PHOTOS: First-ever West Seattle Mermaid Parade – on land

FIRST REPORT, 12:25 PM: If you’re at Alki right now, watch for mermaids. The first-ever West Seattle Mermaid Parade was set to start around noon, after a gathering that started with bellydancing (in our short Instagram video above) by the Alki Statue of Liberty at 11.

Dozens of mermaids gathered in costumes from simple to ornate:

And they spanned the age range from young-at-heart to young:

The mermaids even had a wrangler:

(That’s Amber.) We had to move on before the start of the actual parade, but if you have a photo to share, please e-mail or share it to the WSB Flickr group, so we can add – thanks!

ADDED 1:14 PM: Thanks to Lynn Hall for sharing photos from the Anchor Park area, where she says the parade arrived about half an hour ago:

Pirate sighting:

Photo op:

P.S. Thanks to everybody else who sent photos this afternoon – we’re reviewing to add more tonight!

ADDED 10:17 PM: Added photos – first, from Ann Anderson, who notes so many costumes were ornately detailed:

From Loren Beringer:

From SF:

From Eva Talbot:

We’re checking with organizer Leslie Rosen to see if this is likely to become an annual tradition.

ADDED MONDAY: Leslie says no decision is likely before September, when she and the Sirens of Serpentine “re-group.” In the meantime, you can catch them at the Georgetown Art Festival, 3 pm June 13th. P.S. One more photo – thanks to Elizabeth D. for the group shot from Anchor Park:

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