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2 crashes: Fauntleroy pole hit tonight; WSP seeks I-5 witnesses

Notes tonight on two crashes:

Hear something loud in the Morgan Junction area about an hour and a half ago? Gary did, and his note led us to check out this crash. No apparent injuries, but the SUV hit a utility pole right on the Fauntleroy Way curve a bit west of California, and City Light trucks were on the scene for a while. A tow truck got there fast and we expect the vehicle’s been taken away for a while.

Also tonight, the Washington State Patrol is circulating this photo:

Its driver died after crashing on northbound I-5 near the West Seattle Bridge exit last Friday night. WSP is looking for witnesses:

On Friday, October 25, 2013 at approximately 7:00 pm, the Washington State Patrol investigated a motor vehicle collision, NB I-5 near Spokane St. in Seattle. A teal, 1997 Toyota Corolla four door, was traveling NB when the vehicle suddenly veered to the left and struck a cement barrier. The driver was transported to Harborview Medical Center where he later died of his injuries.

WSP detectives are asking for anyone that may have seen the collision or the teal Toyota in the HOV lane, to contact WSP detectives. The WSP is also inquiring whether debris located near the scene may have contributed to the collision. The collision occurred towards the end of rush hour and traffic was heavy.

If you have any information related to this case, please call Detective Russ Haake at 425-401-7717 or Detective Sergeant Stacy Moate at 425-401-7745.

PACK YOUR BAG! Day 28: Think about ‘where’ as well as ‘what’

October 29, 2013 9:13 pm
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As we’ve progressed through (almost) a month of building a “Go Bag“/emergency kit full of items you’ll want to have in case of disaster, the question has arisen along the way – where should you store all this stuff? West Seattle Be Prepared‘s advice this time around includes not only what to add, but also where to put the bag/kit itself:

This is the last time we are actually going to add anything specific – gather up some pens and paper and a permanent marking pen (should you have to mark things in a shelter). And depending on what you’ve already put in for your food supplies, maybe some plastic wrap, aluminum foil, empty ziplock bags, or assorted plastic containers with lids. More importantly: Now you should find the place where you are going to keep your bag and water.

The best place is wherever you can grab it on your way out the door you use the most. But near any door could work, since you are never sure if you will actually be able to get back into your home (after an earthquake). A hall closet is ideal, but most of us will have to wedge it in, especially if you have all your water in liter bottles. Garage is iffy; you may not be able to open the main door (power, off tracks) but if you have a separate door to the garage, that might be OK. Outside in a garden shed is an option, but I have a cautionary tale. I put my bag and water into a plastic bin and stored it outside. One of the water bottles froze, then burst. When I went to change out the food after a year, the kit was pretty moldy-nasty. So if you have to store outside, keep liquids separate and make sure the bag is waterproof (or put in a tub or trash bag if storing in a damp area like an unheated basement).

Need to catch up? Check back? All installments are archived, newest to oldest, here.

Followup: High Point’s 35th/Graham corner still likely to get some commercial development, says Seattle Housing Authority

We know more tonight about the current plan for part of the highest-profile vacant site in High Point.

(Seen from the east side of 35th in today’s late-afternoon shadows/sun)
We mentioned it in yesterday’s roundup of development notes, after discovering a plan to build 9 houses and 18 duplexes on part of the site at the northeast corner of 35th/Graham. The documents in city files online raised some questions, and today we have some answers, thanks to Seattle Housing Authority spokesperson Laura Gentry.

To a point that is often raised, she says there IS a plan for some commercial development on the site:

As you know, and as was reported by WSB back in January 2011 following a community meeting, we’ve been unable to attract a mixed-use residential/retail developer for the entire parcel. The market just hasn’t supported that type of large-scale residential/retail development. However, we are still looking at options for bringing retail to 35th. SHA intends to continue to own and maintain the corner plot of that parcel (the 35th/Graham corner) and we are in the concept stages of developing a commercial building for that plot which would include retail space, office space and an open street-level plaza. Again, that building is in early concept stages, so there are no site or development plans I can share with you at this time.

