West Seattle Crime Watch: Missing from the porch

What is believed to have been stolen from a Fauntleroy porch today wasn’t a package – just something left for friends, by friends. David is just hoping to get the items back:

Some friends left a Trader Joe’s paper grocery bag on our front porch this afternoon (in the 8400 block of) Fauntleroy Way SW (directly across the street from Lincoln Park, just north of the southern parking lot) and the bag was stolen from the porch. It’s terribly frustrating because the bag didn’t contain much except a couple of kids’ books and kids’ sunglasses (both Easter presents), and my prescription glasses (which I have no backup for). Nothing of value to anyone but me and my family. Hopefully someone might come across the contents (maybe dumped in the park?) and could return to them to us. My phone number is 206-349-5477.

5 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Missing from the porch"

  • Sarah March 31, 2013 (9:29 pm)

    That is horrible. I hope someone finds it and is kind enough to return it. Happy Easter.

  • dconrad March 31, 2013 (9:51 pm)

    Thanks for posting this – in case anyone sees items they aren’t sure about – we’re missing:
    • a book called “Creative Lettering”
    • a drawing pad
    • a cake cookbook (from the white center library)
    • a white size 3 soccer ball
    • eye glasses with thick black steel frames in a brown leather case
    • a small plastic toy dump truck
    • two pairs of kids sunglasses (dark blue and white frames)
    • Two kids’ faith in humanity after having their Easter presents stolen.

  • monosyllabic girl April 1, 2013 (12:09 am)

    Sorry. The books might show up on a craigslist or eBay resell site, or the glasses if the prescription was written in detail. I’ll keep a lookout as we live nearby,too. It’s always a bummer.

  • Rockford Columbo April 1, 2013 (4:07 am)

    I hope your items are found tossed in the bushes somewhere and returned to you. I have discovered cast off stolen items numerous times and managed to get them to their rightful owner. Good luck.

  • AE April 1, 2013 (10:03 am)

    That stinks. I hope someone finds your glasses. Some thief stole a bucket of junk from my front porch recently. I hope they enjoy the broken jumper cables and nasty old gloves that were waiting for gabage day. Duh.

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