9 nights after mayoral forum, 34th District Democrats host multitude of other candidates

Seattle Port Commission races often get little attention, but deserve more, candidates told the 34th District Democrats at their monthly meeting in Fauntleroy last night. Most of the meeting was devoted to a candidates’ forum moderated by chair Marcee Stone-Vekich, with various races from Burien City Council to Southwest Sewer District – not including Seattle Mayor, since the 34th DDs co-sponsored the campaign’s first major forum just last week in Georgetown. (Here’s our coverage of that event, including video of the entire forum.)

Our video above features the three Port Commission candidates who showed up, from left: Commissioner John Creighton, candidate Michael Wolfe, and recent commission appointee Stephanie Bowman.

Part of the forum included unopposed (so far) candidates, among them King County Sheriff John Urquhart, who was elected last year to the remaining year of his predecessor’s term, so has to run again this year:

Also appearing, three Seattle City Councilmembers (Sally Bagshaw, Mike O’Brien, and Richard Conlin) and one candidate, Albert Shen. Our video from that section of the forum had technical trouble, unfortunately, so we will have to catch up with them at another forum. 34th DDs’ webmaster Bill Schrier did share a photo from a point where the four were asked if they support Seattle annexing White Center and vicinity – the “waffles” were for those who hadn’t made up their mind – only Conlin held up his “YES” paddle:

Before the forum, the district’s state Sen. Sharon Nelson and Rep. Eileen Cody discussed the legislative session just past and the special session coming up next week. Asked if they see much hope of a transportation/transit-funding fix in the special session, here’s how they replied:

The 34th DDs did not take any endorsement votes last night – that’s coming up at their next meeting, second Wednesday in June (that’ll be June 12th).

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