Gentry says Lennar has not yet closed on the rest of the property, where the houses/duplexes – which she describes as “all market-rate for-sale housing” – are planned, but “we have a sale agreement with them and they are expected to close sometime in 2014.” And she adds:

We’re also still looking at the remainder of that land on 35th, the piece located between the corner plot I just mentioned and the neighborhood health clinic. SHA is investigating options along with Lennar for residential uses with the potential for small retail uses on the ground floor. Both portions of that strip of land (the plot we will continue to maintain and the remainder that we hope to sell), will go through the city’s Design Review process, so the public will have a say in any plans put forth for any residential or retail development done on 35th.

The 2011 reference involved a previous proposal for the site that fell through – backstory and links here.

Followup: No charge after all, for now, in indecent-exposure case near Chief Sealth

Four days after a 34-year-old Highland Park man was arrested in his van near Chief Sealth International High School and cited for indecent exposure, the City Attorney’s Office says the charge was dropped today, announced when the man appeared in Municipal Court for what was supposed to be an arraignment. CAO spokesperson Kimberly Mills explained via e-mail that the city did not have the jurisdiction to charge him: “The City declined to file in this instance because it is not a crime that can be charged under the Seattle Municipal Code right now. It is a charge that is filed under the Revised Code of Washington (which is the county prosecutor’s purview). The case is being sent to SPD and the county, where it will be considered for a charge in King County District Court.” Mills explained that this type of charge and others WILL be part of the Seattle Municipal Code as of November 1st; here’s the September news release explaining that

Redline WS: New family-friendly sports bar/restaurant almost ready to open

(From left, Scott Goerig, Mike Bauer, Joshua Huckabay)
By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

The new family-friendly sports bar/restaurant Redline WS is days away from opening.

While it’s just across 35th SW from the site that until three years ago housed the Redline, whose then-proprietor Scott Goerig is now a consultant for Redline WS, this is not a re-creation or relocation. This is something new.

Mike Bauer, retired from the telecom industry, is Redline WS’s owner; he and Goerig talked with us on Monday as finishing touches were well under way.

We found out they’re intending the establishment on the street level of The Residences at 3295 to be not “just” a sports bar and restaurant, but also a coffee shop geared toward the numerous commuters who catch and/or change buses steps away at the busy 35th/Avalon intersection.

“Our biggest hope is that people will understand we are trying to take this to the next level,” Goerig enthuses.

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West Seattle Whale Watch: Orcas in view off our shores

12:05 PM: After a few days of “heading this way” but not getting within view of West Seattle, we’re told orcas ARE now in view off our shores – Trileigh Tucker just called from Lincoln Park. (Thanks also to Jeff Hogan from Killer Whale Tales for reporting earlier this morning that they had again been seen off North Seattle and were southbound again.)

12:41 PM UPDATE: Jeff just texted that the orcas have apparently turned and are now headed back NORTHBOUND, last seen off Colman Pool.

2:10 PM UPDATE: Didn’t have any luck seeing them ourselves this time, but others certainly did, including the KING 5 helicopter, whose video is embedded above (commercial that plays first is theirs, not ours). The Orca Network Facebook page‘s latest sighting report has them headed back past Bainbridge, so that’s likely it for our area for today. P.S. This is the season for orcas to venture south; last major day of sightings here was in late September.

2:31 PM UPDATE: OK, not a whale, but still wonderful – Mark Wangerin, who shares wildlife photos often, sent this harbor-seal photo, noting that it was taken “from Lincoln Park where we saw Orcas, Harbor Seals, Bald Eagle fishing, and a river otter, not to mention Loons, Grebes, etc. Amazing West Seattle Wildlife!” (P.S. The resident orcas, today’s visitors, do NOT eat seals. Transient orcas – who visit sometimes, but aren’t here now – do.)

‘One person can make a difference’: West Seattle Junction ‘stump dump’ transformed

Maybe while you were in The Junction for Sunday’s Harvest Festival – or some other visit to shop and/or dine – you noticed that newly planted mini-garden on the southwest corner of California/Alaska. You might remember when it was mostly just home to a tree stump:

Here’s the person you can thank for the transformation – Elois Gruenhagen:

The retired West Seattle teacher was featured here last June for her beautification work a bit further north, by Red Cup Espresso, whose co-proprietor Breanna Baillie sent along the photos and also this story of what Elois did and why; here’s our transcription:

‘Downtown West Seattle’ says the sign. Below was a stump used as a dump. Elois Gruenhagen has walked by that stump for 6 years hoping that someone would remove it. This spring, Elois vowed that stump would be gone by fall even if she had to sit on a little chair beside it so someone would notice.

