Roxhill Castle’s ‘artist-in-residence’ needs helping hands ASAP

The Roxhill Castle playground is close to opening at Roxhill Park (as noted during the recent organizational meeting for a new community council) – and this week, its “artist in residence” needs help for finishing touches. Mike Henderson e-mailed to say the main castle’s turret – which project organizers told us emerged as something special during the volunteer build last fall – is “in the final push”:

It’s going really well thanks in large part to a small group of great volunteers. We are in the final push this week and need extra people for mosaic work, sponging down the installed tile, and the final grouting. Every day, 10-2, with Saturday the 23rd being the day to grout. We have all the tools needed on site and all the tasks are easy to learn. The only limitation is having to climb a ladder to get onto the scaffolding.

He shared the photos of parts of the turret:

If you can help any day this week, please e-mail Mike at (And since 10 am is fast approaching as we publish this, if you’re able to help today, you can likely track him down on site; the park is south of SW Barton, across from the southwest side of Westwood Village.)

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  • Wess Cider February 18, 2013 (8:30 pm)

    Is this thing going to weather and remain safe? Will this be inspected for safety by the city? I was in the area a few evenings ago and noticed that this tiling had been done over what appears to be composite decking material (that has too much give for tile long term). In my opinion that is a bad idea structurally, considering that this turret hangs high above our little ones’ heads.

    I like the idea of unique art in our parks for sure, but honestly, why here? Why not at ground level? Hasn’t this turret tiling delayed the opening of this new play ground? I thought it was supposed to open back in December. Not trying to sound negative, just concerned, especially where safety comes into play. After all, it’s supposed to be about the kids first, right?

  • mcbride February 19, 2013 (7:23 am)

    Good questions, I’ll answer them in reverse.
    This park is about the kids, but also the community. The point of This park, how it came to pass, how it was built, was to provide the kids of this community especially with a sense of place, identity, and pride.
    The park has two areas which were under construction simultaneously, the play structure and the skate spot. When the play structure was completed in November, it was discussed that it could be opened in December, after additional elements (swings, climbing dome, etc.) were installed. After unforeseen delays, it was an easy decision by the Parks dept to open the whole park on the same day, after the skate spot was completed. Right now, that looks to be in about a week, with an official opening happening later, probably in April.
    So, no. The tiling hasn’t delayed anything.
    We discussed additional tiling at ground level. Apparently, it’s more dangerous there. Why here’s answer is mostly above, with this additional – Because we could. Yes, it was extra work, but it was good work. The opportunity arose, and someone took it. It’s my belief that the best things happen when someone who can do a good thing says yes to it.
    The play structure is built primarily from Trex, which comes in structural and non-structural (decking) versions. We used both, in their intended fashion. Not for the turret though, which has a wire and cement superstructure, perfect for tiling. You can see photos of it being erected on this very blog, I believe.
    My day job is Business Continuity which is the private-sector term for Emergency Management, and what I prefer to describe as Everything That Can Possibly Go Wrong. It is my professional opinion that nothing is ever safe. However, this park has been inspected by the city several times, and would not open to the public if undue risk were involved. I’m gonna climb all over it with my kids, anyway.
    Anyway, thanks for reading. If you get the chance, drop by for an early preview and lay some tile. You’ll get the chance to see it up close, talk to the artist himself, and do something of lasting good. I recommend it.

  • I'mcoveredinbees February 19, 2013 (12:51 pm)

    Beautiful! I’m in.

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