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High-school football: Chief Sealth beats Evergreen, 26-20

(Sealth’s Trevor Forsell, #10, had two TDs. Photos by Nick Adams for WSB)
The first game of the season is in the books: At Southwest Athletic Complex tonight, in a hard-fought game, it was Chief Sealth International High School 26, Evergreen High School (in White Center) 20.

(Halftime meeting on the north side of the stadium)
This was the first game and the first win for Sealth’s new head football coach Luther Carr (who told us back in February, “If we do the right thing, the victories will come.”). WSB co-publisher Patrick Sand talked with him on camera right after the game:

Story ahead (and more photos) …

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West Seattle authors: Terry Brooks @ Westwood tomorrow; book event @ WSPC next weekend

Two author updates! First – if you hadn’t already seen it on the WSB West Seattle Events Calendar – or the author’s own website – tomorrow is the annual hometown appearance by mega-best-selling fantasy author Terry Brooks. He’ll be at Barnes and Noble in Westwood Village at 2 pm Saturday. Melissa from B&N notes that it’s a discussion and signing of Brooks’ “new book, ‘Wards of Faerie: The Dark Legacy of Shannara.’ We always have a good crowd for Mr. Brooks, so be sure to arrive early for a good seat!” (We can confirm that – WSB has covered his West Seattle appearances every year since 2007 – our photo is from last year.)

Second – Next Saturday, a book-signing (and more) event at West Side Presbyterian Church, whose longtime Senior Pastor Paul Smith is a contributor. Here’s the church’s announcement:

All are invited to a “book launching” of David Marshall’s new book, “Faith Seeking Understanding,” on Saturday, September 8, from 7 to 9 pm in the Howell Auditorium of West Side Presbyterian Church. The book is a compilation by David and “a few of his friends” to, first of all, honor Dr. Paul Brand (former WS resident, Orthopedic surgeon and pioneer in reconstructive surgery to leprosy patients, missionary, and author), and Ralph Winter (U.S. Center for World Missions). Other contributors to “Faith Seeking Understanding” include Philip Yancey (Christian author of 29+ books), Earl Palmer (Pastor Emeritus of University Presbyterian; founder, Earl Palmer Ministries), Miriam Adeney (SPU professor and author), Ben McFarland (SPU biochemistry professor), and Paul Smith (senior pastor of West Side Presbyterian for more than 30 years). Several will be joining David Marshall for the “book launching!” Books will be available for just $12. It’s a unique opportunity to hear and meet the authors, be among the first to get your book “hot off the press” and have it autographed!

Another traffic alert: Crash on northbound 99

August 31, 2012 8:17 pm
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If you have to head downtown or beyond, avoid northbound Highway 99. A crash earlier this evening drew a major medical response, and the camera on the WSB Traffic page still shows a significant backup. One WSB’er says he saw the car “bouncing off the rails” just before the crash.

West Seattle coyotes: Sunning near Schmitz Park

“Look who was sunbathing in my backyard today!” Jude wrote, sharing this photo on the WSB Facebook page. Clearest, “closest” coyote photo we’ve seen in a while – but no, Jude wasn’t really face-to-face with this one; she was inside her home and equipped with good camera equipment, as well as skill. She lives near Schmitz Park – but remember, as our map of WSB’ers’ coyote reports showed, they’re everywhere, not just near parks/greenbelts. (If you do wind up close to one, the best thing to do for their sake and yours is to try hard to scare it away – the state’s coyote-info page has suggestions.)

Under the almost-full moon: Scenes on, and off, Seacrest

(Photos by Nick Adams for WSB)
On Thursday night, standup paddleboarders went out on the Magical Moonlight Paddle with Alki Kayak Tours (WSB sponsor). Tonight, it’s kayakers’ turn. Last night, WSB contributing photojournalist Nick Adams went out for the views from, and off, Seacrest – including the moon/plane view featured here earlier today – ahead, more of what he saw:

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West Seattle traffic alert: Crash blocking Delridge/Barton

August 31, 2012 4:26 pm
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4:26 PM: Thanks to everybody who has texted about this – police and fire are on the scene of a crash at Delridge and Barton. The response level doesn’t suggest major injuries, but the texters say the road is blocked – we’re off to check it out.

