The WSBeat: Trash-talk threats; spooked suspects; more…

By Megan Sheppard
On the WSBeat, for West Seattle Blog

This edition of the WSBeat contains summaries written from reports on cases handled in recent days by Southwest Precinct officers – generally cases that (usually) have not already appeared here in breaking-news coverage or West Seattle Crime Watch reports, but that might at least answer the question “what WERE all those police doing on my block?”

*In Highland Park on the 25th, a citizen who officers say they know to be “untruthful, profane, and irrational” threatened Waste Management workers with “gunplay” after being frustrated by their presence in the alley near his residence. An officer stood by until they could complete their route; the officer also provided anti-harassment information.

*Around 11 am on the 27th, two would-be burglars were rattling the door of a residence in the 3500 block of SW 105th and were startled when a resident appeared in a window. They ran off an outer deck, knocking over a patio chair. Within hours of this incident, two nearby residences were burglarized.

*Bus-stop street robberies: On Monday the 23rd, a woman was robbed at gunpoint as she waited for a bus at 46th and Admiral, as previously reported here. The “clean and well-spoken” suspect was also described as a white man, aged 22-29, dressed all in black, with a black mask covering his lower face. The next day, around 8 am near 26th and Barton, a robber described as a black man in his early to mid-20s came from behind and stole a purse from the lap of a woman waiting for a bus.

*On the 26th, a customer described as having “mental problems” walked out of a Junction grocery store without paying for several bottles of hard alcohol. That evening, another man entered the store and tried to steal four bottles of whiskey. He was stopped at the exit and store security managed to grab the suspect’s backpack, which contained the loot (valued at over $100). The backpack also contained hypodermic needles. The suspect is a white male with a heavy build, and gray hair in a ponytail. he was last seen headed west on SW Alaska.

*Around 10 p.m. on the 27th, a woman became concerned when her elderly grandfather didn’t return home from a bar. She found his car at a watering hole, and when he came outside and saw her, he began accusing her of trying to steal the vehicle. The adult granddaughter left, hoping to avoid a confrontation, and grandpa went back into the bar. When he came home after last call, grandpa went directly to his bedroom, retrieved a fully loaded .44 Magnum, thrust it in her face, and threatened to “blow her head off.” He was booked into King County Jail for investigation of assault.

EDITOR’S NOTES: Remember, the CRISIS CLINIC hotline is a resource for those in crisis, including thoughts or acts of self-harm, or trying to find help for someone in crisis: 206.461.3222 … Previous WSBeat roundups are archived here. We also publish crime reports when we get tips or otherwise hear about noteworthy incidents – they don’t all turn up on the scanner, so please don’t be shy about letting us know when you see/hear something happening = calling or texting 206-293-6302 is the best way.

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  • anonyme October 1, 2013 (1:14 pm)

    Homes near the intersection of 35th and 105th have been hit repeatedly over the last month. Either the perps live nearby, or one or more of the properties is a target. Either way, it should be looked into.

  • Silly Goose October 1, 2013 (4:56 pm)

    Do you have a block watch out there?

    Did the home owner who scared off the would be burglars call the police?

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