She contacted Susan (Melrose, director of the West Seattle Junction Association). The process had begun. Elois says, “It may take many to accomplish a task, but only one to start it.”

A few weeks ago, a former first-grade student, now grown, told Elois that what he remembers about first grade was that he learned to love plants and gardening so he is teaching his daughter. One person can make a difference.

Take a walk by the corner of Alaska and California where the stump used to be and see the difference.

Thank you Elois, Susan, those who furnished plants, and Great Harvest for providing water when needed.


And thank YOU, Elois.

P.S. Thanks also to Kerry, who e-mailed us a few days ago wondering if a “guerrilla gardener” was at work and sharing this photo:

We had just begun to investigate when Elois stopped by during the Harvest Festival to mention the project and promised information would be on the way.

West Seattle Tuesday: 4 highlights for today/tonight

October 29, 2013 9:31 am
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(Monday photo by Don Brubeck)
Another sunny day, as all that fog falls further behind. From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

TODDLER PUMPKINPALOOZA: 10 am at High Point Community Center, $5 activity fee, fun fall event for the little ones. (6920 34th SW)

WEST SEATTLE COMMUNITY ORCHESTRAS: Prospective new members, youth and adults, are always welcome at the weekly rehearsals, which start at 5:30 pm tonight and just about every Tuesday at Chief Sealth International High School; check the WSCO website for specifics on who rehearses when. (2600 SW Thistle)

INFO NIGHT FOR NEW YOUTH SERVICE GROUP: As previously reported here, the Rotary Club of West Seattle is starting up an Interact club for teens and tweens, and tonight’s your chance to find out more about it. 6:30 pm at Southwest Youth and Family Services. (4555 Delridge Way SW)

‘TALES FROM THE HEARTH’: Two nights until Halloween – get into the spirit with Toastmasters 832‘s “Tales from the Hearth,” 6:30 pm at Emeritus Assisted Living (formerly Merrill Gardens; WSB sponsor), everyone 18+ welcome; details in our calendar listing. (4611 35th SW)

Lots more for today/tonight on our calendar! And check out the WSB West Seattle Halloween Guide for what’s coming up between now and post-Hallo-weekend.

You can help: Get your ticket for West Seattle Helpline benefit

October 29, 2013 9:00 am
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West Seattle Helpline sends word that your chance to help them help neighbors in need is just a few weeks away: The annual dinner event benefiting the Helpline is 6:30 pm Friday, November 15th, at the Duwamish Longhouse in West Seattle. As explained on the invitation:

The West Seattle Helpline supports over 3,500 residents each year by providing one-time emergency financial assistance. This may be due to unemployment, health crisis, or time of transition. We also refer our neighbors to community resources that may help them get back on their feet. For more than 24 years, the West Seattle Helpline has assisted the working poor in West Seattle. Despite these efforts, we must turn away families every month and the need continues to rise.

The 4th Annual Fall Fundraiser Dinner will help families meet basic needs by providing for rent and utility assistance, clothing and bus tickets. By joining us, you will directly impact the lives of those less fortunate in our community. Your contribution will directly support local families in need.

Individual tickets are $80 and on sale online right now – just go here.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday updates; answered Sound Transit survey yet?

(East-facing camera on the West Seattle Bridge; see other cams on the WSB Traffic page)
We start off this morning with two encore notes from Monday. First: One more reminder that the West Seattle Water Taxi‘s winter schedule is now in effect, until early April. Second: Sound Transit is officially asking you where its service might expand after “current voter-approved projects are complete in 2023.” This online survey includes questions about a possible light-rail extension to West Seattle and about your priorities in general – it’ll be open for a month, but why wait?

P.S. Looking way ahead to the weekend – early Sunday, it’s time-change time.

Rosary Tuesday, service Wednesday for Dorothy Cathey, 1915-2013

The memorial service for 98-year-old Dorothy Cathey is planned at Holy Rosary this Wednesday, after a Tuesday night Rosary. Here’s the remembrance her family is sharing:

Dorothy Cathey, a long-time West Seattle resident, passed peacefully in her sleep on October 22nd at her home.

