West Seattle restaurants: New owner for Jonny Bostons

Last December, we reported that the owner of Jonny Bostons, the burger/cheesesteak/etc. shop on the north end of The Junction, had decided to sell. Half a year later, the shop has a new owner. We talked this afternoon with Miguel Govela, who has taken over from original owner Dan Atherton. For now, Govela told WSB, the name and the menu will stay the same. In the weeks/months ahead, they will be working to make additions to the menu, such as salads and tacos, and eventually, the name will change (though, like this weekend’s other north-Junction restaurant story, it’s not finalized yet – he’s looking at Pica, as in “hot,” the name on the sign-permit application that tipped us to the ownership change). Jonny Bostons, by the way, will be closed on the 4th.

12 Replies to "West Seattle restaurants: New owner for Jonny Bostons"

  • LyndaB July 1, 2012 (9:01 pm)

    Been in there only once. Good luck with the new owner.

  • steve July 1, 2012 (9:44 pm)

    hopefully they change their burger recipe and don’t charge $3 for a taco

  • candrewb July 1, 2012 (9:50 pm)

    Great, good luck.

  • MacJ July 1, 2012 (10:08 pm)

    Hope it turns out well. “Pica” is also the term for the disorder where people feel compelled to eat things like clay and dirt, so that’s a funny coincidence.

    • WSB July 1, 2012 (10:36 pm)

      And it’s also a measurement that used to be common in typography (one of my first professions, before typesetting became all but obsolete):
      Not sure if newspapers still use it.

  • mannamc July 1, 2012 (10:50 pm)

    In Adobe InDesign, which I use to create printed pieces at work, picas are the standard unit of measurement – it’s still alive!

  • Scooterista July 2, 2012 (7:16 am)

    I am highly amused by the rapidity at which the comments veered off into typography, considering how the comments for the last article (about the decision to sell) focused on matters of grammar and punctuation. I love West Seattle! You guys are awesome.

  • CheeseSteakFan July 2, 2012 (2:59 pm)

    I wish the new (and former) owners well. I bought cheese steaks from Bostons three or four times, but have to admit I found them to be a bit overpriced and disappointing. A bit bland, even with onions and peppers. For esentially the same price I can get a tremendous steak sandwich with blue cheese and caramelized onions at the Swinery, which is closer to my house, and they are faster. (And the Swinery burgers are outta sight!) Perhaps my taste buds have evolved since my Boston days almost 40 years ago. Spice it up a bit new owners. My wife will scold me for not having soup at lunch time, but I will definitely give you a fair try.

  • Christopher Boffoli July 2, 2012 (3:23 pm)

    I never really understood the whole cheese-steak Boston connection. Other than late night steak bombs from street food trucks, the cheese-steak was never on my Bostonian culinary radar. If this place had served authentic East Coast grinders and/or whole fried clams, they would have had me at hello.

  • datamuse July 2, 2012 (5:17 pm)

    Everyone knows cheese-steaks are a Philly thing anyway!

  • Bill Bacon July 2, 2012 (5:52 pm)

    And what’s going on with former restaurant at the water taxi landing? It appears the city is incompetent. Kick out one good business and replace it with an empty piece of expensive taxpayer owned property. Couldn’t they at least let someone sell peanuts there?

  • datamuse July 2, 2012 (8:17 pm)

    Bill…have you really not seen WSB’s extensive coverage of that topic? Here’s the most recent article.

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