5 PM UPDATE: The call has closed.

Followup: Post-Town Hall, city puts Morgan St. bike lane ‘on hold’

Example #2 of why speaking up at public meetings can make a difference: Above, that’s Morgan Junction resident and longtime neighborhood volunteer Cindi Barker (with neighborhood-district coordinator Ed Pottharst holding the mike, and Chas Redmond in the background) at Mayor McGinn‘s West Seattle Town Hall this past Tuesday night. As reported in our coverage of the event, Barker asked the mayor about a West Seattle bike-lane plan that had suddenly turned up in SDOT flyers around her neighborhood, with no previous public announcement, and seemingly imminent – a lane on the south side of SW Morgan between Fauntleroy and 35th SW, with all parking removed on that side of Morgan as a result. Barker said she is not opposed to bike lanes, but she was concerned about, among other factors, the prospect of losing parking close to the Morgan Junction business district, and the lack of previous outreach – the flyer said installation was planned for “later this summer” – as in, done deal, any time now. The mayor referred her to an SDOT rep at the meeting; we also contacted SDOT to ask for more information. This afternoon, we received this reply from SDOT spokesperson Marybeth Turner:

Based on what we’ve heard during the initial outreach, we will put the Morgan Street project on hold until 2013 while we see what comes out of the Bicycle Master Plan Update and consider the suggestion for a neighborhood greenway on SW Graham Street. We will also conduct additional community outreach. Once we’ve done these things, we will decide how to move forward.

For context on what the project would have – and might in the future, since “on hold” doesn’t mean “scrapped” – entail, take a look at the flyer (which Barker scanned to share with WSB) – front here, back here. P.S. If you missed “Example #1” – here’s that story.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Car-prowl arrest; bike, mail thefts

Four reader reports in today’s West Seattle Crime Watch roundup. First, three short theft notes, and then (after the jump, if you read this from the WSB home page), the story of a car-prowl arrest – and what police subsequently told us about it.

#1 – Mac reports a bike theft:

I just had my bike stolen (Thursday) from our apartment’s secure garage at California and Hudson. It is a teal and purple Novarra (I think that’s the brand), with black handlebars and a small cargo rack on the back. It has an old bike computer mount danging from the handlebars, and new tires. It wasn’t the nicest bike, but it got me where I wanted to go. Maybe someone will see it?

#2 – A mail-theft report from A:

My boyfriend and I live on North Delridge, across from the community center. We have been suspecting mail theft for a long time, but (Wednesday) night I finally found proof: our mailbox was left wide open and our junk mail was scattered down the street.

#3 – Also mail theft, reported by Tommy:

Just wanted to give a heads up that there has been a resurgence in mail stealing on the 5600 block of 26th Ave SW. It’s been a problem in the past; didn’t happen much this summer; seems to be happening again. It isn’t much fun trying to find a pet ID on the side of the road that was being sent from the City of Seattle (those little things aren’t cheap!).

After the jump, a Morgan Junction resident tells the story of how they’ve been hit by repeated car prowls and made the call last night that resulted in an arrest – plus, our followup with police:

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West Seattle’s police precinct to host special blood drive Tuesday

Holiday weekends are often a perilous time for blood supply – more need, fewer donations. Right after the Labor Day weekend, a one-day drive is planned here in West Seattle, just announced by Seattle Police Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Steve Paulsen:

On Tuesday, September 4th, 2012, we will be having a blood drive at the SW Precinct. The Puget Sound Blood Center will be stationed in our parking lot.

We are partnering with King County Sheriff’s Department, the Department of Justice, and the Ahmadiyya Muslim community as a commemoration to honor the victims of 9/11.