Born in Tacoma, WA on March 20th, 1915, to Fred and Marie Meyer, Dorothy was one of six children. She graduated from St. Leo’s High School in Tacoma.

In 1943, Dorothy married Marquis Leonard Cathey (Len), a Seattle police officer. Together they built a family of four children, a network of wonderful friendships, and a loving marriage filled with fun and family.

Dorothy worked at J.C. Penney as a retail associate for many years. She was actively involved with Holy Rosary Parish and the Children’s Orthopedic Guild.

Dorothy was an amazing mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and friend.

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West Seattle Crime Watch: Morgan Junction incident; 4 reader reports, including zombie theft

Tonight’s West Seattle Crime Watch roundup starts with an incident late today in Morgan Junction: We received several messages about a guns-drawn police response in the California/Beveridge vicinity; here’s the explanation from Southwest Precinct Lt. Alan Williams:

An adult male was arrested after he allegedly pointed what appeared to be a handgun at an adult female victim. The suspect also was reported to have verbally threatened to shoot the victim. Southwest Precinct patrol officers arrived quickly and arrested the suspect. A weapon that appeared to be a handgun, but actually was a pellet gun, was recovered from the suspect’s person. The suspect was booked into King County Jail for Felony Harassment.

We have (updated) four reader reports to share tonight too. Matt e-mailed this morning to say:

I noticed there is a string of car break-ins reported recently. Last night our Honda Accord had the driver-side window smashed in. They didn’t take anything as there was nothing to take; however, it did look like they rifled through the car. We live on Beach Drive, near Lowman Beach Park.

Steven reports a theft over the weekend from his home in Highland Park:

My garden zombie and doormat were stolen. Also, a black skeleton hanging from the house. These items cannot be seen clearly from the road, unless you are looking from neighboring streets. I am including a picture of the garden zombie, and it should be easy to locate should it be outside.

Also, the doormat is easily identifiable as it says “Oh sh** not you again”. If you have seen any of these items please let me know. I have filed police reports already.

And a followup on the Infiniti reported stolen from 35th SW early Friday:

So Seattle Police found my Infiniti last night in the International District. No obvious damage. Outside is ok; inside is trashed and needs extensive detailing. In it, I found many comfort items (clothes, cooking pots, mechanical radio, phone chargers) of an urban nomad, it seems, including a crack pipe. Gas level was at E.

ADDED: One more reader report, from Joel, shortly after we published this. He reports an attempted burglary at his Gatewood home in the 8300 block of 39th SW, second time in three months, with a burglary attempt at his neighbors’ home on SW Rose as well.

PACK YOUR BAG! Day 27: Will you have enough to eat?

October 28, 2013 9:06 pm
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Less than a week of “Go Bag“-building to go, in our Washington State Disaster Preparedness Month project. Today’s instructions from West Seattle Be Prepared:

Are you running out of steam building your bag? Then feel free to sample as you pack; for this installment, you will top off those food supplies with dried fruit, quick energy snacks, maybe some peanut butter and more chocolate! Some nuts are OK, but they do tend to go rancid, so keep those in the original containers. This is the last food you will be adding, so you might take everything out and see how it all plays together. For your entire family/household, will you be able to get by on what you have? If you had to, could you make this stretch for one week? Most government agencies have switched from saying “3 Days 3 Ways” to advising being prepared for a full week. Today’s the day to supplement what you have. But do avoid foods that need heat or water to make edible.

We’ll say it yet again – no judging, no grade, no prize here, so if you have yet to start, just jump in, get a bag, check the archives and do what you can … the whole point here is to be ready for something we hope never happens; with winter coming, though, some of the items packed in the “Go Bag” could be helpful in case of severe weather, power outages, etc.

