Thursday morning as flow aloft becomes more southerly.”

ADDED 9:36 PM: Thanks to Jamie Kinney for this view:

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  • Jim Borrow July 9, 2015 (8:07 pm)

    Being able to see sunspots around sunset is another bonus of the smoke & haze. It filters enough light that you can safely look at the sun through binoculars. I’ve been tracking two sunspots near the solar equator over the past several days. Here’s a website for solar weather


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