The blood drive will be between 10 am and 4 pm. … The donation of blood is something we all can do that is positive as well as its impact in saving lives for all people. We invite our entire West Seattle community to stop by and give a pint!

The precinct is on SW Webster at Delridge Way SW – here’s a map.

West Seattle Friday: Longhouse ‘market’; football; more

Our full-moon photo is by WSB contributing photojournalist Nick Adams, who was out on and by the water at Seacrest for last night’s “blue moon” – watch here for more of his photos later today. Meantime, this might be a good night for more moon-watching – the moonrise/moonset times are always on the WSB West Seattle Weather page, by the way – since the calendar for today/tonight is fairly light – you can see all the listings here. Two highlights include the first day of a two-day “Native Market and Jumble Days” rummage/estate/crafts/food sale event (till 4 pm) at the Duwamish Longhouse, and the local high-school-football kickoff, Chief Sealth vs. Evergreen at Southwest Athletic Complex, 7 pm.

West Seattle Water Taxi’s fall/winter schedule to start at 6:15 am

(WSB photo, October 2011)
Good news for early-bird commuters – the King County Ferry District Board (aka King County Council) has approved a fall/winter schedule change. Here’s the official announcement:

When the water taxi begins its winter commute schedule for West Seattle on Monday, October 29, riders will be able to depart at 6:15 a.m. from Seacrest Park. This is thirty minutes earlier than the present 6:45 a.m. first departure, which does not accommodate commuters who need to arrive to work by 7:00 a.m.

The 6:15 a.m. run was the most popular of the added sailings last October during the Alaskan Way Viaduct closure week and was used by many new commuters working in health-care fields headed to First Hill and other riders looking to get an early start to their work day. This new departure will replace the current 9:15 a.m. departure from Seacrest dock. The last sailing of the morning from Seacrest Park will be at 8:45 a.m. The afternoon water taxi sailing schedule will remain the same.

Here’s the full fall/winter schedule. Wondering if the WSWT will keep the 6:15 am beyond winter? We asked spokesperson Rochelle Ogershok, who says that will be part of a “larger budget conversation” next year, and that its popularity will of course be watched.

P.S. This coming Monday – Labor Day – the West Seattle Water Taxi will be on a Sunday schedule, while the Vashon Water Taxi will not run.

Video: New westbound Spokane Street Viaduct ramp is open

Just back from SODO, where we verified that the new ramp to/from the westbound Spokane Street Viaduct is indeed open. For the first time in more than two years, you can get onto the westbound West Seattle Bridge without taking I-5 or Highway 99. The dash-cam view right at 6 am:

The old westbound onramp at 1st/Spokane closed in May 2010 and was demolished shortly thereafter as part of the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project; the old westbound onramp at 4th/Spokane was closed in 1993, but not torn down till this project (we photographed the then-15-year-old sign for our first in-depth look at the then-upcoming SSVWP in May 2008).

Note that this opening does NOT mark the end of the project – westbound surface Spokane Street won’t open for another month or so, SDOT says, and that’s also when they expect to reopen the eastbound 1st Avenue S. offramp, which is being repaired/resurfaced.

ADDED 3:14 PM: Thanks to KING 5 for sharing this SkyKING image of the new ramp:

The image looks toward the northeast – that’s the offramp on top, the onramp “below” it.

West Seattle schools: Lafayette playground phase 3’s 3 ideas

During tonight’s Summer Concerts at Hiawatha finale, at the south edge of the row of sponsor/community group tables bordering the lawn, Sean Reynolds was there on a mission: To talk with anyone interested in Phase 3 of the Lafayette Elementary Playground Improvement Project, for which volunteers – who in previous rounds have engaged in various forms of fundraising – are seeking a city grant. This time, it’s the area between the school building’s west side and the playground – with three concepts in play right now. Sean shared the PDFs you can open to take a closer look at each concept:

Concept A
Concept B
Concept C

Each weaves aspects of environmental learning with improvements to reduce the impermeable area of the schoolyard. If you haven’t already commented on them, there’s one more chance next week:

Master Plan presentation meeting – Thursday, September 6th, 7:00 PM Lafayette Elementary
This meeting will be a presentation to the community of the updated Lafayette Elementary School Phase III Master Plan to be submitted to the city in an attempt to win funding through the City of Seattle Parks & Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Fund. This will be the final round of feedback to incorporate into the materials to be submitted with the application on September 17th.