As-it-happened coverage: 14 schools @ West Seattle Education Fair

October 28, 2013 6:39 pm
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6:39 PM: Under way right now at the Seattle Lutheran High School gym on the north end of The Junction, fourteen local schools have representatives at the West Seattle Education Fair, ready to talk with you, serving grades pre-8th. There’s free parking in the SLHS lot right across the street from the gym (4100 SW Genesee), whose entry is marked with a big bunch of balloons. Here’s who’s here:

Cometa Playschool
Community School of West Seattle
Explorer West Middle School
(WSB sponsor)
Harbor School (WSB sponsor)
Holy Rosary School
Hope Lutheran School
Lake Washington Girls Middle School
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Seattle Girls’ School
SSCC Cooperative Preschools
Taproot School
Village Cooperative School
West Seattle Montessori School
(WSB sponsor)
Westside School (WSB sponsor)

Also here, Roxbury Spine and Wellness Clinic (WSB sponsor),, a child-safety-education organization, and us – we’re sponsoring the event, reporting live. Admission’s free and it’s a casual wandering-around setup – drop by any time before 8:30 pm.

7:29 PM UPDATE: If you’re bringing little ones – there’s a play area where they can get creative.

Many of the participating schools are here with their principals/head of schools.

At left in the photo above is Explorer West MS head of school Evan Hundley, with director of admissions Claudia Rose. Three schools are here from outside West Seattle, including Vashon Island-based Harbor School, here with Allison Reid and (right) head of school James Cardo

One more hour remaining – it’s going fast, and the turnout’s been great.

8:19 PM UPDATE: With the World Series and Seahawks game on – plus bedtime for kids – things have slowed down and some of the participants are folding up, so we’d advise against trying to rush over at the last minute. Follow the links above to the schools’ websites; many still have open houses coming up this fall. Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to SLHS for hosting an event bringing together others in the education community – below, SLHS’s Jeanne Flohr, who put the event together, with SLHS head of school Dave Meyer:

West Seattle development notes: 5 proposals, old and new

Some development proposals that might interest you, particularly if you live nearby:

35th AND GRAHAM: This big, long-vacant High Point parcel has had development proposals fall through before – most smartingly for many community members, a once-intended mixed-use development with a grocery store – and now it appears there’s another proposal: 9 single-family houses and 18 duplexes. Online files indicate the project will seek Administrative Design Review, and that it involves Lennar Homes, which is also the residential developer for the much-scrutinized 4755 Fauntleroy Way SW apartment/Whole Foods proposal. The site plan filed this month does not appear to include a strip directly fronting 35th, though. We have a message out to the Seattle Housing Authority seeking more information about this project’s status.

6917 CALIFORNIA SW: We first reported almost two weeks ago on the proposal for a 30-unit, no-offstreet-parking apartment building here (and other adjacent development), including a “lot boundary adjustment.” A sign is up for the apartment proposal because the application has now been formally filed, which opens the comment period.

4522 DELRIDGE WAY SW: A new application to the city seeks permits for four single-family homes at 4522 Delridge Way SW.

ALSO IN NORTH DELRIDGE: The ND Neighborhood Council mailing list had first word of a proposal at 4150 Delridge Way SW, which on this page mentions one 6-unit “rowhouse” building, but on the “site plan” associated with the project shows two 6-unit buildings.

Speaking of rowhouses:

5457 FAUNTLEROY WAY SW: Today’s Land Use Information Bulletin includes an announcement of approval of the five-unit rowhouse planned on the Fauntleroy/Findlay site that currently holds an century-old house (our first mention of this proposal was back in June). The deadline for appeals is November 12th. Read the full decision here.

HOW TO COMMENT ON ANY PROJECT: For any of the above – or any other that’s in progress – this DPD page explains how to comment (that includes appeals).

Video: Guardian One’s view of Saturday night pursuit on 509

Saturday night, readers in the Highland Park and South Park areas messaged us about a helicopter; it wasn’t a mystery for long, because shortly thereafter, the King County Sheriff’s Office Guardian One crew tweeted that it was the resolution of a pursuit involving Burien Police. Checking their feed just now while investigating a NEW helicopter report (Delridge area, noontime, gone before we arrived), we discovered they’re sharing the Guardian One view of the pursuit via video uploaded to YouTube (if you can’t see the embedded version above, go here). When the video begins, the chase is headed north – then the suspect’s car U-turns and heads south.

