TRANSIT/TRAFFIC TODAY: Between-holidays Thursday

(Refresh page for newest image from west-facing West Seattle Bridge cam; more cameras here)
We’re expecting another lighter-than-usual traffic day, though probably not as light as Wednesday. One important transit note:

METRO CONTINUES ‘REDUCED WEEKDAY’ SCHEDULE: With Metro on this schedule again today and tomorrow (Friday) as well as Monday, then on a Sunday schedule for New Year’s Day next Tuesday, weekday service won’t return to normal until January 2nd. Scroll down this Metro webpage to see the lists of which routes are normal, which are reduced, and which are canceled.

9:25 AM: Multiple reports in comments and texts say at least one stalled vehicle is to blame for backups on 99 northbound.

9 Replies to "TRANSIT/TRAFFIC TODAY: Between-holidays Thursday"

  • wsea December 27, 2012 (8:04 am)

    Metro should update the schedule to say: Between now and 99/99/9999 you will see a reduced schedule. Please seek alternatives such as biking, walking or having your spouse drop you off.

  • Work downtown December 27, 2012 (8:31 am)

    Really slow going northbound 99. Maybe a stall around the stadiums?

  • Kim December 27, 2012 (8:40 am)

    Stalled car north99 at Qwest. Backed up past W.Seattle bridge.

  • Julie December 27, 2012 (9:19 am)

    Our Rapid Ride bus re-routed to 4th Ave due to stalled cars on 99.

    • WSB December 27, 2012 (9:25 am)

      Thanks all – sharing this info in other channels and adding to body of the traffic tracker – TR

  • Mike December 27, 2012 (9:27 am)

    Came by stall in stadium area a little before 8. Assumed the two guys would push car out of way. Based on later postings, I guessed wrong.

  • dq December 27, 2012 (9:28 am)

    99 north still really slow going.

  • Hormel December 27, 2012 (10:45 am)

    What happened to the WSDOT tow truck that used to sit on the side of the road to get these stalls out of the way? The stall was there when I crawled by at 8, can’t believe it took so long to get it removed.
    Maybe WSDOT is following the Metro Schedule!

  • Mike B December 27, 2012 (10:59 am)

    We went by the same stalled car at 9:30. I was also surprised not to see any WSDOT trucks.

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