Roxhill Castle update: Lots of volunteers still needed, stat

As our photo from this morning shows, Roxhill Park is a very busy construction zone right now, with the skatespot and playground-renovations site both in progress. As mentioned here last week, the community build date for the new Roxhill Castle play structure is coming up fast – just a few weeks away, November 2-6 – but could be canceled/postponed if enough volunteers can’t be rounded up. The company that made the old Roxhill Castle – which was deteriorating and had to be replaced for safety’s sake – and the new one, Leathers and Associates, only puts in “community-built” structures – as the slogan on their website puts it, “Community-built builds community.”

Local advocate/organizer Mat McBride is spearheading the community aspect of this project and was making the rounds of three meetings last night (we heard him speak to the North Delridge Neighborhood Council) to explain what’s needed – 70 volunteers (must be at least 18) per shift per day during the build. Plus, tools and food for those volunteers. If you can lend a hand, please sign up ASAP – if “a certain level of volunteer commitment” is not achieved soon, “the build dates might be canceled,” he says. It’ll just take a few hours out of a day – but you’ll be making a difference for all the kids who will play there in the years ahead. Sign-up information and more is on this website: – or just go here. Questions about the project?

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  • lina October 9, 2012 (8:27 pm)

    Join us in creating an amazing play space for our kids and our community! This neighborhood (I am a little biased because I live near the park) needs and deserves a vibrant place for our children to plan and for families to gather. Since the old playground in disrepair has been torn down, litter has accumulated and the bog has become a hang out spot (not in a good way) criss-crossed by social trails. I truly believe in crime prevention through good environmental and community design. When a community uses a space, it is statistically shown that crime rates go down. Let’s come together, give our community a safe place to gather and play!

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