It’s been almost exactly a year, by the way, since Phase 2 was dedicated just before the start of school last year.

West Seattle wildlife: Pup death checked out by Seal Sitters

Seal-pup season isn’t all cheery news of pup sightings – Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding Network has to handle the sad calls too. Like the one Robin Lindsey reports tonight:

I just wanted to give your readers a heads up that Seal Sitters MMSN responded to a report of a dead pup at Lincoln Park late this afternoon. The pup was decomposed to the point that we could not get an i.d. and was not a candidate for necropsy to determine cause of death. The pup was definitely thin, however. We marked the pup with two fluorescent magenta dots of paint and are hoping that the pup disappears with the tide tonight, providing nourishment for other sea critters. If the pup comes back ashore, we are asking folks to please call the hotline @ 206-905-7325 (SEAL) and we will have Parks bury him. The marine mammal stranding networks mark dead animals with either a green grease marker or fluorescent spray in order to keep track of mortality statistics and not be counting the same animal twice.

Since harbor seal pups have only a 50% chance of survival their first year, Seal Sitters does indeed respond to quite a few dead pups each year; it is definitely the sad side of the work we do. On the flip side, it is exhilarating to watch over a stretching/yawning/snoozing pup on the beach, knowing we are all giving that pup the very best chance to thrive. Here’s to lots of fat and happy pups this season!

Update: Last of this year’s Summer Concerts at Hiawatha

6:46 PM: We’re on the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center – where the sun is shining on the south half of the field, but there’s a bit of an almost-autumn chill in the shade, as Curtains For You plays its first set of the last Summer Concerts at Hiawatha show this year. Come by – free popsicles for everybody who wants one (come see the Admiral Neighborhood Association at the east edge of the lawn – we’re right next to them), free face painting for kids – or, arm-painting …

… and free music, till 8.

7:42 PM: Another couple songs and they’re wrapping up. ANA president Katy Walum took the stage to thank this year’s sponsors, musicians, volunteers, and attendees. And – last but not least – her ever-supportive husband Erik Walum:

And Katy confirmed there’ll be a fifth season of Summer Concerts at Hiawatha! More to come in our wrapup of tonight, including a clip of Curtains For You (which will open for The Head and The Heart at the Paramount downtown on September 15th).

10:30 PM: Here’s the clip:

And we’ve been meaning during the season to mention the stage crew, Randy Knowles and Dave Grixoni, who’ve worked every concert in the series:

Dave is a letter carrier by day, around The Junction. He’s been working on the concerts ever since Katy Walum called him, having heard from someone that he knew something about sound systems. They talked about the Admiral setup – and eventually Katy asked if he could run the sound. Dave said Hiawatha had some great equipment (board, amps, speakers) so it shouldn’t be too hard. He had played in bands with Randy, and between the two of them, they had equipment if anything wasn’t readily available. They’d known each other since Randy’s days at a local store; Dave delivered the mail to the store, got to talking with Randy, and they decided to play music together.

Their first band, they told WSB co-publisher Patrick Sand, was the Neil Young tribute band Ragged Glory (which played the Hiawatha series its first year), and that’s morphed into Melanie and Her Blue Suede Dudes, much more bluesy, they say, than Ragged Glory.

Since they have worked together for so long, it only takes about an hour for them to set up, and the sound check for a 6:30 pm concert is usually 5 pm. So look for Dave and Randy next year – the unsung heroes behind the scenes (or, at least, the stage).