3:33 PM: We asked KCSO for more on the incident. From Deputy Charlie Akers:

A deputy was behind a car in the 12800 block of northbound 509. The car was traveling about 15 MPH under the speed limit and was weaving across the roadway. Believing the driver was DUI, the deputy tried to stop the car and the chase was on. Before the Guardian 1 arrived, the chase exited the freeway and went down surface streets. The driver also evaded spike strips that were deployed. A PIT maneuver was used when the lead deputy believed the driver was slowing down to do another u-turn down a on-ramp in the wrong direction. A 26 year old Burien man was taken into custody for investigation of Felony Eluding. It did not appear to the deputies on scene that the driver was DUI. The case was sent to detectives for follow-up and filing of charges.

SDOT, Seattle Police clearing encampment site off Myers Way

The latest city cleanup at an encampment site is a big one – a neighbor tells WSB that it’s been under way since last week on city-owned land near the edge of the city limits on Myers Way S., south of the Joint Training Facility, not far from where a state worker posting eviction notices was stabbed two months ago. Down a trail, individual campsites like this can be seen:

Along the clearing just off the road, abandoned shopping carts are lined up.

Crews are continuing to bag and load up what’s being cleared.

We have an inquiry out, asking the city for more information on this operation, and will add whatever else we find out.

West Seattle restaurants: Opening day for Alki Fatburger

The third restaurant on the southwest corner of 61st/Alki since the abrupt Alki Bakery closure three years ago, which also happens to be the first Fatburger in the Seattle city limits, is now open. The franchisees decided over the weekend to open at 11 am today; it wasn’t in the cards when we talked with them last Friday, to set a time this morning to come in and take photos. But as noted in our West Seattle Monday preview (thanks to a reader tip), a sign went up on the door this morning, almost three months after we first reported Fatburger was coming in after the closure of Bada Bistro.

In addition to the Fatburger menu focused on burgers and fries (gluten-free bun available for an extra charge, by the way), this location also is co-locating Buffalo’s – which, you might correctly guess, focuses on wings – and a full bar (the menu posted on the window lists a variety of specialty drinks).

Proprietor Bruce, working fast to get ready to open, told us this morning that this isn’t a “soft open” – this is it. Hours are expected to be 11 am-9 pm for starters. If you’re not familiar with Fatburger – it was founded in Los Angeles in 1952; in Western Washington, it’s had Eastside locations for years, but the Alki location is the first one in Seattle.

West Seattle Monday: Education Fair tonight, and more

(Sunday afternoon Alki photo by Bill Bacon)
Welcome to a new week! From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

WEST SEATTLE EDUCATION FAIR, SPONSORED BY WSB: If you are school-shopping for next year, come to the gym at Seattle Lutheran High School tonight, 6:30-8:30 pm, to talk with representatives of 18 local schools, pre-K through middle grades. It’s the West Seattle Education Fair, hosted and presented by SLHS, sponsored by WSB. Admission free. (4100 SW Genesee)

(Photo by David French – one of two boarders he says were headed from Alki to Lincoln Park)
RESTAURANT OPENING: Today marks 2 weeks since our last update on the Alki Fatburger restaurant, in which one of its proprietors told us they hoped to open in “2 to 4 weeks.” This morning, Alki resident Peter tells us a sign on the door says it’s opening at 11 am today. We’ll be checking on that! (61st/Alki)

TIME TO SPARE AT NOON? Daystar Toastmasters would love to meet you and help you work on your speaking skills/style. Noon at Daystar across from Westwood Village. (2615 SW Barton)

LAST CALL TO REGISTER TO VOTE: If you haven’t been registered in this state before, today is your last chance to sign up in time to vote in the November 5th election – but you have to do it in person; scroll down that linked page for location info.

SEAHAWKS ON MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Along with the regular haunts for watching, Feedback Lounge (WSB sponsor) is in for the Seahawks vs. Rams game tonight, 5:40 pm, on the big screen; details on the FL home page. (6451 California SW)

FREE CLASS: “Introduction to Pranic Healing,” 6:30 pm at Chaco Canyon Organic Café in The Triangle; details in our calendar listing. (37th/Alaska)

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: What’s happening Monday

(East-facing camera on the West Seattle Bridge; see other cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Nothing major on the routes out of West Seattle so far this morning. If you travel to/through Capitol Hill, two routes are affected by an overnight incident involving someone believed to have been hit and killed by a Metro bus.

