Spokane Street Viaduct: 1st Ave. S. ramp reopening delayed

SDOT has just sent word that the Spokane Street Viaduct overnight closures scheduled for later this week have been rescheduled – and that means the reopening of the 1st Avenue South ramp from the eastbound side has been pushed back a few days:

The overnight closure of the eastbound traffic lanes of the Spokane Street Viaduct, along with the left westbound lane, previously scheduled for the nights of Wednesday, June 13, and Thursday, June 14, has been canceled. The closure has tentatively been rescheduled for Monday, June 18, and Tuesday, June 19. The closure will begin at 10 p.m. both nights and continue until 5 a.m. the following morning. (Westbound traffic will be maintained during this period in the remaining westbound lane.)

The previously announced Monday, June 18, overnight closure of the westbound lanes of the Spokane Street Viaduct between I-5 and SR 99 has tentatively been rescheduled for Wednesday, June 20, from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m. on Thursday, June 21.

On the morning of Thursday, June 21, the eastbound off-ramp at First Avenue S will be reopened.

This changes the timetable on the master list of SSV *and* Highway 99 closures that we had published for this week – so we’ll update those and link the revised list here when we’re done.

P.S. If you missed our report from the work zone, published last weekend, check it out here.

15 Replies to "Spokane Street Viaduct: 1st Ave. S. ramp reopening delayed"

  • CandrewB June 12, 2012 (5:19 pm)

    I sure hope they cancel the Viaduct closing. That is going to make getting to the Solstice Parade a huge PITA.

    • WSB June 12, 2012 (6:24 pm)

      Not too hopeful about that … but the families and friends of West Seattle HS and Chief Sealth IHS graduates feel your pain … both of those events are at Memorial Stadium at Seattle Center on Saturday afternoon … Everybody just stay home and come say hi at the Westwood Village Street Fair. The forecast suddenly looks almost promising – TR

  • Harold Reems June 12, 2012 (6:31 pm)

    The word “delay” seems to be synonymous with SDOT.
    Have they ever finished a project ahead of schedule and on budget?

    On a lighter note, are the Viaduct shutdowns going to be a monthly occurrence until the tunnel is completed?

    • WSB June 12, 2012 (6:34 pm)

      Har, that’s a good question. We’ll ask the project team. This continues to be for the reinforcement work – but I’m not sure how long that’s supposed to last, and whether something else after that will require regular closures. – TR

  • sam-c June 12, 2012 (6:59 pm)

    I sure wish they would get all the 1st ave/ 4th ave / spokane street / on ramps/ off ramps, etc. etc. done soon.

    my patience/ shocks/ struts can’t take much more

  • Mack June 12, 2012 (7:31 pm)

    When will they reopen Spokane street between 6th Ave and Airport Way?

  • Been There June 12, 2012 (8:37 pm)

    Does the delayed reopening of the 1st Ave offramp have anything to do with the multiple jackhammered areas of the recently placed 2″ +/- thick concrete overlay on the eastbound SSV?

    I am not one to jump on the bash SDOT bandwagon, especially considering that this is a private contractor doing all the work.

    • WSB June 12, 2012 (9:25 pm)

      It’s only two days at this point, but not sure about the rescheduling reason. We were up there on Friday and not that I have a trained eye for fine points but all seemed to be proceeding OK, they were working on multiple sites, from the concrete overlay to the rebar on the new ramp from the westbound side, etc., and then the weekend work ended early, if you recall … TR

  • DTK June 12, 2012 (10:37 pm)

    You know, I take a bus to and from downtown for work and play with minimal delay and no hassle. The constant complaining is really the product of a spoiled populous that can’t seem to get out of the single driver mindset. When I have to venture beyond downtown, I just wait until an appropriate time and drive my sports car like the Indy driver I should have been.

  • redblack June 13, 2012 (5:52 am)

    mack: the whole enchilada is now slated to be finished by september, and from what i understand, they won’t open the lower roadway until then.
    regarding the delay, color me completely shocked.

  • sam-c June 13, 2012 (8:52 am)

    complaining = expressing frustration , sure.
    spoiled single driver ? not really.

    we often make it to SODO to visit a (soon to close, :( ) museum, run errands, go to a sport event, visit a friends’ open house in their new office, yes…..
    3 people in the car -imagine that.
    not spoiled.

    i live and work in WS to try and do my part. have single car for the family, yes.
    (not that hard, but seems like most households have more than one car) spoiled? no.

  • westseattletouwandback June 13, 2012 (9:39 am)

    I agree bigtime with this comment from earlier – “I sure wish they would get all the 1st ave/ 4th ave / spokane street / on ramps/ off ramps, etc. etc. done soon.
    my patience/ shocks/ struts can’t take much more”.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish all this work SOON. Really, how long does it need to take?????

    Oh, and to DTK above who complained about the “complainers”. Please. Whatever. I bussed for years and years to work (west seattle to UW). Now I don’t (for significant reasons, not that I grew tired of bussing. I loved bussing.). Just looking for a little relief on the dreadful west seattle bridge.

    Oh, and to all the cutters that try to squeeze in right at the end near the I-5 on-ramp … you suck.

  • MLJ June 13, 2012 (2:17 pm)

    Has anyone done an evaluation of how this particular contractor has performed based on the original bid and schedule. If they’re on target, then great. But this project seems to be going way long.


  • Michael June 19, 2012 (9:02 am)

    Was forced off of Spokane Street onto 99 this morning (6/19) at 4:45 and had to go to all the way to Seneca and double back through downtown in order to get to I-5. Complete pain in the arse and I did not see any signs yesterday warning of this closure.

    Does anyone know if this will be the case tomorrow morning, as well?

    • WSB June 19, 2012 (9:21 am)

      Hi – we have been reporting the closure plans daily plus the week in advance. Every day, the reminders are in our “West Seattle Monday” (or Tuesday, or whatever) preview, which goes live by 10 am. And the “THIS WEEK’S CLOSURES” list in the BIG STORIES section on the right sidebar contains the details, continuously. Can’t speak to a lack of signs but the city has issued ample warning and we do daily reminders – TR

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