West Seattle Crime Watch: Ex-caregiver pleads not guilty to stealing from Holocaust survivor

A 54-year-old Alki woman is accused of stealing thousands of dollars and jewelry from a 91-year-old Holocaust survivor for whom she served as a caregiver earlier this year. Mary C. Park was in King County Superior Court today and pleaded not guilty to first-degree theft. She spent a day in jail after her arrest earlier this month, but she has no criminal history, and the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office says Park will remain out of custody while the case proceeds. Charging and search-warrant documents say Park started working last February for the family of the victim, who is said to have stored cash in her home because of fears tracing back to having been sent to the Auschwitz death camp during World War II. It’s suspected that Park stole the cash one day last month when the victim recalls having been told to get into the bathtub and ordered to stay there. Gold, opal, and diamond necklaces were discovered to be missing, too. The family fired Park at the end of July, documents say, and called police days later after realizing the money and jewelry were missing. Park is due back in court on September 13th.

West Seattle scenes: SUP and pup; cavorting canine

For some reason, today feels like Friday. (Are you taking a four-day weekend? Maybe we’re feeling it by online osmosis.) So before the next news story, two photos. Top, Barb Joseph shares the scene from “a perfect summer afternoon on Alki.” (We dubbed it “SUP and pup.”) Next, from David and Christine: “11-year-old Marissa took this amazing fun photo of 7 month old Laddie, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever!”

More on the NSDTR here.

Update: Low-bridge bulletins will continue a few more weeks

FIRST REPORT, 3:28 PM: If you have used Twitter or Metro text messaging to keep track of when the West Seattle “low bridge” is open for marine traffic and therefore closed to land traffic, heads up: Starting tomorrow, you won’t get those messages any more. SDOT and Metro had been sending them, but say they won’t be needed when the westbound Spokane Street Viaduct‘s new 1st Avenue South ramp opens first thing Friday morning.

5:39 PM UPDATE: SDOT now says its Twitter updates won’t end immediately:

Followup: Fauntleroy Way school-speed-zone light moved

Two weeks after a letter from the Fauntleroy Community Association (noted in our coverage of FCA’s August meeting), SDOT has moved the school-zone lights on southbound Fauntleroy Way, near Gatewood Elementary, to address visibility issues. (Compare the photo above to the one in our August 14th story.) This is the same area where a speeder-detecting camera is scheduled to be in operation this fall, as first reported here earlier this month. One glitch, though – Phil Sweetland from the FCA board, who’s been monitoring the issue, says the new location is, while more visible, is south of the old one – therefore closer to the school, giving drivers less time to react. He had suggested a change northward (further from the school) and even has put together a PDF with a montage showing the difference.

From the South Pacific to West Seattle: Seaview luau Saturday

August 30, 2012 1:36 pm
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Before summer wraps up, how about a South Pacific-style afternoon, without leaving West Seattle? Seaview United Methodist Church invites you to its annual luau, Saturday at 2 pm. Just announced by Seini Puloka:

The Tongan (Polynesian) members of the congregation are hosting this event. The menu includes roast pig, fish, taro and other Polynesian foods. Entertainment will be done by the children and youth of the church, complete with music and dances from islands of the South Pacific.

Location: 4620 SW Graham Street
Donation: $20 adults; $10 for teens; $5 for 12 and under

Seattle Police Officers’ Guild ‘adopts’ Roxhill Elementary

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand; click this image for larger view)
Roxhill Elementary‘s teachers, staff, City Year (red shirts) reps, and new principal Sahnica Washington are on campus today getting ready for next Wednesday’s start of the new school year – and they have extra reason to smile because of what you see in the foreground of this photo:

That’s part of the $1,000 worth of school supplies presented today by the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild, which has “adopted” Roxhill this year, after helping other schools in the past.

