Alki Ukulele: Welcoming a new West Seattle Blog sponsor

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Interested in music lessons – ukulele, guitar, bass? Music teacher Masa Kobayashi and his Alki Ukulele studio have just joined the WSB sponsor team. Here’s what he would like you to know:

He has 20 years’ experience playing and 10 years of experience teaching. Masa says, “My students are getting constant improvement with me – most of them actually have become active gigging musicians.” He’s proud that his students have been inspired by the fact he too is an active musician with gigs – something they thought wasn’t possible for them to become, before they started taking lessons.

As explained on his website at, Masa has experience with many musical styles from punk, rock, metal, funk and jazz, to Balkan and African music. For guitar and ukulele, he teaches rhythm and soloing, finger-picking, two-handed tapping, chord soloing, and more. For bass, lessons include various finger-picking styles, soloing and old school/Victor Wooten-style slapping, two-handed tapping, and chord soloing.

The Alki Ukulele studio really is near the beach, and the best way to contact Masa to inquire about lessons is by e-mail –

We thank Alki Ukulele for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; see our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

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