West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen car; car break-ins

Three reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

STOLEN CAR: Amanda hopes you’ll keep an eye out for her car – “My car was stolen from the alley of (the 900 block of) SW Holden St between the hours of 2 pm Sunday and 8 am Monday morning. It is a gold 1994 Honda Accord with the license AIB2949.” Call 911 if you’ve seen it.

TWO CAR BREAK-INS: We received a texted report this morning about two cars broken into on 48th SW in the Admiral area. The texter notes, “Lucky for us, we don’t keep anything important in our cars, so no harm, but unneeded this time of year, especially since we have just brought home our son from the hospital just over a week and a half ago.”

ANOTHER CAR BREAK-IN: An unfortunate reminder that car break-ins don’t just happen when everyone but the criminals are asleep – one happened lightning-fast to Lisa near 16th/100th:

I walked into the Autozone store after having my check engine light checked with one of the employees so they could print the results, and within less than 1 minute somebody had smashed my window and grabbed my computer bag. I was parked directly in front of the store, and it all happened in moments…

ADDED: One more 48th SW break-in:

(Monday) night someone went into our Subaru parked on 48 Ave SW between SW Dakota and SW Genesse. I am sure they were disappointed. We don’t leave anything in the car. They did search hard. They went through the whole interior of the vehicle including the side panel compartments in back in the wagon. Completely ransacked it.

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  • Chuck and Sally's Van Man December 30, 2014 (2:58 pm)

    @Lisa: so sorry for your invasion/loss. Man, there are always people in that lot (changing wipers and the like), so someone either saw it happen and didn’t do anything, or worse, acted as a lookout. Stories like yours are the reason I NEVER leave my computer bag/briefcase in the car when ducking into any store. Crappy people everywhere…

  • JTB December 30, 2014 (4:26 pm)

    Lisa, I would file a report with the police, contact Autozone corporate, and request compensation for your loss. If they try to push you off to whoever owns the parking lot, that invites a response that you’re disappointed they are choosing to make this difficult but you’ll be happy to follow up after contacting an attorney.

  • PK December 30, 2014 (5:27 pm)

    to JTB–
    Why should Autozone be expected to compensate for the loss? As useful members of society, I’m sure we all regret the crime that Lisa experienced, as probably she does as well. But I do not see how the store (or restaurant / your friend’s house) is responsible for the fact that someone not employed by that store(or restaurant / your friend) did a smash and grab. So why would you suggest that as an option? It makes no sense and seems like a waste of time (not the part about reporting it to the police though, that should definitely be done). Please explain the reason behind your suggestion. Thank you in advance.

  • Mike December 30, 2014 (7:14 pm)

    JTB, making threats to sue a big company with a fleet of lawyers, when that company is not at fault or involved is asking for huge financial distress.

  • drahcir61 December 30, 2014 (7:21 pm)


    If you drive a late model, 90s style Honda your car will be stolen.

    The DJIA will surpass 20,000.

    If you leave a purse, a laptop, or anything of value in plain sight inside your car, even for just a few minutes … your car window will be broken & those items taken.

    If you leave scraps of food or treats or milk for the cute little neighborhood cats (& I love cats!) then you will also see coyotes nearby.

    If you watch the first episode of Downton Abbey Season 5 your late Sunday evening calandar will be booked.

    If you routinely drive 10-20mph over the speed limit you will get a speeding ticket.

    If you (or your children) play (or learn to play!!!) tennis then you will be happier & healthier.

    If you follow me on Twitter then you will be rewarded with magical powers, 2 mulligans, & 3 granted wishes.

    Have a safe & enjoyable New Years … keep smiling!

  • PW45 December 30, 2014 (8:14 pm)

    SPD was investigating an abandoned stolen car in that same alley when we got off the bus after the game. It looked stuck in a pothole. Probably bottomed out, got stuck then stole another honda to keep going

  • JTB December 30, 2014 (9:27 pm)

    PK, I think the company should be interested in providing a measure of security for its customers. It doesn’t take much to do that, from security cameras to verbal warnings from store employees if people are hanging around. I’ve been to that store several times and felt the lot was dodgy. So I see it as a chronic problem, not an isolated snatch and grab. Contacting corporate would make them aware of the problem and hopefully lead to an improvement.

    Mike, I realize it’s an idle threat; perhaps I should have used an emoticon ;-). There’s not enough money in this to be worthwhile for anything other than small claims and I’m not sure what the actual liability might be. However, simply raising the legal issue can be a way to have someone take a closer look at the situation and recognize they have a problem. Depends on the tenor of the conversation.

  • CanDo December 31, 2014 (11:17 am)

    Perhaps AutoZone should put a razor wire fence around the lot and post an armed guard or better yet, an armed attorney at the lot entrance. Maybe all businesses who’ve had an incident in their vicinity should post armed guards and/or set up surveillance cameras. That’ll make the neighborhoods prettier. :)

    This may just have been a crime of opportunity, who knows? Notifying the company of the loss and possible problem in the lot is a really good idea, but asking for compensation or using threats of legal action is uncalled for, in my opinion.

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