(From left, SPOG’s Deb Nicholson and Randy Robinson, Roxhill principal Sahnica Washington, SPOG’s Ed Harris, Rich O’Neill, Kevin Stuckey)
Sgt. Rich O’Neill, guild president, says it’s important for police to build relationships with youth long before they have the chance to get in trouble – to let kids know they want to be a friend, not “the person who’s out to get you.” (Although he joked that he hoped the staff didn’t recognize two of the officers who helped with the presentation, since they do Traffic Enforcement out on Roxbury, among other places!) The guild is the union for more than 1,200 SPD officers and sergeants. (Update: Video of today’s presentation:)

P.S. Roxhill is having its back-to-school barbecue 4:30-6:30 today.

Get ready! Fauntleroy Church’s next Recycle Roundup, Sept. 23

The electronics/etc. Recycle Roundups sponsored by Fauntleroy Church for West Seattle/White Center residents continue to grow in popularity, so we’re giving you early warning about the next one, in case you’re getting ready for a round of end-of-summer cleaning – September 23rd, 9 am-3 pm. Watch the church website for a list of what they’ll take and what they won’t.

ADDED: We have a copy of that list now – see it here.

West Seattle Thursday: Curtains For You @ Hiawatha; pre-back-to-school events; more

Just before we get to the long Labor Day weekend, a busy Thursday in West Seattle – here are highlights from the WSB calendar:

TRAFFIC ALERTS: From our night-by-night/day-by-day list, southbound 99/Alaskan Way Viaduct will be closed again overnight, 9 pm-5 am, and northbound 1st is closed at (surface) Spokane, 10 pm-5 am. Reminder – the new 1st Avenue South ramp to/from the westbound Spokane Street Viaduct is scheduled to open early TOMORROW (Friday) morning.

TRAFFIC/WATER TAXI ALERT: Seahawks play at home tonight – which means not only lots of traffic in SODO/Pioneer Square, but also extended West Seattle Water Taxi sailings (details here).

-Barbecue @ Roxhill Elementary School, 4:30 pm
-Barbecue @ Seattle Lutheran High School, 5 pm
-Barbecue @ Sanislo Elementary, 5:30-7 pm
-Open house/ice-cream social @ Gatewood Elementary (times/grades here)
-Orientation/ice-cream social @ Denny International Middle School, 6:30-8 pm
(Any we missed? Let us know and we’ll add!)

COMMUNITY KAYAK TOUR OF DUWAMISH RIVER: Tour with Alki Kayak Tours (WSB sponsor) and the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition. Tonight’s tour leaves 6 pm from Duwamish Waterway Park in South Park. Details, map here.

SHOP LATE THURSDAYS – GRAND FINALE: 6-9 pm, go shop The Junction for the special summer hours’ last hurrah. Who’s part of it, you ask? All listed here.

MARRIAGE-EQUALITY FUNDRAISER AT OUTWEST: 6-9 pm, the Campaign to Approve Referendum 74 has a fundraiser/end-of-summer party at West Seattle’s OutWest Bar – full details (and pre-registration if you’re interested) in our calendar listing.

SUMMER CONCERTS AT HIAWATHA – GRAND FINALE: Go enjoy Curtains For You, free, on the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center, 6:30 pm – it’s the last of this year’s six concerts presented by the Admiral Neighborhood Association (with co-sponsors including WSB). All ages invited, and as announced last night by ANA, they’re offering free face-painting and popsicles! Bring your own chair/blanket.

FREE HEALTH TALK AND QI-GONG CLASS: 6:30 pm at Fauntleroy Schoolhouse (9131 California SW), details here.

CITY DATA SERVICES OUTAGE STARTS TONIGHT: If you use City of Seattle online services, remember that much of it will be offline starting tonight through Labor Day (as explained here), so pay bills, do searches, etc. by 5 pm today. (This also affects some offline services that are dependent on city data services.)

REGISTERED FOR THE CAR (AND MOTORCYCLE) SHOW YET? While you can decide at the last minute to participate in the West Seattle Junction Car Show (co-sponsored by WSB) on September 16th, to get the early registration deal, your mail-in entry has to be postmarked by Saturday. Motorcycles/mopeds are welcome this year too. Find the rules/forms here!