Crime Watch: Suspect arrested in White Center shooting death

As reported on partner site White Center Now, a suspect is in custody in connection with the Wednesday night shooting death of a 17-year-old Burien boy at 15th/Roxbury. We’ll continue updating the story there as we find out more, but did want to let you know here too, since the incident stirred some discussion.

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  • alki resident March 21, 2014 (10:57 pm)

    Wow, that was fast and awesome. Prayers to the family and friends of this boy.

  • Sarah March 21, 2014 (11:08 pm)

    Isn’t that the 2nd murder in the last year or 2? I seem to remember a young girl was shot there too. Very sad.

  • Jason March 21, 2014 (11:24 pm)

    Wow the suspect’s only 18. Two young lives are over for no reason.

  • AmandaKH March 22, 2014 (7:51 am)

    And just a reminder / FYI. The Westwood/Roxhill/Arbor Heights Community Council has invited SPD SW Captain Steve Wilske to our April 1st meeting. We are just as concerned about the fate of WC / UKC as everyone as we directly border them. If you want to talk about cross line policing and coordination, please come
    Tuesday, April 1st
    6:15 – 7:45
    Meeting Room
    SW Library
    35th & Henderson

  • A March 22, 2014 (9:11 am)

    What are these people doing in West Seattle?!

  • Barbara March 22, 2014 (10:17 am)

    Anyone who is interested in community concerns in White Center and the greater North Highline area is welcome to attend the next North Highline Unincorporated Area Council (NHUAC)Community Forum. Our White Center Storefront Deputy, BJ Myers will be on hand to provide updates regarding recent events in White Center. We will also be addressing issues of Equity and Social Justice with Matias Valenzuela, Coordinator of King County’s Equity and Social Justice Initiative, and Adrienne Quinn, Director of King County’s Community and Human Service Department. We are also pleased to have our King County District 8 Representative, Joe McDermott in attendance. Please plan on joining us:
    Thursday, April 3 – 7pm
    North Highline Fire Station (1243 112th Street, SW)
    please see our website for add’l info:


  • unknown March 22, 2014 (10:31 am)

    The comment from “A” “what are these people doing in West Seattle” What do you mean by that?

  • WTF March 22, 2014 (10:45 am)

    Sorry to say….the murderer (whom ever it will finally be determined) ended his own life the moment he CHOSE to carry a gun and use it to murder innocent people.

    Sunshine’s killer only got 15 years! Let’s hope this case will be different. Let’s take notes from Melissa Fernandes’ murder, whose killer got 51years although at the time he chose to shoot someone he was 16!

    The time is NOW to stop pussyfooting around with these PsOS who believe it’s ok and justifiable to thug our streets and kill us!

  • Eric March 22, 2014 (4:40 pm)

    I’d like to know why the difference in sentencing in the 51 years to the 15 years sentencing. Is it to what they’re charged with, and if so, why? As both ended in killing someone. And/or is it because the sentencing was tougher 20 years ago than it is now?

  • Rip ruben castillo March 23, 2014 (4:02 am)

    Rest in peace cuddy , we all miss you ruben castillo , its still hard to say goodbye , but we all know that ur in better place now bro …

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