PACK YOUR BAG! Day 27: Will you have enough to eat?

October 28, 2013 9:06 pm
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Less than a week of “Go Bag“-building to go, in our Washington State Disaster Preparedness Month project. Today’s instructions from West Seattle Be Prepared:

Are you running out of steam building your bag? Then feel free to sample as you pack; for this installment, you will top off those food supplies with dried fruit, quick energy snacks, maybe some peanut butter and more chocolate! Some nuts are OK, but they do tend to go rancid, so keep those in the original containers. This is the last food you will be adding, so you might take everything out and see how it all plays together. For your entire family/household, will you be able to get by on what you have? If you had to, could you make this stretch for one week? Most government agencies have switched from saying “3 Days 3 Ways” to advising being prepared for a full week. Today’s the day to supplement what you have. But do avoid foods that need heat or water to make edible.

We’ll say it yet again – no judging, no grade, no prize here, so if you have yet to start, just jump in, get a bag, check the archives and do what you can … the whole point here is to be ready for something we hope never happens; with winter coming, though, some of the items packed in the “Go Bag” could be helpful in case of severe weather, power outages, etc.

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