HOPING FOR WEST SEATTLE LIGHT RAIL SOMEDAY? TELL SOUND TRANSIT NOW Sound Transit is advertising with WSB (among other media outlets) to let people know about its upcoming “scoping” hearing in Seattle, looking at where its service might expand after “current voter-approved projects are complete in 2023.” Whether or not you can go to the November 12th hearing (full details here), you can take an online survey NOW to share your thoughts with ST – go here.

8:51 AM UPDATE: Two-car crash, no injuries on the 1st Avenue South Bridge northbound, just before Michigan:

9:08 AM UPDATE: This crash was quickly down to just one lane and not expected to be a traffic-affecting problem for long.

WEST SEATTLE WATER TAXI NOW ON WINTER SCHEDULE: Yet another reminder, today marks the start of the Water Taxi’s winter schedule – morning and afternoon/evening commute, weekdays only, through April 6th.

10:05 AM UPDATE: Crash on the Alaskan Way Viaduct, northbound 99 parallel with University. Thanks to reader KD for early tip on this one, before we heard the dispatch on the scanner; police are on the way now. KD says traffic is starting to back up (and shared the following photo):

There’s now a medic dispatch to NB 99/Western – not sure if it’s this or something else.

Update: Driver hits parked car on Avalon Way, flips car, runs

12:58 AM: Happening right now in the 3000 block of Avalon Way (map) and vicinity – police are looking for a driver who ran away after her car rolled over.

1:08 AM UPDATE: Thanks to Tyler for the photo. As you can see, at least one parked car was hit (thanks also to Kim for that additional detail – and the photo below, showing more of the scene).

1:17 AM UPDATE: Per scanner, the suspected driver, described as a 30-year-old woman, has been found about two blocks away, and will be checked out by SFD medics.

How many coho will come to Fauntleroy Creek this year? Drummers, singers welcome them home

That “circle of life” included multiple types of new arrivals during the annual “drum to call the salmon home” event at the Fauntleroy Creek overlook tonight, the eve of the annual watch for coho spawners.

It’s always an all-ages affair, but this time the span included at least four babies. And it included newly arrived West Seattleites – as it wrapped up, a departing family revealed they had just moved here from Texas. Now, the wait is on for more arrivals – the salmon themselves, should they take up the invitation extended by more than 50 who came to drum, sing, and move:

They even came for humor – creek/watershed steward Judy Pickens, who emcees the event year after year, was among those with a joke to tell:

(Sample joke: Why did the salmon cross the creek? To make a deposit in the bank.) Early on, Judy recounted the story of the event’s origins 19 years ago, when “three of us ventured down to the mouth of the creek” and ceremonially made some noise attempting to imitate the slapping sound of the female coho’s tail, creating the space for her eggs. Last year set a record, with 274 spawners counted, more than 100 above the previous record, set in 2001.

Election 2013: Sen. Ed Murray, West Seattle supporters warn that victory ‘is not a done deal’

With nine days until voting ends and vote-counting begins, mayoral candidate State Sen. Ed Murray rallied supporters this afternoon at West Seattle’s Beveridge Place Pub. It was more an appearance to energize supporters than to win new ones; though Murray’s been leading in polls, he and supporters warned that victory “is not a done deal.” Three West Seattle-residing backers – State Rep. Eileen Cody, County Councilmember Joe McDermott, and SEIU 775NW health-care-workers-union president Dave Rolf — spoke for twice as long as Murray’s four-plus minutes; you can see our entire video clip, starting with their speeches, by clicking here, or hit “play” in the window below to skip ahead to what Murray said:

The mayoral hopeful harkened to his West Seattle roots, and singled out a locally hot topic, transportation, as an issue he thinks he can sort out: “We can have a transportation system where we can actually make bicycles, cars, buses, streetcars, pedestrians, all be able to interact … it’s going to take a different vision and a different approach … the ability to think differently about public policy, and not just say, ‘oh, we (already) have a plan for transportation’ …” Among the catch phrases in his remarks: He says he would be a mayor who “doesn’t fight Seattle, but fights for Seattle.” The event concluded with a request for volunteers to work the phones and/or walk the precincts to help “get out the vote.” Murray’s opponent Mayor Mike McGinn is scheduled to campaign in West Seattle next Saturday (November 2nd), with a 2:30 pm “town hall”-style gathering at Delridge Branch Library.